5 Ways to Protect Skin from the Sun

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Vitamin D is a crucial Vitamin that helps in the normal formation of bones, and the synthesis of vitamins in our body happens with the help of sunlight. The major downside of this occurs because of the damage that the rays of sunlight cause to the skin. Since the light rays coming from the sun contain UV rays, these UV rays do not penetrate deep into our skin because of the Melanin present, which protects the skin and blocks the UV rays.

When people get a tan, that is because the UV rays cause the production of melanin, which darkens the skin. When new cells are produced, these cells move to the surface, but overexposure can be very harmful. When overexposed to UV rays, it can damage the skin and even penetrate deep into the skin cells. Hence, it becomes imperative for one to protect their skin. Here, we have mentioned five ways you can protect your skin.

Ways to Protect Your Skin


Using Sunscreen

The American Cancer Society suggested that one of the significant sources of skin cancer is high exposure to UV light. In the market, many sunscreens are available, but many skin doctors suggest using sunscreen containing SPF 30. The SPF 30 provides protection against UVA and UVB protection. The right way to apply sunscreen is to apply it at least 30 mins before going out, and one should use it again and again, every two hours.

10 ways to protect yourself from the sun

When it comes to applying sunscreen, you must use them correctly. So how should one apply sunscreen correctly?

  • Choose the right sunscreen that contains SPF 30 and up. It is essential to choose the sunscreen that protects against UVa and UVB rays.
  • Apply a sufficient amount of sunscreen before going outdoors. If you plan to go out in the sun, it becomes imperative to apply sunscreen at least 30 mins before leaving.
  • Cover the whole body with sunscreen. Remember to apply sunscreen on the bare regions of your body. This includes your ear, eyes, and top of your feet. If you have an open back, seek someone’s help to spray sunscreen.
  • Apply sunscreen frequently, and If you have ever received a sunburn, it’s because you have not applied enough sunscreen to your bare skin. Every time you go out, even with clouds being visible in the sky, it’s essential to wear and reapply sunscreen again and again after every two hours.

This is the correct way to apply sunscreen and protect your skin from harmful damage from the sun.

Wearing A Hat

Wearing Protective clothing over sunscreen can be a precaution to avoid your skin. Wearing a brimmed hat and sunglasses is also helpful. You must wear hats that are woven with straws. You can also try wearing a baseball cap to help protect your neck and the back of your neck. In the region where your skin is visible, you can apply sunscreen.

How to protect your skin from the sun without sunscreen


It is important to seek shade when you are out. If possible, always stand under the shade or always carry an umbrella. This helps to avoid direct contact with the sun and the skin.

How to protect skin from sun tan


It is essential to protect your eyes from the sun and UV rays. To reduce the risk of Cataracts, protect the eye from the beams, and avoid minimum exposures. Choose to buy a sunglass that gives protection against UVA and UVB. These types of sunglasses are the best for protecting the eyes against the sun.

How to protect your skin from the sun naturally

Avoid roaming out from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

The sun rays during the time, as mentioned earlier, are very strong, and various factors show how UV rays affect the skin. This also includes when the sun’s rays will be most potent, at what altitude the sun is, and how it contributes to damaging the skin.

These are just a few ways you can use to protect yourself from the sun’s damage.
Sun is the ultimate energy source, and how much sun is essential for our body. Overexposure to sunlight can cause severe damage to your skin cells, and hence it is always important to take proper precautions and care. Along with wearing sunscreen, it is also essential to wear a cap and cover your body entirely to avoid exposing your skin to the sun. All of the ways mentioned above, when combined, work the best for your skin to protect against the sun.


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