Claire Cottrill Biography, Wiki, Net Worth, Career, Age, Height, and Hobbies

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On August 18, 1998, Claire Cottrill was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and grew up in Carlisle, Massachusetts. She began recording music on her iPhone at the age of thirteen. She eventually became well-known by recording music for various websites, including SoundCloud and Bandcamp. She also created a YouTube channel. Claire Cottrill went to a Kevin Parker concert at the age of seventeen.

Claire Cottrill is an American singer-songwriter who rose to fame with her song “Pretty Girl.” She began making music videos when she was only 13 and posted them on YouTube. She has since uploaded her music, covered songs, and DJ mixes of rap music. She is now a multi-millionaire after receiving a Grammy Award nomination for “The Pretty Girl” in 2017.

Claire Cottrill Wiki

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In 1998, Claire Cottrill was born on August 18. She later adopted the stage name Cairo. Her parents are a marketer and a lawyer, and her father is a businessman. Claire Cottrill is the daughter of a former alcoholic and a marketing executive. As a child, Claire started recording her music on her iPhone. She performed at local clubs and businesses and even got a call from MTV to record a song as background music.

Clairo dad

At thirteen, she started posting her music to online music services. She then used YouTube to share her music with the world. Her videos were posted on SoundCloud and later to her own YouTube channel. Despite her success, she has also become a controversial figure in pop music. As a result, she is criticized in the popular online community.

Education qualification

She attended the famous private university, Syracuse University. She has not had any siblings and raised herself. Her father was a famous market – executive and provided her with the freedom to follow her dreams. Upon achieving fame, she has become a household name for many. Claire Cottrill’s parents are both businessmen. He formerly worked for companies such as Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola, and Starbucks. Her father works as a marketer for the Grammy foundation MusiCares. Claire’s parents are proud of their daughter’s talents and have made it their goal to help her succeed in her career.

Clairo Real Name

After a successful music career, Cottrill has made a name for herself among Gen Z fans. Her debut album, Immunity, is her most successful, with 1.5 million views on YouTube. The video now has almost 75 million views on YouTube. It was a hit and has been embraced as a vital new voice in music. Cottrill’s music career has continued to flourish, and she is set to become a household name.

Physical Appearance

The singer is 5 feet six inches tall and weighs 54 kg. She has brown pelt and green eyes and holds an American passport. Claire Cottrill attended Syracuse University in New York and attended Syracuse University. The upcoming film is based on the movie “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” and is expected to premiere on Broadway in 2019.

Claire Cottrill Height

In the past decade, she’s become a popular singer with an eclectic range of musical tastes. Her voice can be described as pop or soul. Her voice is smooth, but she sings with a surprisingly ethereal voice. And her voice is just as beautiful as her music. But, despite her celebrity status, she has a surprisingly mature voice. And she can make even the most delicate of voices sound powerful.

Social Media Status

She’s also a rising star on social media, where she has nearly three million Instagram followers. The singer has posted 637 pictures and videos on her Instagram page. In addition, she has earned millions of dollars through various sources.

As a result, the singer’s social media status has risen to the level of celebrity. The actor has a YouTube channel and several other social media profiles. Her following on these platforms is largely dependent on her popularity and content.

You can find videos of Claire on her Instagram and Twitter accounts. She also has a YouTube channel where she uploads all of her work. She has 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube. Her Twitter profile is active, and her Facebook page is active.

Net worth

Claire’s YouTube channel was launched in August 2014 and currently has 495K subscribers. She uses this channel to post original songs, acoustic guitar covers, and short films. Clairo has 650K+ followers on Instagram, though she posts a few photos there.

The actress’s net worth is around $1 million. Besides her singing, she also earns money from commercials and sponsorships. The singer, politely known by her stage name Clairo, started her music career when she was thirteen.

Clairo Cottrill Net Worth

She had a song recorded by MTV, but it was never used as background music. She posted her music videos on YouTube and SoundCloud.

Eventually, her popularity spread to other parts of the world, and she is now known as an international pop star. Regardless of where she began, her music and success have contributed to Claire’s net worth.

Career and Award Achievement

Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Claire Cottrill has made waves worldwide. She has been recognized by both mainstream and alternative audiences for her powerful vocals and powerful lyrics.

Before her career as an artist, Claire was a high school student who began recording music on her iPhone. She later changed her stage name to Clairo and began publishing her videos on Bandcamp.

Claire Cottrill Career

After finishing high school, Claire began posting her music to SoundCloud and posting home recordings on YouTube. In 2014, Claire released her first EP titled ‘Do U Wanna Fall in Love’. Since then, she has released many more EPs. Claire Cottrill is also a talented actress who has received numerous awards and nominations.

Before her breakthrough with “Pretty Girl,” Claire Cottrill had mainly uploaded covers to YouTube and SoundCloud. After gaining popularity with her song, “Pretty Girl,” she went on to record an official music video with her laptop webcam and subsequently received her first Grammy nomination. Claire’s rise to fame coincided with the shift to streaming music.

Clairo Instagram

Aside from her music career, Claire has also received several accolades. In 2006, Claire won an award for Best New Artist at the Boston music awards. She also received a nomination for Best Act at the NME Awards in the same year. In addition to her career, Claire is a dedicated animal lover.


Aside from acting, Claire has also been involved in many other activities. She’s a successful singer with her own YouTube channel. She also played the guitar and posted her songs on SoundCloud, Bandcamp, and YouTube channels. In addition, her music is featured on her Facebook page. Among her other hobbies, she enjoys singing and playing the piano. She’s also a talented painter. Claire’s songs have inspired many young people.

Clairo Age


When was Clairo born?
Clairo was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on August 18, 1998. While focusing on her music, Clairo has also embraced social media. Before she started posting her songs, she experimented with videos.

Where did Clairo go to college?

In 2017, Clairo Cottrill attended Syracuse University. At Syracuse University, Clairo studied in the Bandier Program for Recording and Entertainment Industries under the guidance of Bill Werde, the director of the program. After her first semester, she traveled to Chicago to record her songs.

When did Clairo Start Making Music?

Clairo started making music online as a teenager. She made her debut with her self-produced single “Pretty Girl” in 2017. Before long, her songs had garnered a following. In addition to performing original songs, Clairo also created cover versions of popular songs. As a result, she has become an extremely popular singer-songwriter.


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