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Samara Weaving is among the prominent actresses in Australia. She is an Australian Model and actress who started her career in 2008. Regarding her acting career, she debuted through the movie Out of the Blue and gained prominence for her role as IndinWalker in Home Away.

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Not only films, but Samara Weaving has also done multiple Television series, and she also received many nominations and awards. Let’s learn a bit more about Samara Weaving.


Samara Weaving is an Australian actress who debuted through the television series Out of the blue. She is renowned for her role as Indi Walker from another Television series, Home and Away. The show grew big and achieved International success.

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After Home and Away, she started exploring more roles and was part of Mystery Road, a Crime drama. In 2012, Samara began her modeling career when she first modeled for Bond’s underwear brand. Samara Has a very diverse acting profile; she has done films and Dramas in a wide variety of genres.

She was a part of Picnic at the Hanging rock and a comedy Horror film Ready or not. The coming year has many new surprises for her fans. She is currently working on many projects, and a few of them include biopics and also her most anticipated movie Sixth Scream.

Net Worth

Samara Weaving is an Australian Actress. She has not only worked in the Australian film industry but also done many Soap Operas. Her most prominent role is Indi Walker from the Soap Opera Home and Away. The television drama Home and Away gained International Success.

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She also received quite some recognition for her role. Soon after Home and Away, she started exploring more options for her and started her career as a Model, where she modeled for the Brand Bond. Regarding her total net worth, Samara Weaving has a total net worth of Three Million US dollars.


On February 23, 1992, was born in Adelaide, Australia. She is the daughter of Simon Weaving and Helena Bezzina. Her father was a lecturer at the University of New Castles and a Filmmaker, while her mother was an Art Therapist. She also would teach Museums Studies at the University of New Castles.

Samara has a child only and has been very keen on acting and gained quite an interest; she debuted her acting career through the Drama Out of the blue. Indi Walker is the most famous role or character known worldwide for her character.

Preferred Pronouns, if any: Samara Weaving is an Australian Actress and an Australian Model. She started her Modeling career in 2012, explored her capabilities, and grew as an actress. Samara Weaving is related to Hugo Weaving and has done many fantastic films and television series. When it comes to her, her Preferred pronouns are She/her.


Samar Weaving is an Australian Actress and a Model. She was born in Adelaide on February 23, 1992. She was raised in Australia, Fiji, and Indonesia. Her father is a Filmmaker and a Teacher at the University of New Castle. Regarding her age, as of 2022, Samara Weaving is 30 years old.


What is Samara Weaving known for

Samara Weaving is a model and a very charismatic person. She is very entertaining and has a strong presence in front of the camera. When it comes to Samara Weaving’s height, she is 165cm tall.


What movies has Samara Weaving been in

Samara Weaving’s Father, Simon Weaving, is a teacher or a lecturer at the University of Newcastle and a Filmmaker. While her mom Helena Bezzina is Art Therapist, she also teaches at the University of Newcastle. She has a younger sister who is an actress as well and is also an actress.


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Samara Weaving is married to Jimmy Warden, who is a Creative Producer; both of them met each other on the sets of the babysitters, and in 2019, the couple was engaged and married each other in the same year.


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Samara Weaving joined the Canberra Girls Grammar School when her whole family moved to Canberra when her dad became the artistic director of the Canberra International Film Festival. She became the head of the Drama club.


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  • Samara Weaving is an Australian model and an actress.
  • She was born in 1992.
  • She is related to Hugo Weaving.
  • She is known for her role as Indi Walker.


Who is Samara Weaving?
Samara Weaving is an Australian Actress.

How old is Samara Weaving?
Samara Weaving is 30 years old.

How rich is Samara Weaving?
Samara Weaving has an estimated net worth of 3 million U.S. dollars.


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