Best places to buy real estate in Texas in 2023

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Significant investors are drawn to it. According to NHRC, institutional investors currently make up only
2% of the 90 million unit market.

This is paltry compared to the US duplex market, where institutional investors hold more than 50% of the ownership. As a result, the single-family rental sector continues to be an emerging market for institutional and individual investors.


Boise, Idaho

best places to buy real estate 2022

Bosie is now ranked first for investment in real estate. Historically, one of the longest single investments in real estate in the United States. In Boise, supply and demand dynamics continue to raise housing prices.

According to’s metro-level housing projection for 2020, the housing market in Boise is the best in the country. The 100 most important markets in the nation were chosen based on the total yearly percentage change in house purchases (0.3%) and rates (8.1%) anticipated in 2020.

Houston, Texas

best places to invest in 2022

One of the top cities in the world to buy real estate in Houston. This city, which houses the US
petroleum and gas industry, constantly has job openings. With approximately 7 million people, Greater Houston is the fifth-largest metro region in Texas.

Its population is growing at a rate about twice as fast as the rest of the nation. As the third-most concentrated city, after New York and Chicago, it houses 53 Fortune 1000 companies.

Las Vegas

best place to buy real estate in texas

How is Las Vegas not among the top locations for real estate investment? In its history, Las Vegas has
gone through various booms. And during the Great Recession saw a spectacular real estate implosion.

The comeback in Las Vegas hasn’t garnered as much attention as the 50 percent or more drops in property values ten years ago. Investors shouldn’t stay away, despite its comeback. The Las Vegas property market is steady and predictable for astute investors. The housing market in Las Vegas was the fastest in 2019 overall.

Atlanta, Georgia

best places to invest in real estate 2022 europe

One of the top locations for real estate investment in Atlanta, Georgia. For astute investors in rental
properties, Atlanta provides appealing purchasing opportunities. Over the past ten years, the city’s
population has increased by more than 14%. The growing population is driving the need for homes.

Should you purchase investment real estate in the Atlanta housing market? Atlanta, which is in Georgia, is a magnet for all kinds of property investments. Atlanta has seen encouraging employment and population growth, two indicators of a thriving real estate market.

Orlando, Florida

best cities to buy rental property

Orlando, Florida, is a popular tourist and entertainment destination, and as a result, it is still an excellent place to purchase a home. Investors might choose to sell their properties to long-term residents or tourists—both present promising results.

Even though expanding the Orlando market for real estate and thriving travel are two of the key factors influencing the city’s financial stability, these two sectors stand to gain much from the prosperous economy. The city’s expanding population and employment market are tied to this expansion, increasing rental income and, boosting tourism, improving the local economy.

Tampa, Florida

best places to buy rental property in usa

Tampa, Florida, is also among the top locations to buy a property in 2022. Tampa, Florida, which has a
population of over 4 million, is not only a beautiful metropolis but is also a most popular travel

The Tampa market has several economic and development opportunities, and over the past year, it has been dubbed one of the most important markets for real estate in the US. In Tampa, there is a vast economic opportunity for entry-level single-family houses.

Washington’s Spokane

best places to buy rental property for airbnb

Spokane is currently in position five. Spokane, which has a population of around 213,000, is a small city but is quickly becoming a real estate hotspot. With a typical price of about $265,000, house prices are reasonably affordable compared to most of the nation and provide excellent mortgage coverage.

For the first time in over six years, according to data from Zillow, Spokane has a hotter housing market than Seattle. Homes in Spokane are selling more quickly than those in Seattle. The majority of Spokane’s desirable neighborhoods are on the northern side.

Perry District is rising more rapidly than many other Spokane neighborhoods. Additionally, appealing areas, Liberty Lake and Spokane Valley, are expanding quickly.


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