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Ant Middleton is a British Adventurer and a former soldier. He started his career at an early age, and when he was 17, he served in Northern Ireland and Macedonia. In 2003, he joined the Royal Marines. After becoming a commando in 2003, he was deployed to Afghanistan.

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After he attained retirement from the Military, Ant Middleton started working as a security guard for VIPs and the West African Government. He started his career in a television program where he was a host, and it gained him a lot of popularity.

NameAnthony Middleton.
Date of Birth22 September 1980
Place of BirthPortsmouth, Hampshire.
Star SignVirgo
Age41 years (2021)
careerAdventurer, Celebrity, Former Soldier
WifeEmily Middleton.


When Ant was seventeen in 1988, he joined the Parachute Squadron RE. He visited Northern Ireland and Macedonia between 1999 and 2001. He was then later enrolled in the marines and became a wing Commando. In the year 2004, he went on a tour to Afghanistan and, in 2008, joined the British Special boat service.

He made his acting debut through the show SAS who dares Wins, and the show was produced and released by Channel 4. This show gave him the limelight and turned him into a celebrity. In 2017, Middleton was a part of the show Mutiny, a crossover Mutiny on the Bounty.

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He wrote his first book as a Co-Author named SAS: Who Dares Wins. The autobiography First Man In, published in 2018, became one of the Times best seller books. In 2018, Middleton and his direct Ed Wardle completed their Summit on Mount Everest After five and a half weeks.

Net worth

Ant Middleton is a British Television celebrity and an Adventurer. He started his career as part of the military. Later he joined the marines and went to Afghanistan. He later quit and became an anchor for the show titled SAS Who Dares Wins and Mutiny.

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He also is a writer and co-wrote the book SAS and his autobiography First Man which became a leading bookseller by Times. He and his Pal Ed Wardle completed the summit of Mount Everest after five and half weeks. The estimated net worth of Anthony Middleton is somewhere around 4 million Pounds.


Ant Middleton was born in Portsmouth, Hampshire. Later he was born and brought up in France. Anthony Middleton was born in 1980, and when he was 17 years old in 1998, he served in the military and has been assigned to various places. He later joined the Royal Marines in 2003, and in 2008 he became a part of the Special boat service.

Nine months later, he quit and started working as security for high-level people in West Africa. Nothing much is known about his personal life, and we hope we get more information about his life in the future.

Preferred pronouns, if ant

Anthony Middleton is married and prefers the pronouns Him/he


In 1980, Ant Middleton was born in Portsmouth in Hampshire. Later he was born and brought up in France. Not much personal information is available about his life and his family. As of 2022, Ant Middleton is 41 years old. He celebrates his birthday on September 22 every year.


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Ant Middleton is a tall man. He is Five Feet Ten Inches Tall. It is 178 cm tall. Middleton, to those who don’t know him, is a British Adventurer and a former soldier who has actively taken part in the military. He became a stat celebrity when he started hosting SAS Who dares Wins. He was also a part of Mutiny, a show.


No Information is available about Ant Middleton parents. We hope we get more information about his parents and personal life in the future. Anthony Middleton is a British Adventurer and a celebrity. He has been working as a former soldier in the Army. As his military deployment started, he worked in different parts of Europe. He was first placed in Northern Ireland and Macedonia. We hope in the future we get more information about his family.


No information is available on how Anthony Middleton was brought up. He was born in Portsmouth in Hampshire. No family information about his life before becoming a celebrity after the Show SAS: Who Dares Wins is available.

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Before becoming a celebrity, Anthony Middleton was a former soldier. He was also a part of the marines. He worked with Channel 4 for various shows and has become a part of the production.


Talking about his past relationships, Anthony Middleton’s dating life has not stirred much controversy. He has kept it quite low-key when it comes to regard with his personal life.

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He is married to Emily Middleton, and they have Five children. We have no information about who Emily is and how they met. In the future, we hope to get more resources about their personal life and their children.


Apart from liking the thrill of adventures, there is hardly any information about Ant Middleton and his likes and dislikes. Let us tell you if you are unaware of who Ant Middleton is. Anthony Middleton started his career as a soldier and later turned from a Security guard for Prominent personalities to Celebrity.

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He is known and gained immense recognition for his work in the SAS: Who Dares Wins and Mutiny. He is also an author and has co-written the book SAS and wrote his autobiography titled First Man In.


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No information about Ant Middleton’s education and educational qualification is available. We hope in the future to get more information about his hobbies and education, and personal life.


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  • Ant Middleton’s real name is Anthony Middleton.
  • He was born on September 22, 1980.
  • His Star sign is Virgo.
  • He wrote the book First Man In and published it, which became the best-selling book by Times.
  • He has a total net worth of Four Million Pounds.
  • He is married to Emily Middleton.
  • He has five children.


Who is Ant Middleton?

The birthplace of Ant Middleton is Portsmouth, Hampshire. He was afterwards born and raised in France. Anthony Middleton was born in 1980 and passed away in 1998 when he was 17 years old. He co-authored the book SAS: Who Dares Wins, his debut publication. One of the Times’ best-selling books of 2018 was the autobiography First Man In.

Is Anthony Middleton married?

The dating history of Anthony Middleton has not generated any dispute. Regarding his personal life, he has maintained a rather quiet profile. He is wed to Emily Middleton, and the two of them have five kids. We don’t know anything about Emily or how they met. We anticipate obtaining more information about their family life and kids in the future.

How old is Anthony Middleton?

Ant Middleton was born in Portsmouth, Hampshire, in 1980. He was afterwards born and raised in France. About his life and his family, not much is known about them. Ant Middleton will be 41 years old in 2022. Every year on September 22, he has a birthday party.

What is Ant Middleton’s net worth?

Anthony Middleton is thought to have a net worth of about 4 million pounds. He joined the military to begin his career. He enlisted in the marines afterwards and deployed to Afghanistan. Later, he left and started working as an anchor for the SAS Who Dares Wins and Mutiny programme. He is also a writer, co-authoring the book SAS and the Times best-selling memoirs First Man.


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