Artur Ocheretny: Biography, Wiki, Net Worth, Height, Weight, and Education Qualification

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Artur Ocheretny was born on 29 March 1978 in Lyubertsy, a suburb of Moscow. His father was the co-owner of a company that had gone bankrupt. His mother is listed in his apartment documents. His Zodiac sign is Pisces. He attended a regular state school in the area close to his home. A former Russian politician, Putin’s wife, Lyudmila, divorced him in 2014 and remarried the businessman Artur Ocheretny. The two were married for 31 years. Lyudmila Putina has since disappeared from the public eye.

Previously, Ocheretny had worked as a communications director at the Russian government’s Centre for Interpersonal Communication and the Literature Education publishing house. He is also a vice-president of Sibur Holding, a Russian petrochemical and gas processing company. In addition to his professional career, he is also a director of the Center for Development of Interpersonal Communication (CDIRC).

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Education Qualification

Artur Ocheretny is the spouse of Lyudmila Aleksandrovna Ocheretnaya, the former wife of Russian President Vladimir Putin. He works as a director at the Center for Development of Interpersonal Communications, best known for his relationship with Lyudmila.

Artur ocheretny wiki

Before becoming a director of an NGO, Artur worked at an event agency. In addition, he works as the Head of the IT Development Department at “UkrTransSys,” a transportation company. Artur Ocheretny is a graduate of the Moscow State University of Economics.

Artur Ocheretny’s wife, Lyudmila, also has a background in real estate. She’s registered as the owner of three companies. Despite this, he remained a private property owner.

Lyudmila Ocheretny’s education was in German. She then went on to study at the Leningrad State University, which has now been renamed Saint Petersburg State University.

After graduating from university, he taught German at Leningrad State University’s Department of Philology. He worked as the Moscow representative of Telecominvest from 1998 to 1999.

Relationship Status

Lyudmila Aleksandrovne Ocheretnaya is married to Artur Ocheretny. Their relationship started in 2008 when they met at a party organized by Vladimir Putin. He was also involved with the Art Show center, which was related to Putin’s political party. Their relationship was very successful, but it was still a surprise when it was reported that Lyudmila and Artur were having an affair.

Artur Ocheretny Wife

Lyudmila Ocheretny is a businesswoman who also owns a posh villa in France. He and Lyudmila were married for over two decades and had two daughters. She was married to another man named Vladimir, and they became close friends.

Vladimir and Lyudmila were married from 1983 to 2013, and Artur became the chairman of the Center for Development of Interpersonal Communication, where he served as the president’s deputy. In 2018, Artur Ocheretny was named the best entrepreneur of the year in the A-List Awards.

Net Worth

Artur Ocheretny has a net worth of $70 million. In addition to his political career. He is also a partner of the Center for Development of Interpersonal Communication.

While he has been the director of a plastering company since 2007, it is now bankrupt. He has operated several companies throughout his career and served as the general director of the Art Show Center.

The Ocheretnys have a multi-million dollar net worth, and Artur Ocheretny is currently married to Lyudmila Ocheretny, who earns millions from a historic Moscow property. She also owns a villa in France.

Artur Ocheretny Net Worth

Before marrying Lyudmila Aleksandrovne Ocheretna, the Russian billionaire made his fortune working as the general director of the Art-Show Center. In addition, he was responsible for organizing large events for various clients, including state-owned companies.

Ocheretny is married to Lyudmila Aleksandrovna Ocheretnaya, a prominent Russian politician. The couple has two daughters, Katerina Tikhonova, a pediatric endocrinologist, and a former acrobatic dancer, Mariya.

The former wife of Vladimir Putin, Lyudmila Ocheretnaya, is married to Ocheretny and earns millions of dollars from the CDIC foundation. Both have businesses and own several properties, including a real estate development company.

Physical appearance

He is 5 feet 8 inches tall with 62 kg. He’s best known as the business partner and close friend of Vladislav Surkov, the Russian politician and member of the ruling United Russia party. His hair is black, his eyes are icy blue, and his skin is pale. Artur Ocheretny works in media art. He experiments with various photo manipulation, painting, and digital printmaking.

Artur ocheretny age

In his artworks, he deals with social issues such as migration, social class, religion, and technology and is one of the notable respected and recognizable political figures. Artur Ocheretny is a successful businessman. He is the owner of several companies. He is famous for his business in IT. He is also an entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist.

Social Media Status

Artur Ocheretny is one of the most prominent figures in Russian politics. The former general director of the Art-Show Center, a publishing house in Moscow, has been linked to Vladimir Putin for years.

He is also involved with the Art Show center, which Putin’s political party established. Although they aren’t officially connected, rumors abound that he is the organization’s patron. Although he rarely attends public events, he is a frequent participant in the center’s events.

Artur ocheretny Wikipedia

In addition to Facebook and Twitter, Ocheretny is active on Instagram and Twitter. He has many friends and follows people. Artur Ocheretny has a vastly different social media presence than his Russian counterparts. His Facebook account, in particular, features more followers than any other profile.

And since he’s active on Twitter and Instagram. His Instagram following currently stands at 4.5 million followers. Artur Ocheretny now uses Facebook and Instagram to communicate with his clients.

Career and Achievement

Born in Lyubertsy, Russia, Artur Ocheretny is a businessman and entrepreneur. He is the son of Sergei Ocheretny, a former co-owner of a large Russian industrial enterprise and a businessman by trade and director of a nonprofit organization.

He has owned a few different businesses. He was a political advisor to Vladimir Putin and is currently the head of the center for interpersonal communication at Russia’s Ministry of Culture. He was also associated with Literature Education, a Moscow publishing house.

Artur Ocheretny Career

His political career also included working for the Art Show center for Vladimir Putin’s political party. In 2009 Artur Ocheretny founded the fund “Great Prize of the World.” In 2014, the Fund began awarding annual prizes.

The prize is awarded for outstanding achievements in creativity, science, culture, sports, humanitarian activities, and business.

He is the founder of the Ocheretny company, one of the largest Internet businesses in the country. The founder of the company is also the owner of several farms. In 2007, Artur Ocheretny won the Belarus Businessman of the Year.


Artur Ocheretny’s hobbies include football, listening to classical music, and fishing. Artur Ocheretny began to combine his business with his hobby, riding and training horses. Artur Ocheretny is a young, ambitious, and determined businessman. He is a developer who understands and follows the latest trends and technologies and is co-owner of several companies.

Artur Ocheretny is the head center of the most successful businesses. His business interests include banking, financial and insurance, construction and real estate, oil, and gas, trading, and logistics. In addition, Artur Ocheretny has been engaged in politics and management at different levels during his career.


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