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Emma Booth is a popular Australian actress and a model. She has played significant roles in movies and TV shows locally and in Hollywood. She was also a part of the ABC network show “Once upon a time”. She has played significant roles and has created her fandom. Her popularity arose as she took up roles backed by her exceptional looks and skill as an actor.

Emma Booth Wiki

Emma Booth leads an amazing career in the acting industry and she is phenomenal in what she does. Emma’s acting career began at an early age and she has come a long way since then by becoming a professional actress.


Emma’s career began when she was only thirteen years old. She joined acting classes at an early age and was involved in dramatic arts and theater as a kid. Apart from this, Emma also starred in local shows like Australian children’s show “The Adventures of Bush Patrol”. Apart from this, she also worked professionally as a model before getting her first gig in the film “Clubland”.

Emma Booth Clubland

Additionally, she has also worked with notable stars like Henry Caville, Sienna Miller, and more. Emma also received multiple accolades since the early age of her acting career including AACTA award, Best Supporting actress, and Best Newcomer award.

emma booth equestrian

Net Worth

Emma Booth has a net worth of around six million dollars. Her earnings come from her career as an actress. She began acting at an early age and has been working since she was 13 years old. Apart from this, she also takes brand collaborations and works as a model. Her monthly income is more than 10K dollars per month.

Emma Booth Net Worth

Overtime she has also invested in real estates and diversified financial portfolios. It is likely that her net worth will increase over-time as she is at the peak of her career.


Emma Booth’s career began when she was only 13 years old. She was always passionate about acting and beginning her career in performing arts. Her parents were quite supportive about her acting career and knew that she was born to do great things in life.

At an early age, she received multiple awards from Film Inc Awards. She started her career in Australia and is now a popular actress in Hollywood. Emma also starred in the Netflix original series “Glitch”. Emma Booth’s career has been an upward graph of success and her popularity is soaring each year with her talent.

Preferred pronouns, if any

Emma Booth’s preferred pronouns are she/her. She is interested in men and identifies as a cis gender female. However, Emma is quite supportive of the LGBTQ community. She wishes for openness and diversity in the society and hopes that one day the world will live in harmony and peace.

emma booth age


Emma Booth was born on 28th November, 1982. Therefore, Emma will be 41 years old in 2023. She looks quite young and gorgeous for her age. Emma was born in the Chinese year of the dog and her zodiac sign is Saggitarius. Emma was born in Australia and has Australian citizenship.


Emma is blessed with amazing genetics and has an above-average height for a woman. She has blonde hair and blue eyes. Emma comes from a white ethnic background. She has a slim body and leads a healthy lifestyle.

Emma booth model


Emma is the youngest child to William and Catherine Booth. She has four siblings and was born and raised in Denmark, Australia. Emma then married Dominik Joseph Luna in 2013. Dominic is a popular musician and they both tied the knot in Nevada, US. Emma has no children and currently lives with her husband.


1) Where was Emma Booth born?
Emma Booth was born in Denmark, Australia.

2) Does Emma Booth have any children?
No, Emma Booth has no children.

3) How old is Emma Booth?
Emma Booth will turn 42 years old in 2023.

4) What is the zodiac sign of Emma Booth?
Emma Booth’s zodiac sign is Saggitarius.

5) Is Emma Booth married?
Yes, Emma Booth is married to Dominic Joseph Luna and will celebrate their 13th anniversary this year.

6) What citizenship does Emma Booth have?
Emma Booth has Australian citizenship by birth.


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