Who is Anike Ekina? Wiki, Biography, Net Worth, Father, Family, Age, Height, and more.

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Anike Ekina is a German Model, actor, and musician. She is most popular and is known for posting videos and pictures of fitness-related stuff on Instagram.

Anike Ekina wiki

Although she started working in the adult film industry during the early stages of her career, she got her way out of the Industry and now is a full-fledged fitness model which began in 2016. She was born in Hamburg, Germany, in 1984. She is very creative and has been doing many things in various fields.


At the start of her career, she began working in the adult film industry. In 2016, she found her way into the Industry and started posting more modelling pictures of herself on the Internet. She quickly got recognised and is considered one of Germany’s top models. This is how Anike Ekina began her career in modelling through an Instagram post, and today over a million people have been following her.

Anike Ekina career

Anike Ekina also has her website. She designs her merchandise and models for it as well. You can easily find her merch on her website. She started pursuing her career in the field of music. In 2016, she released her first single, titled Stuck Up in My head.

After a break, in 2019, the song All I want Is performed to you in collaboration with Yvonne Woelke. This helped her career to accelerate, and the year 2020 was the year when she released music, and songs like Love to Infinity and SAX were instant hits.

Anike Ekina has been a part of a Psychology Thriller movie. She also has been a panellist for one of the German Cooking Tv shows, Eats with Beats. She is a great fitness Enthusiast and loves rice and vegetables with honey.

Net worth

The German Model Anike Ekina has to be one of the most known models in Germany. Born in Hamburg, Akine is known for many of the roles she played as a model, Actress, singer and many more.

Anike Ekina net worth

Anike Ekina became a part of the reality show, and she made an appearance as a Judge for the Show Eats and Beats. Though an exact figure for Anike Ekina Income is unknown, it is estimated that she has an estimated net worth of around 1 million to 3 million dollars.


Though Anike Ekina was a part of the adult film industry, she got herself out and is now among the most prominent Celebrities in Germany. She became an Instagram model who kept uploading fitness pictures all over the Internet. After that, she pursued music, modelling and acting.

She started acing all the things she started discovering about herself. Anike Ekina grew up in the city of Hamburg, and she was born in the year 1984. Though she had many obstacles, Anike Ekina overcame all of them and was able to achieve her dreams.

Preferred pronouns, if any

Anike Ekina is a straight woman who prefers the pronouns she/her. Anike Ekina has managed to keep her private life away from the eye of Social media. Even Though the Actress is excessively using Social media platforms to promote herself, she has kept her private life separate.


The German Model Anike Ekina is a fitness model, actor, and singer, and she has also been a judge for the German Cooking show competition titled Eats and Beats. She has released her songs and also has her website. Anike Ekina was born and brought up in Hamburg in 1984. She will turn 38 on October 7, 2022.


Anike Ekina heigth

Anike Ekina is a tall Woman though a specific number is not specified. We cannot provide any information at the moment. In the future, we hope more information about Actress Anike Ekina is available.


apart from being born in Hamburg in Germany, there is no real information about her childhood or who her father is. The only information available is about her career and her Endeavours. Anike has been very quiet about her personal life and has not posted much.


Anike Ekina has kept her personal life away from the media. The Actress or model Anike Ekina is one of the most renowned models in Germany. She began her career as a model in 2016 when she began uploading fitness videos on the Internet. Recently from 2019 onwards, she started releasing music, and the songs have been quite successful.


Currently, no information about Anike’s dating life is available. Though she constantly uses social media apps like Instagram, she keeps her personal life a secret. More precisely, she has not posted any information about her dating someone. So it’s not clear whether Anike is single or not.

About her previous dating life, it’s not easy as there were no articles which could mention or any pictures which could speculate she has been dating. Though there was speculation that she could be dating in private, nothing has been confirmed.


Anike Ekina hobbies

Anike Ekina is a huge fitness freak. You could look up her social media account and know how much she enjoys eating healthy and gyming. You can see her also designing work, including designing her merchandise.


The early life of Actress Anike Akina is not known. No information is available about with whom she started growing and how she got into the Industry.

Even from where she completed her education or which institute she studied, she has not studied. She was in 2016, and she started modelling on Instagram, where she would upload videos of her training and fitness shoots. Through this, she got into movies and is also a musician who has produced three or more songs.


Anike Ekina facts

  • Anike Ekina was born in 1984. She was born in Hamburg, Germany.
  • Anike Ekina was a part of the adult film industry.
  • She started her modelling career through Instagram.
  • Anike Ekina is one of the renowned models now in Germany.
  • She has a network of around 1-5 million dollars.
  • She has her brand and a website.
  • Anike Ekina was a judge for a TV cooking show titled Eats and Beats.


What are Anike Ekina’s hobbies?

Anike Ekina is a huge fan of travelling and loves visiting mountains and sides. She has a few favourite destinations which she always wants to visit, including the Baltic sea and Norway with Germany. She loves mountain trekking.

Which artist did Anike Ekina collaborate with?

As per current news, Anika Ekina is collaborating with Guru Josh Projects and has been working on projects, including creating her clothing line.

Who is Anike Akina?

Anike Ekina is one of the most known German models. Apart from modelling, she is a Musician, singer, and actor. Also, she is one of the judges for Eats and Beats. She was born in Hamburg and is currently working as a model and doing more future projects.


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