Alfonso Estrella-Kadlec Biography, Age, Family, Education, Friends and More

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Estrella-Kadlec is a US citizen, and he belongs to a mixed ethnicity. He has a brown complexion, black hair, and brown eyes. His weight is 75 kilograms. His wife is also a celebrity escort, and the couple has daughters. Alfonso is a well-educated businessman with a strong passion for fitness and fashion, and he is constantly pursuing his studies to further his knowledge.

Alfonso has a significant following among young people. He is a good-looking fellow with dark skin and attractive brown eyes. He is married to Lacey Evans, and they have a daughter named Summer. Lacey Evans was born on March 24, 1990, in the United States. He has American citizenship and is a construction contractor.

His wife, Lacey Evans, is an American professional wrestler. Alfonso Estrella-kadlec is an Instagram influencer and a Tiktoker. His wife, Lacey Evans, is an expert wrestler and a former military police officer. He trained at an American Premier Wrestling training facility in Georgia and won the American Premier Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship.

He then wrestled on the independent scene until 2016, when he signed a deal with WWE. He also functions as a social media influencer, marketing products, and services on Instagram. Currently, he lives a comfortable life and has an income from his business.

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Alfonso Estrella Kadlec is an American citizen of mixed race and ethnicity. He is a business owner. Alfonso is a general contractor for a construction company, and his job involves traveling to various cities. He is married to Lacey Evans, who is a professional wrestler. Alfonso and Evans have been together since they were teenagers. Evans’ husband works in the construction industry and likes to remain out of the spotlight.

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They have a daughter together, Summer. The couple has an effective social media presence and a good net worth and is a construction business owner and a wellness and design fanatic. He grew up observing different superstars and cultivated his style and taste. Lacey is an active user of social media, posting family pictures. He also appears to have a substantial social media following.

Education Qualification

Alfonso Estrella-Kadlec is a successful businessman and a well-educated person. He has studied various subjects and is a fan of fashion and fitness. He has worked with celebrities and has owned several businesses, including a construction company. In addition, he is the owner of an Instagram account and has been featured for his business.

Estrella-Kadlec is a US citizen, and he is of mixed ethnicity. Estrella-Kadlec resides in Beaufort, South Carolina. He likes to travel often. He enjoys visiting New York City, Miami Beach, and Las Vegas.

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Alfonso Estrella-Cadlec is a general contractor. He works for his construction business and is married to Lacey Evans. His earth-colored eyes are attractive. His wife, Lacey, is a beautiful human being. Lacey is exceptionally proud of her husband and family and credits her husband for being her pillar of life support.

While Alfonso went to Vero Beach High School and graduated from University, he now lives a lavish lifestyle, owning a car, clothes, and accessories from branded stores. His career is a success, and he’s well-known. In addition to his profession, Alfonso is an accomplished American wrestling expert.

His wife, Lacey Evans, is a professional wrestler. Alfonso also makes money as a social media influencer. He uses Instagram to promote products and services.

Net Worth

His net worth is counted to be $23 million. His income is sufficient to live a comfortable lifestyle. Before beginning his profession, he worked odd jobs to make ends meet. However, after years of working in different positions, he has established his own construction company. He is also married to Lacey Evans, a professional wrestler, and their child is named Summer Evans. Both of them are white.

alfonso estrella-kadlec net worth

Estrella-Kadlec was born and raised in the United States, and Before pursuing his career, he worked odd jobs. He graduated from University and worked odd jobs before pursuing his career. Since then, he has been making money and leading a luxurious life. He has a branded car, a villa, and a stylish wardrobe.

He also wants to spend a moment with his family and his pets. He attended Vero Beach High School and University. He is also a fan of animals and loves spending time with his family. He started working in independent shows and eventually joined the main roster of the WWE Raw brand.

Physical Appearance

Alfonso stands at 5 feet 9 inches and is dark-skinned. He has black hair and attractive brown eyes. He is 75 kg. His dark hair and eye color complement his dark complexion, which makes him look beautiful. He has a beautiful wife, Lacey Evans, and a daughter named Summer.

Alfonso Estrella-Kadlec has a good physique and is well-known for his devoted fans. However, his wife, Lacey Evans, is a heavily active member of social media. He travels often and likes visiting Miami Beach and Las Vegas. The couple has a daughter, Summer, who was born on December 24. The couple lives in South Carolina.

alfonso estrella-kadlec

Estrella-Kadlec is an American professional wrestler. He trained on the independent wrestling circuit and was signed by WWE. After signing with WWE, he made his ring debut on the NXT house show. He competes on the Raw and SmackDown brands. Besides being a professional wrestler, Alfonso is a social media influencer and earns money by marketing products and services through Instagram.

Career and achievement

Alfonso Estrella Kadlec is the husband of WWE Superstar Lacey Evans. He is a construction business owner. He is also a fitness and fashion enthusiast and was raised in Beaufort, South Carolina. He has a daughter named Summer.

He has a vast social media following on various platforms. Besides being married, Estrella-Kadlec likes to travel frequently. He wants to visit New York City, Miami Beach, and Las Vegas. Alfonso Estrella Kadlec attended Vero Beach High School and later went to University.

Who is Alfonso Estrella-Kadlec

Before starting his professional career, he worked odd jobs to earn money. Nowadays, he lives a lavish lifestyle with his luxurious car, branded clothes, and accessories. He has a beautiful wife, Lacey Evans, and a beautiful daughter, Summer. The couple lives with their daughters in Parris Island, South Carolina.

Alfonso has a net worth of approximately $23 million. He lives a lavish lifestyle and is well-known for his social media activity and has an extensive social media following and markets products and services on Instagram. In addition to his career in the WWE, he runs a South Carolina construction company. Currently, he works as a general contractor.


Alfonso Estrella-Kadlec is an American citizen. He is of mixed ethnicity. His parents are well-educated, and he has black hair and brown eyes. He likes to post selfies on Instagram.

alfonso estrella-kadlec age

Lacey Evans is a professional wrestler known by her ring name, Lacey Evans. He is also an avid animal lover. He appreciates spending time with his family and is close to them. Alfonso Estrella Kadlec is married to Lacey Evans and works for a construction company. Alfonso Estrella Kadlec has several hobbies. The couple has a daughter together, and he likes to spend time with his family. He wants to visit Beach. He also enjoys gardening.


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