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Lesley Manville is a popular British actress who has left her mark in the industry. She is one of the best actresses in the UK. Lesley has been known to be quite a versatile actress in the industry while being flexible in the roles that she takes. She also received notable awards for her talent and has taken the British media by a storm.

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Her recent role as Princess Maragaret in the netflix series “The Crown” has reminded the world of her wonderful performance. Very few are able to adapt the posh accent of the British royal family with tight upper lips and Lesley did it flawlessly.


Lesley’s career in acting began way before. She began acting in her twenties and has revolutionized the perception of the world. Her very first role was as Rosemary Kendall between 1975-1976. This became the foundation of her career.

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Lesley has taken up impressive roles proving the world about the versatility of her acting skills. She was also a part of multiple documentaries including “An Adventure in Space and Time.” Lesley also starred in the modern take of the classic Romeo & Juliet story in 2013. Her most recent contribution is her role as Princess Margaret in the netflix show “ The Crown”.

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Net worth

Lesley Manville has a net worth of over 1.5 million pounds. Her investments are diversified and she also owns a couple of real estate across the UK. Her primary source of income is from her career as an actress. However, other sources of income are unknown. It is likely that she has also invested in some businesses and is bearing the profits of it today. It is too early to talk about this. Lesley has built a great empire with a great career as an actress.

Lesley Manville Net Worth


Lesley Manville was born in Sussex and was quite interested in acting. She was passionate about being on the screen and taking up challenging roles. Lesley has worked in various movies and each role represents her diversified acting career while being versatile in her roles. From a bystander to taking up the role of a Princess, Lesley has come a long way.

Preferred pronouns, if any

Lesley identifies herself to be a straight woman. She is a cis gender woman and is interested in men. Her preferred pronouns are she/her. Besides this, she is also supportive about the LGBTQ community and is quite open about diversity.


Lesley Manville was born on 12th March 1956. She was born and raised in Brighton, Sussex. She is in pretty amazing shape for her age as she leads an active lifestyle. As of 2023, Lesley will turn 67 years old in March. Her zodiac sign is Pisces and she was born in the Chinese year of the Monkey. Even at the age of 67, Lesley has proven that she was born to be a star and a professional actress.

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Lesley Manville is blessed with amazing genes. She has an above average height for a woman. She is strong and has a witty personality. Lesley has blonde hair and blue eyes. She has also maintained a great physique at her current age.


Lesley was born to Ron and Jean Manville. She grew up in Brighton and she also has a sister. Lesley’s full name is Lesley Ann Manville. Besides, Lesley lived an amazing childhood with her little sister and was brought up to be who she is today. Later on Lesley got married, got a kid and now lives separately.

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Lesley has two ex-husbands. She was first married to Gary Oldman in 1987 and divorced him in the late 90s. Gary Oldman was also a great actor at that time. Lesley and Gary have a son who is in his twenties currently. Alfie Manville, Lesley’s son is also an actor and has worked with popular franchises. Lesley then married Joe Dixon who was also an actor and divorced him in 2004.


Lesley was quite interested in the performing arts and decided to choose her career in it. She attended the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts.


1) What was Lesley Manville’s role in The Crown?
She plays the role of the grown-up Princess Margaret on The Crown.

2) What is the full name of Lesley Manville?
Lesley’s full name is Lesley Ann Manville.

3) Who is Lesley Manville’s son?
Her son’s name is Alfie and is currently married.

4) Was Lesley born in London?
No, Lesley was born in Brighton, Sussex.

5) Is Lesley Manville British?
Yes, Lesley Manville is British.


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