Chloe Grace Moretz Biography, Wiki, Net Worth, Career, Parents, Age, and Hobbies

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Chlo Grace Moretz was held in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, on February 10, 1997. She is of American nationality and belongs to the white ethnicity. Her parents were originally from Texas but immigrated to California when Moretz was a child. Chlo Grace Moretz is an American actress who has received various awards.

She has won four MTV Movie & TV Awards and two People’s Choice Awards. She has also received two Saturn Awards and two Young Artist Awards. As a child, Moretz took acting lessons and was soon cast in various roles. Her earliest parts were in horror and supernatural films. She played a “Hit-Girl” in the horror movie Kick-Ass, and her zodiac sign is Aquarius.

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Chlo Grace Moretz’s career is rapidly growing. Her parents, McCoy and Teri, are plastic surgeons and nurse practitioners. In 2002, she transferred to New York and joined the Professional Performing Arts School. She has earned her wealth through filming, modeling, brand endorsements, and other business ventures.

She co-starred in two television series, The Guardian episodes, and has appeared in several films. In 2013, she was awarded the Elle Style Award for the Next Future Icon. She also starred in several independent horror and thriller films. She was a component of the jury for the Tribeca Film Festival.



Chlo Grace Moretz is an American actress with several accolades. She was born in Atlanta, Georgia. Her parents are Teri Duke and Lee Moretz. They are plastic surgeons and nurses, and She has older brothers, Brandon, Trevor, Colin, and Ethan. One of her brothers, Trevor, was a professional actor and became her acting coach.

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She grew an interest in acting while she was a child. Chlo Grace Moretz’s parents are American. She was raised in a Christian household. Trevor was born in Atlanta, Georgia, but spent most of his life in Los Angeles. He attended Professional Performing Arts School and Beverly Hills High School.

She has also appeared in several photoshoots and appeared in different magazines. Chlo Grace Moretz’s movie, Heart of the Beholder, was released in 2005. She has appeared in TV series and films.

Education qualification

Chlo Grace Moretz is a multi-talented young actress. Afterward, she moved to New York and joined the Professional Performing Arts Academy. Besides acting, Chlo Grace is also a humanitarian. She has been involved with several causes, including the ALS Association and the GLSEN.

She is also a StarPower Ambassador for the Starlight Children’s Foundation. Her family roots come from Germany and Scotland., Her dad was a plastic surgeon, and her mom was a nurse. She has four siblings, including actor Trevor Duke-Moretz.

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During the early stages of her job, Chloe Grace Moretz acted in several television shows. During this period, she also earned her first award nomination. Her significant role was in ‘Kick-Ass’. After Kick-Ass, Moretz enjoyed much greater fame and success. Chlo Grace Moretz began her acting career as a child artist.

She was featured in several popular TV shows, including The Guardian. The following year, she was a major star in The Amityville Horror. She has since starred in several highly successful movies. While the actor is a trendy Hollywood actress, she is also a popular model.

Net Worth

Chlo Grace Moretz is a very successful actress. She was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and was raised in a Christian home with four older brothers. During her childhood, she often read lines for her brother Trevor. Eventually, her career in acting took off, and she is now a multimillion-dollar star. Chlo Grace Moretz began her acting career in 2004.

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Her role was in the CBS drama The Guardian, where she played the character Violet, a minor character in the series. After that, she got her first feature role in the film Heart of the Beholder. She also starred in the dark comedy “Dark Shadows” remake. Chlo Grace Moretz’s net value is estimated at $12 million.

Her income comes from acting and modeling, and she owns a three-million-dollar house in California. Chlo Grace Moretz has received many awards and nominations for her films. The Saturn Award for Scream, Young Hollywood, and Teen Choice Awards are among these awards. The actress has also appeared in countless magazines and events.

Physical appearance

Chlo Grace Moretz has a charming personality, impressive body measurements, and beautiful green eyes. Her beautiful blonde hair and green eyes give her a youthful and attractive look. Her height is 5 feet, four inches, and she weighs about 58 kilograms.

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She began acting when she was only seven years old, and her first film role was in “Heart of the Beholder” in 2005. Later, she starred in movies such as ‘The Amityville Horror’ and ‘Let Me In .’She does not follow a strict diet plan but balances it with a rigorous exercise regimen and has been involved on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram. She is currently pursuing her career as an actress.

Career and achievement

Chlo Grace Moretz has been an actress for most of her life and has received several awards. The biographical horror film The Amityville Horror, released in 2005, got her national recognition. Since then, she has starred in notable movies and been featured on television shows.

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Despite her young age, Moretz has a family that supports her career choices. However, she prefers to play darker roles. In addition to her award-winning performances, Chlo Grace Moretz has starred in several films. Moretz won an MTV Movie Award for her role in the film.

She began portraying at a young age and has since won many awards. She is known for her hot looks and charming smile. She also enjoys dancing and traveling. She began acting at a very immature age and has since gained fame. In 2014, Time magazine named her one of the 25 Most Influential Teens.

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She appears in many films and television shows. Chlo Grace Moretz is a famous actress with a big following. She has starred in several flicks, including ‘The Library’ and ‘The Amityville Horror.’ She also starred in two episodes of ‘The Guardian .’The actress has collaborated with multiple renowned brands and has a large fan base on social media.

Her creative content has earned her millions of followers on Instagram. She has 18.2 million Instagram followers. Chlo Grace Moretz has starred in several films. In 2010, she was cast in the action thriller “Kick-Ass.” She was part of a series of minor roles in the movie. The film was critically acclaimed and went on to be a huge hit.


Chlo Grace Moretz is an actress and activist with a busy film schedule and a strong voice for equality. She is a beautiful and charismatic young woman. She has an hourglass figure and is very thin. Despite being a well-known actress, Moretz prefers to play darker characters. Her favorite hobbies include playing video games, attending concerts, and tweeting.

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Apart from acting, Moretz enjoys sports. She also wants to swim and play with her dogs. Chlo Grace Moretz’s acting career has taken her to movies and television. She has also appeared in the remake of Dark Shadows. Chlo Grace Moretz is also an avid video gamer. Her pursuits include playing guitar and dancing. She also loves basketball.


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