10 Places to Visit Before You Turn 30

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There are many sites across the globe that one would want to visit and have the best memories of. However, most of us might have some common places to visit and the desire. Whether you plan your trip internationally or Nationally, these are some travel places or Countries you cannot miss out on. So pack your bag, and let’s look at the top 10 places you should visit before you turn 30.

Top 10 Places to visit before turning 30



Best countries to visit when youre young

Starting from the west, Brazil is one of the biggest countries in the South American Continent. Sao Paulo is one of the most populous cities in Brazil. Brazil has it all. Surrounded by the Atlantic, it is rich in Wildlife and has a huge Environmental friendly initiative taken by the Government.

Tourism has widely been growing, and more and more people have been visiting Brazil for its authenticity. And if we talk about Brazil, how can we forget about Rio De Janeiro and the diverse culture and Carnivals. The country is filled with aesthetic buildings around the city.

Las Vegas

30 before 30 travel

Familiar with the phrase “What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas”, Las Vegas is the most happening city in the world. It has the perfect nightlife you would want for the vacation you are looking for. The city has got it all colorful streets, buildings and lighting, gambling, and fine dining. Las Vegas has been one of the places to find all that is happening in one spot.

Abu Dhabi

Countries to visit before 30

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Abu Dhabi has been an attraction for people all across the globe and not only for its malls and restaurants, and the city is filled with some of the best architectural places designed on the planet.

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, the Global Culture and Art Collection, Kayak Abu Dhabi Eastern Mangroves, the World Famous Ferrari World, Warner Bros, and Yas Marina Circuit are just a few of the many attractions you can catch in Abu Dhabi.


Best countries to visit when you're young

Ireland is filled with attractions and is one of the best places you should decide to travel to before turning 30. If you are a fan of mountains and seas, Ireland is for you. You can naturally see Nature’s creation of mountains and cliffs like the Cliffs of Moher, Northern Ireland Highlights.

Love reading books, and then this place is for you the Fast track Access to Books of Kells, Dublin Castle, backwaters, house party and many more experiences you can add, including experiencing the Northern lights.


Best countries to visit when youre young

Paris is one such destination on everyone’s bucket list. Not only The Eiffel Tower but Paris also has its charm. The streets, the Museum, cafes, people, everything about Paris is romanticized, and rightfully the city makes you feel the love.

One can experience every Luxurious trip they ever wanted to have in one single trip. The perfect blend of luxury and pleasure in Paris. The City is Rich in its Architecture, like the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris, the Opera House and more. The one trip to Paris will be a trip you will never forget in your life.


Places to visit before you die

Tokyo is the living in the future, the city is one of the finest cities to be known for the massive use of technology, with the perfect balance of the modernity and Traditional roots, the land of the rising sun is the embarkment of a perfect getaway one would experience and see things that only happen in Tokyo.

Japan itself is known for many of its sites, including Shibuya, Chiyoda and Ginza and Minato. The tradition perfectly blends with the modern lifestyle of people and food. One can experience certain good seasons only in Japan, like The Cherry blossom season.


Cheap countries to visit when young

Thailand is a Southeast Asian country renowned and known among many. One of the most famous places we think of when we hear Thailand’s name is Phuket, Pattaya. The country has a lot of Lush green vegetation and beaches, which could ease anyone’s heart and mind.

Thailand is among one of the cheapest countries you could visit and experience some of the best vacation events in your life. The food, the culture, the colours, everything is a vibe, and Joy’s you down. Thailand is one of those places you should consider visiting before you turn 30.


Places to visit for students

How can one not love Greece and choose not to visit this god’s own country. The Greeks have a rich culture and tradition, which can be experienced in Greece. Greece is known for its Islands which are crafted beautifully by Nature the Kastellorizo island is an isolated island and has some of the best tourist sites to see, along with this includes the Ikaria, Attica/ Athens, Arachova and many more, along with food and nightlife, the country is definitely in the list of Visiting the top 10 places before you turn 30.

South Korea

places to go when you turn 30

South Korea is now acknowledged globally for its entertainment industry which includes K-pop and Kdrama all across the world. South Korea has become the hub for new and innovative ways of producing technology and tradition and how both can go hand in hand. The country is filled with welcoming people and the food that makes your heart warm.

One of the prime attractions of South Korea is it is Capital, Seoul. Seoul has everything the city hustles and bustles, and yet it is peaceful. One can experience a cafe with unique ways of serving and a wholesome experience. The city is a heaven for readers, with libraries across the city and the country. South Korea is a place one should check out and pay a visit before they turn 30.


unique places to visit in india

India, a Country located in South Asia, is one of the second most Popular countries yet so vivid and different. From Terrains to views to people to culture, the very country is so distinct and welcoming. There is no one place we could recommend.

The country itself is huge, and so much to see to experience the Backwaters in Kerala, waterfalls and Mountains in Karnataka and Maharashtra, the lush city life in Mumbai, the traffic of Bangalore, the street food of Lucknow and the architecture of Agra. The country is a package visit filled with experiences so much joy and memories to make in one solo trip of having a blissful tea in Darjeeling. India is a country on the list to visit before you turn 30.

Apart from the above as mentioned, they are just a few of the many places one can not miss, and some of them are:


things to do before you turn 30

the Maldives is the perfect vacation spot with those private villas, sunset striking the Horizon, and the clean white sand beaches; all of this makes the Maldives a place you can never forget. This is the ideal spot for newlyweds and allows them to explore the depths.

Even as a solo traveler, traveling in the Maldives is fun and very relaxing. One can experience overwater bungalows and marine life with everything being at its best and making the perfect desired vacation for you. And it is one of the most talked-about places people wish to visit.

Mauritius: located in the Indian Ocean, 1130 km away from Madagascar, is a Subtropical island on the southeastern coast of South Africa. Mauritius has many places worth Sightseeing like Port Louis, Grand Bale, Gorge National Park backwaters, Flic En FLAC Beach, Le Morne and Charamel are just a few of the worthwhile sights to visit.


cheap holiday destinations for students

an Island Located in Indonesia, the country is rich and diverse and is full of life at all levels, and everything in Bali has a spiritual meaning attached to it. The Island is where you’ll find both peace and Chaos harmonising. Along with Spiritual growth, Bali Offers surfing and diving and has some exotic resorts and malls worth a visit, making Bali a Moment to experience for all.


cheap vacations for 20 year olds

Hawaii is the land of Beaches, the Capital, Honolulu, and Pearl Harbour and is surrounded by the Rain forest in the Pacific. One of the worth sites to see are the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, the Hana Highways, Aulani, A Disney Resort, and Hanumana Bay are just a few to name one can experience and have a lovely time spent in Hawaii.


top places to travel while young

Is one of the most picturesque places globally; everyone would love to visit Venice. Venice is rich in its culture, museums, art, Historic Buildings and the famous Island of Murano and Burano And The Venice Lagoon. The beauty of the city is unmatched and sacred. The city is colourful and vibrant to make one feel relaxed and ecstatic.

These are just a few places one should visit before they turn 30.


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