10 reasons you should never buy fake Instagram likes

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Instagram is a universe which has given rise to a multitude of opportunities for people globally. From posting photos to now having the platform used for e-commerce activities, Instagram has come a long way. Back in the day, it only allowed users to post pictures as memories, and now it has overtaken almost every social media site with its reach and hype in the market.

Such a great engagement calls for tough competition between Instagrammers to make it big on this social media platform. People are lured towards undertaking different tasks or going through processes that call for greater interaction on Instagram. How you become Instagram famous overnight is one of the questions that is asked or typed as a query on Google almost every day because of the great hype around this platform.

In such a vibrant atmosphere, it is easy to deceive people by telling them they will make it too big on this platform if they buy Instagram likes or followers online. However, it is legal, and there is no problem if you sign up with legit websites that are authentic and serve the right purpose. But if you get into a website that disguises itself as a true site but doesn’t, you will be in trouble for buying fake Instagram likes, Instagram comments, or even Instagram followers.

Here are the top 10 reasons why you shouldn’t buy fake Instagram followers online


Fake Instagram likes work for a short period.

Let’s get it straight, you sign up with a social media website and buy fake Instagram likes. These likes will increase all your likes on your Instagram account for some time, but later reality will hit you when they suddenly disappear. Fake Instagram likes mean that these are fake users or users who do not have their own Instagram accounts and make bot accounts for multiplication.

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If these users think of deleting their fake accounts, your content’s likes will likely decrease exponentially. Therefore, you must collaborate with an agency that provides you with a long-term package. Look for websites that give real and authentic Instagram likes, which means likes from people with legit Instagram accounts. Because these people are real users, they will always be present on this platform, and you do not have to worry about your likes disappearing suddenly.

Fake Instagram likes not to increase your interaction.

Your sole aim in buying Instagram likes is to increase your engagement on this platform. When you buy authentic Instagram likes, it means these are likes from real people who use Instagram regularly. They will interact with your content by liking, commenting, and sharing.

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If they find your content interesting, they will visit your Instagram account and not think twice before clicking on the follow button. In this way, you increase your chances of turning your Instagram users who you bought to like your content into potential followers that will increase your engagement on this platform. A high number of followers is very important because your page becomes a part of the explorer page, and your profile gets into the suggestion list of people around to follow your page.

Instagram will also perceive you to be a very famous personality. So the easiest way to get to this last step is by buying original Instagram likes rather than fake likes because these fake users will not interact with your content. They will only like your content for some time, and if they wish, they can go, unlike the content. Therefore, there are very low chances of these fake users visiting your profile and tapping on the follow button.

Fake Instagram likes to lower your Instagram algorithm.

Instagram has a check on all your profile activities. Under its radar, there are features which include the number of people visiting your Instagram profile and the number of users interacting with your content by liking, commenting, sharing or even posting and reposting your content on their feed. In addition, it also checks the number of people that follow you or even view your content even if they do not interact with it.

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All these interactions are taken into account by Instagram, and especially it helps to shape an algorithm for your profile. For example, if there is an increased engagement, then this will directly correlate with your Instagram algorithm. However, Instagram also considers the type of users that interact with your Instagram account.

For example, suppose you buy fake Instagram followers or fake Instagram likes. In that case, Instagram will likely note that all of these interactions are fake, which will not get you any rank on the Instagram algorithm, but rather, it will act as a reason to lower your Instagram rank and interaction.

Fake Instagram likes get you out of the competition.

As fake Instagram likes are not permanent but rather temporary sources of interaction, they do not help you compete within that industry or against your competitors. It isn’t easy to get Instagram famous overnight provided you set up a trend or do something that goes viral globally. Instagram’s algorithm gradually sees growth logs.

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To be in the competition and give an edge to your competitors, your growth strategy or your growth profile must gradually increase rather than decrease. By buying Instagram fake likes, you will see an increase which will act as a high graph in your growth curve, but gradually you will notice that this interaction will lower. This does not create a profiling growth curve; hence, you will not be a part of the competition because you see this interaction happening only for some time and then going downhill.

So, suppose you want to give a tough fight to your competitors on this platform. In that case, it is necessary to look for a strategy that increases gradually and simultaneously is consistent with growth. Fame should be a kind which stays for a long time rather than something that happens just for a few seconds.

Fake Instagram likes will reduce your reputation.

Fake Instagram likes are the easiest way to reduce your reputation in the market. Creating a brand presence online and offline is difficult, and such activities can make you lose all the reputation and credibility you build for your brand or business. For example, if you are a widely known brand or a store proprietor in the market, then you will probably have a bunch of loyal customers and, at the same time, good visibility in your market.

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If you buy fake Instagram likes, they will work for a short time and may create excitement around your goods and services. However, they will not be a driving force to increase the number of loyal customers who will come to your store or globally that will market through your channel. If, in case, your competitors get to know about your strategy, then they will not think twice before letting out your secret in the market.

This will negatively affect the entire brand you have built in the market because people will talk about how bad you or your business is doing. So why give a reason for your competitors when you can work the right way?

Fake Instagram likes are only for your money.

Most Instagram influencers buy Instagram likes to increase their engagement on the platform, which helps them boost their career. Instagram has defined itself as a great tool to monetize content and make money. So when these influencers have a high number of Instagram likes their interaction increases, which directly correlates to their Instagram algorithm.

Does Instagram delete fake likes

Depending on the number of likes you have on your content and other factors, Instagram allows its users to make some money. This makes the users very popular in their field, and they even get signed up for assignments such as brand promotions, advertising, modelling, photo shoots and even brand endorsements. This allows them to be capable enough on and monetize the platform. However, fake Instagram likes will provide you with the interaction temporarily.

Moreover, fake sites are waiting to grab your money by promising you authentic Instagram likes and fooling you by giving you fake ones. The next time you go to find them online, you will not find them. Therefore, it is very likely that you will not get your money back.

Fake Instagram likes can get you into trouble.

Though buying Instagram likes is legal, and there are good quality and high retention social agencies that deal with this, some sites sell fake Instagram likes. If you manage to sign up with these fake websites, you can get into trouble because these fake sites often have illegal policies or include rules and regulations against those of Instagram.

Does Instagram allow fake likes

Instagram policies do not allow for such features; hence, if you get caught, your Instagram account can be banned for some time, or you may lose all your content forever. In addition, fake websites also sign up with third parties; hence, you do not know whether the information you give to these fake websites is safeguarded. Therefore, there are chances that your personal information can get compromised and can be sent to third parties without your consent.

In addition, there are fake sites that ask for your Instagram account password. And the authentic site will never ask for your Instagram password, and if you manage to give your Instagram password to any of these sites, it indicates that that site is no good.

Fake Instagram will not make you popular.

A legit Website should increase engagement on the platform and make your Instagram profile reachable. It should have massive interaction to arouse feelings of strong human connections so that people contribute to your account. This edition gives you an edge over your competitors, and if you get the acknowledgement on this platform, you can become a strong and popular Instagram celebrity.

Why you shouldn't care about Instagram likes

You will even be paid for your posts on Instagram and, at the same time, be rewarded with brand endorsements or promotions that allow you to roam the world and live a lavish life. While all this may sound like a dream, remember some people are living this dream. However, even if you manage to live this stream by buying fake Instagram likes, it will not work forever.

Someday or the other, these fake accounts will be deleted or will not interact with your account, and hence you will be left with no popularity whatsoever. If you want to make it big on this platform, you need to look into strategies that work for a long period and will keep you popular for a very long time.

Fake Instagram likes me to call in for inappropriate bot comments.

Sometimes these fake Instagram likes will be from users from different countries or regions. Users with fake accounts can right inappropriate messages or comment on your content. Well, you may have to use the translator to understand what they’re exactly trying to say. You may also find some explicit and undesirable comments which are related to sexual abuse or links related to porn websites.

When people engage with your content, some are curious to find out what others are commenting on your content. People will read these explicit messages or inappropriate texts present in your comment, which will make them feel very unpleasant about your comments and, at the same time, can also decrease your credibility in the eyes of the users. Sometimes, these comments are easy to pick because they are random, and there is no connection between the comments and your content.

Your content may be a good one, but people in the comment section may be discussing buying free YouTube followers or free Instagram followers, which will make your genuine users think about the people who are following you and the reason why they’re commenting. This is one of the greatest fear of buying fake Instagram likes because you do not know the authenticity of the user sitting on the other end of the screen and reviewing your content.

Fake Instagram accounts will compromise your confidentiality.

As these people are fake, you do not know their authenticity, and they can even belong to a class of people who are involved in cyber crimes. Giving them access to your Instagram content also means you’re giving them access to your Instagram profile. And if hackers mark this, they will find a way through your phone screen.

This means important information relating to your banks, your personal information like address, card details, and phone number can be breached. In addition, you also call in for spam and messages onto your meal which will be flooded with unknown messages that you will be tired of putting in your trash every time. We do not know if these fake accounts have signed up with third parties, and it is unsure of giving our opinion if your information is confidential or not.

Your piece of information can also be sold to so many other parties who are into explicit activities. Sometimes, the site may ask you to feed in your email address, which means you are opening gates towards spam messages, and you will be flooded by messages from numerous accounts.

In addition, it is also unknown whether these agencies keep the emails to themselves or sell them to third parties because it also gives them a lot of money.
These are the top 10 reasons you should never buy Instagram likes online.

Did you know that if you buy fake Instagram likes and if Instagram gets to know this, then your account can be suspended?

Before signing up with any random site, you must do thorough research on that website. Hence, before collaborating with any social media website to buy Instagram likes, here are some factors to consider.

Factors to consider.

The site should not ask for sensitive information such as your password.

A legit website will not ask for sensitive information such as your address, bank details, or even your Instagram password. All they will ask for is a URL to the Instagram post, which needs the number of likes. If ever you come across any agency that asks for these personal details, it is a reminder that you shouldn’t sign up with them because they can be fake sites wanting to grab your information or your money and sell it to third parties without your consent.

the site should provide a customer care number

you need to try and call the customer care number and talk to the customer care executive to see if they’re legit people. They should be patient enough to answer all your queries or the extra questions that you possess. This communication will give you a sound understanding and judgment if the people sitting on the other side of the phone are legit enough and if they have a service that gives Instagram followers or Instagram likes. Once you make up your mind and have a questionnaire prepared, call them and ask them about all the details before you confirm that their service is authentic.

the site should have good reviews and good word of mouth

Reviews are very important because they act as social evidence to tell you about the credibility of a particular website. Conduct thorough background research about this website and find out about the ratings and reviews presented online and offline.

Word of mouth is also very important; therefore, interact with people around you and find out if they have bought Instagram likes, followers, or commands from this website. Additionally, if you come across anyone online who has given a good review, then try to find out the authenticity of that person because most often, it can be a fake review which can put you in trouble. Therefore, you need to be cautious at every step.

the site should deliver your package within the specified time

Once you sign up with the given website with all the required background checks and research, the next step is to analyze the time they take to send or deliver your package. If they deliver the high-quality package within the specified time or before you went expected time, then you can rate the genuinity of this site to be high. However, if they take time and the service is bad, then it is a red flag that tells you that it isn’t a good site.

One piece of advice is to make small purchases first and study that website and the package they provide before making a big purchase with it. This will help you analyze their work, services and the quality of likes they sent to your account. Then, if it is good enough, you can sign up with them. If not, then it is better that you stay away from them.


This is all about why you shouldn’t buy fake Instagram followers online and, simultaneously, a chest of what you need to consider when you sign up with any random website online to buy Instagram services. So jot down these pointers and make a smart Instagram strategy for all your needs.


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