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Chris Coy, otherwise known as Christopher James Coy, is one of the most famous American actors who has made a substantial career in Hollywood. He has gained traction for his reputation by acting in popular movies, TV shows, and even the Walking Dead franchise.

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Coming from a small town in Louisville, Chris has achieved much as an actor and is still making headlines in Hollywood. Chris Roy is known for his character of Calvin Bunker on Banshee, which was Cinemax’s streaming show. The show received significant interest from the masses, primarily focused on Calvin Bunker, aka Chris Roy.


Despite being in his middle thirties, Chris Roy has made so much out of his career. He has starred in popular movies like The Deuce in 2017, the Front Runner, and the Killing of two Lovers. Apart from his debut in the film, Chris has also been a part of popular TV shows trending on channels like HBO.

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Based on his work and projection of talent, Chris has earned an excellent reputation for portraying characters across a spectrum of eras. In his teenage years, Chris Roy was a straight A student and found his interest in acting which laid down his whole future.

Net Worth

Well, as far as fortune is concerned, those in Hollywood can earn millions. Chris Coy is not behind in this regard and has made millions throughout his career. His primary source of income comes from his casting in TV shows and movies. Besides this, he also had opportunities to star on Billboards and in advertisements.

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His current net worth is around 18 million dollars. Besides his mainstream income, Chris Roy also owns multiple real estate and his family home back in Louisville. This is the analysis as of 2022; however, his net income will grow in the future.


Chris’s parents were strict about his education during High School, and they focused on helping him ace his academics. This made Chris ace all his tests and participate in school activities. Chris was part of a drama club which wasn’t of any interest to him.

However, while going along with its activities, Chris found his calling and began pursuing his interest in drama and theater. He was shy as a teen, and drama helped him grow. Apart from this, his first ever role of Mowgli. Since then, Chris has come a long way and is a sensation in Hollywood.

Preferred pronouns, if any.

Chris Coy identifies himself as a straight man. Therefore, he is cisgender. His preferred pronouns are he/him, and he is interested in women. This is backed by his marital status and previous dating record. Hence, the conclusion is that Chris prefers he/him as his preferred way of being addressed.

Besides this, media interviewees and loved ones call Chris with he/him pronouns. This makes it evident that Chris identifies himself as a man and prefers the pronouns he/him. Hence, if you ever meet him, you can know his preferred pronouns.


Based on internet data, Chris Coy was born on 1st May 1986. Therefore, as of 2022, Chris will turn 37 on 1st May 2023. As Chris approaches his forty sooner, he is yet to portray his talent. Since Chris was born on 1st May, his zodiac sign is Taurus. Besides this, Chris was born in the Chinese year of Tiger.

This reflects in his personality and his way of approaching life. Chris has aced every challenge in his life and is still growing. He is a dreamer and an achiever. This is not the end for Chris, and there is still a lot of expectation from him.


The physical attributes of actors can be interesting to know. It helps you imagine how the actor looks in real life. While there are rare circumstances of meeting Chris Roy in person, your imagination has no bounds. Let’s put this into perspective. Chris Cot has brown eyes.

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He weighs around 180 pounds and has a height of 1.83 meters. This puts Christopher’s height in the above-average spectrum in America. Besides this, he has a square face with black hair. This helps you put things into perspective and draw a picture of Chris with the right attributes. So, anytime you see a tall, handsome guy in Hollywood, there are high chances he is Chris Roy.


There are very few references to Christopher’s family. However, it is known from his interview that his family was strict about his academics and did not imagine him pursuing a career in the arts. Chris grew up in a Christian family. He was born and brought up in Louisville, Kentucky.

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Chris’s grandma died on 17th June 2022, and he shared how close he was to her on his Instagram post. His grandma’s name was Barbara Eileen French. His father’s and mother’s name is Darlene French-Coy, and his father’s name is unknown. There are currently no details about Chris’s siblings and what they do for a living.


Christopher Roy has been happily married to Alice Coy for over a decade. They tied the knot in 2011, which is almost a decade ago. The ceremony was among close family and friends. Their marriage life has been fruitful, and during this period, they have given birth to their three children, two daughters, and a younger son.

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These three children of Chris keep him busy and occupied in his family life and career. Their holiday postcards make it clear how they love spending time with each other. The love between Chris and Alice is real; they are examples of a happily married couple.


One thing is for sure, Chris loves acting, and it has defined his whole career. Besides this, Chris loves spending time with his family and extended family and hosting holiday events. He also loves working out and traveling abroad, especially with his life partner Alice.

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He is also a foodie and enjoys going to the Beach. Chris loves sporty adventures and ensures his family gets an outing each year. The infamous holiday Chris is the highlight of his family gatherings.


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The details of Chris Coy’s major in college and alma mater are currently unknown. Chris was a straight-A student in High School. Furthermore, he attended a public High School in Louisville. He later pursued a career in acting, where he is now thriving.


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  • Chris was born on 1st May 1986.
  • His mother’s name is Darlene French-Coy.
  • Chris got married in 2011 to Alice Coy.
  • Chris and Alice Coy have three children.
  • Chris will turn 37 in 2023.
  • In his childhood, Chris aced all his tests.
  • Chris was shy as a kid, and acting made him gain confidence.
  • The first ever role that Chris took up was of Mowgli.


In which year was Chris married to Alice?
Chris was married to Alice in the year 2011. Therefore, as of 2022, they have been married for 11 years.

What are Chris Hoy’s favorite hobbies?
He loves gyming, traveling, spending time with his family, and acting.

Was Chris Coy close to his grandmother?
Yes, Chris was close to his grandmother, and his recent post on Instagram reflects it.

What is Chris Coy’s mother’s name?
Chris Coy’s mother’s name is Darlene French-Coy.

What is Chris Coy’s citizenship?
Chris is American by his nationality and birth.

What is the birthplace of Chris Coy?
Chris Coy was born in Louisville, Kentucky, in the central USA.


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