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Popularly known as Bill Gurley, John William Gurley is a well-known CFA and a general partner at a Silicon Valley venture capital firm in California named Benchmark. He was born on 10 May 1966 and has been featured on the Forbes Midas List consistently. He is known to be one of the top dealmakers in technology.

Bill Gurley Wiki

Bill Gurley is a multi-billionaire who was earlier a director of Uber before Lyft acquired it. He is an extremely successful and talented entrepreneur. Gurley was voted as the venture capitalist of the year at the Crunchies Awards.

Bill Gurley is known to be strongly opinionated and came to light when he said that Apple would fare better if the app developers were charged a commission fee of 10% instead of 30% for large app developers and 15% for small developers. According to Bill Gurley, the 30% commission rate established by Apple years ago was a real catastrophe. So he suggested a 10% flat rate to them.


Before starting his career in investment, Gurley was a part of the Compaq Computer team as a design engineer. He worked on the company’s first multi-processor server. He also worked for Advanced Micro Devices as a part of their technical marketing team and took care of the embedded processor division. He has an engineering and financial background and wants to venture into investments.

Bill Gurley Career

Gurley started as an investment partner at Hummer Winblad Venture Capital. He spent four years before this as a research analyst for Wall Street and closed to three years at CS First in Boston. He was known to be one of the best Wall Street technology analysts. He covered technology companies like Compaq, Dell, and Microsoft and also worked as a lead analyst for Amazon.com in its IPO stage.

Gurley then joined Benchmark, where he led investments. He is also on board HackerOne, OpenTable, Brighter, Good Eggs, Stitch Fix, DogVacay, Vessel, GrubHub, LiveOps, Linden Lab, Nextdoor, Sailthru, Scale Computing, and Zillow.
He has significant investments as a VC in Business.com, Clicker.com, Demandforce, Uber, Employease, Nordstrom.com, Avamar Technologies, JAMDAT Mobile, Shopping.com, The Knot, and Vudu.

Bill Gurley and Uber

During the 2008 recession, Gurley sent a letter to all these companies, advising them to spend cautiously and take advantage of the opportunities that come their way during the harsh times. In March 2016, he was awarded the Venture Capitalist of the Year at the Crunchies awards.

In June 2017, Gurley announced that he is no more a part of Uber’s board of directors. The announcement was made the very next day of the resignation of Travis Kalanick: CEO of Uber, after he was involved in the controversy over the company’s corporate culture. Gurley was said to have played a vital role in the resignation of Travis Kalanick.

It was reported in the Wall Street Journal in April 2020 that Gurley would step down from Benchmark since he is no more investing in any new fund being raised by the venture capital firm.

Net Worth

If reports are to be believed, Bill is a multi-billionaire with a net worth of approx. $8 billion in 2020. There is no official confirmation on the aforesaid information, and he has never spoken anything about his actual net worth.

Bill Gurley Net Worth

There is not much information about the VC’s monthly earnings, but it is known that he still reaps the benefits of his $11 million investment in the most successful venture, Uber. The estimated net worth includes his Money, Assets, and Income. The primary source of his income is being a venture capitalist and partner at Benchmark. Bill is said to have accumulated a good fortune but still leads a modest life.

Sources say that Bills is one of the leading venture capitalists who get huge personal pay-outs. It is believed that he makes a whopping $600,000 million every year through all his investments. However, it is not easy to determine his annual salary.


Bill Gurley is a well-known American venture capitalist. He is the partner of Benchmark capital firm. Gurley has been a part of the Forbes Midas List and features as the top dealmakers of technology in America. He is a Bachelor of Science from the University of Florida. Later, he did his MBA from the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas in 1993.


Bill was born on 10 May 1966. He is 56 years old as of date. He was born in Texas, United States. His sun sign is Taurus.


Bill Gurley is a tall man. He is six feet nine inches (2.05 m) tall. Gurley is an average-sized guy who looks fairly tall in all the photographs. Right now, not much information is available on his weight. However, he seems to be a fit person and seems to maintain himself well.

Bill gurley height


The American born general partner at Benchmark was born on 10 May 1966. Currently 56 years old, Bill was born in Dickinson, Texas. So, he has an American nationality and is of white ethnicity. Moving to his family, the details of his family background are not known. There is nothing that Bill Gurley has revealed about his parents and siblings on the internet.

Bill has kept it a secret from the media. He is always protective of his family details and has never revealed his parent’s identities. As a result, there was no information about his family on the internet.


Bill Gurley is happily married to Amy Gurley. Though not many details are known about their wedding, the couple has three children. They all stay together in a suburb of San Francisco Bay Area, USA.

Bill gurley wife


The famous venture capitalist is not very public about his likes and dislikes. However, it can be seen through his social media posts that he reads and travels. Apart from being a VC, he also has a keen interest in extensive reading. In addition, he loves to watch movies, listen to music, and at the same time, spend a lot of time with the family.

Bill gurley blog


Gurley is a Bachelor of Science from the University of Florida. He graduated in 1989. While studying in Florida, he was part of the university’s basketball team. Gurley then did his MBA in 1993 from McCombs School of Business, the University of Texas, with a degree in business administration.


Bill gurley investments

  • Bill Gurley is active on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook on social media platforms. His Twitter handle is @bgurley. Around 500K people follow him on Twitter. Additionally, he posts pictures of his professional and daily life on Instagram.
  • Bill Gurley started his own podcast channel on Apple, where he discusses entrepreneurship and finance.
  • Bill Gurley also has a dedicated Blog called ‘Above the Crows.’ He discusses business ventures and underlying challenges he faced in his journey as a VC.


1. Who is Bill Gurley?
Bill Gurley is a well-known American venture capitalist and a partner of Benchmark capital firm. He made it to the Forbes Midas List and is a Bachelor of Science from the University of Florida.

2. How old is Bill Gurley?
Gurley is 56 years of age, born on 10 May 1966 in the United States.

3. How tall is Bill Gurley?
Gurley is a real tall man and stands 6’9’’ feet tall.

4. Is Bill Gurley Married?
Bill is married to Amy Gurley and has three children.

5. What is the net worth of Bill Gurley?
The estimated net worth of Gurley is around $8 billion.

6. Where does Bill live?
He resides with his family in San Francisco Bay Area. He has a very modest lifestyle.


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