Alena Shishkova Biography, Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, and Education

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Alena Shishkova has always been a popular figure in Russian television. Born on 12 November 1992 in Tyumen, Russia, she grew up loving music. At an early age, she started playing the guitar.

Then, she discovered that modeling was closer to her heart and decided to focus on that career path. She acted in several publications and contests before being noticed by the Russian media.

In 2012, Alena Shishkova took part in the Miss Russia beauty pageant and won third place. The event is remembered for the great answers she gave to the audience. Following the Miss Russia pageant, she was offered modeling contracts in Moscow and began her modeling career.

After graduating, she was spotted for a photoshoot for a fashion magazine. Shishkova won Miss Hope, Miss Dream, and Miss Sunshine beauty pageants and is currently the Vice-Miss Russia 2012.

Biography of Alena Shishkova

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Alena Shishkova is a Russian glamor model and beauty queen. She has appeared in commercial advertisements and beauty pageants. She also walked in fashion shows and competed in Miss Russia 2012, where she was crowned Vice Miss Russia. Despite her busy schedule, Alena Shishkova’s family is one of the most important aspects of her life.

She consumes most of her period on the road touring, taking part in fashion shows, and filming glossy videos. Her financial career has also flourished, and she owns her beauty salon with her best friend, Irina Kirsanova. In addition to modeling, Alena is busy raising her daughter, Alice.

Education Qualification

Born in Tyumen, Russia, Alena Shishkova attended a local high school. She moved on to study fashion design and model at a Russian state university, where she won the Miss Russia 2012 beauty contest.

Alena Shishkova Wiki

Shishkova later started a successful career as a model for several global brands. She earned her bachelor’s degree in fashion design and modeling and has gained worldwide attention and acclaim. She has undergone cosmetic surgery. She had plastic surgery to change the shape of her nose and enlarge her lips.

She also enjoys wearing expensive brands and brags about her appearance on her Instagram. Despite her success in modeling, she has a humble beginning. Shishkova’s parents gave her a good upbringing. Her parents gave her plenty of opportunities to pursue her dream of becoming a famous model. In her teenage years, she studied guitar and vocals. After completing her studies, she began modeling.

Physical Appearance

Alena Shishkova is 29 years old. She has a thin, elegant body. She is 5 feet 6 inches towering and is considered about 53 kg. Her ethnicity is Russian, and she feels Christianity. Her zodiac sign is Scorpio. At the same time, Alena Shishkova may appear a glamorous beauty. She is easy-going and friendly, and she knows her limits in the model business. Her high profile makes her the perfect candidate for various jobs in the fashion industry.

Alena Shishkova Physical Appearance

The actress has a rounded face and plumper cheeks. Interestingly, she also has undergone several plastic surgery procedures, including rhinoplasty and cheiloplasty. She has also been very strict with her diet and has continued to show off her new body in new pictures.

Relationship Status

After becoming Miss Russia in 2012, Alena Shishkova’s popularity skyrocketed. Her participation in the competition led to modeling agency contracts in Moscow. Her books were also popular, and she also received recognition from major beauty contests. Alena Shishkova and rapper Timati Yunusova have been linked for some time. While Alena Shishkova has yet to marry, she does have an Instagram page.

The Instagram administration verifies the page, and Shishkova often shares photos of herself wearing designer clothing. The two were spotted jointly at various events and on TV. Moreover, the pair welcomed a daughter together in 2014, called Alice.

Alena Shishkova Relationship

After marrying the famous rapper Timati, Shishkova has never publicly spoken about her relationship with him. However, while the two were together, they were seen in front of cameras while filming the “Song of the Year” video. She accompanied Timati backstage and posed for pictures with him. Timati has never been open about his feelings about Shishkova, but his adoration and admiration for him have made him fall in love with her.

Net Worth

Shishkova began her career as a fashion model. She became famous after signing with a local modeling agency. She has since worked with several fashion brands, including Givenchy Beauty, Modus fashion, and the world of james Daniel welliton. She has also been featured in many famous fashion magazines.

Alena Shishkova Net Worth

In addition, her success in the industry has gotten her worldwide recognition as a singer and songwriter, and she has a booming social media following. Her net worth is between $1 million and $5 million. Alena Shishkova’s net worth has increased considerably since her days as a model. She has been featured in many promotional screenshots for Telegram, and her net worth has continued to grow.

Awards and Achievement

She has worked as a model for various brands and has won many awards. Before becoming a model and actress, Alena Shishkova was a catwalk star. She won Miss Hope and Miss Dream titles in 2008 and finished second at Miss Russia in 2012. She also won the runner-up spot in Miss Azerbaijan in 2012.

Awards and Achievement

After winning Miss Russia 2012, Alena Shishkova met Timati, a Russian rapper, on a modeling show. The two appeared in front of flashing camera lights and accompanied Timati backstage to film “Song of the Year.” She signed with the modeling agency Renaissance and was soon part of various fashion shows. She won the coveted Cover Beauty Looks contest.

Social Media Status

Alena Shishkova has been on social media for quite some time. She has become an active user on Twitter and Instagram and shares her life experiences with her subscribers. She often talks about raising her granddaughter Alice and shares pictures of her adorable baby. Many of her followers have been amazed by her care for Alice.

She also keeps in touch with her daughter, her former lover. Her profile features personal updates and Story Highlights. She also posts her life experiences and photographs. Follow Alena Shishkova on Instagram to stay updated with the latest news. She has six million followers on Instagram.

Her modeling work has garnered her a huge social media following, and she has been featured in popular publications. In addition, Shishkova has participated in the Miss Russia beauty pageant and placed third. Her great answers at the competition were a talking point. She was later crowned “Vice-Miss Russia” after taking part.

At fourteen, she starred in her first fashion magazine. After a few years, she was hooked on modeling and began competing in serious beauty contests. She now has more than a million supporters on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


Alena Shishkova was born in 1992. She was active in academic vocals and guitar when she was a teenager. At age fourteen, she participated in her first professional modeling competition and became the second Vice-Miss Russia. Shishkova’s talent earned her a contract with a Renaissance modeling agency. She has been featured in high-fashion fashion magazines and has attended several major fashion events worldwide.

Alena shishkova instagram

Alena loves all kinds of food, especially desserts. Alena also enjoys watching movies and reading books. Alena lives in Moscow, but her parents are from Tyumen, Russia. In addition to her hobbies, Alena loves to travel and watch movies.


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