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Clay Travis is an American lawyer and writer. He is also a radio host and television analyst. Travis is also a member of the Texas Bar and was born on April 6 1979, in Nashville, Tennessee. Travis attended Pearl High School and graduated from Vanderbilt University Law School.

He also attended George Washington University. He is married to Lara Travis. They have three sons. Travis is a Christian and has been involved in numerous scandals. He is the founder of the sports media website OutKick, hosts a weekly radio show on Premiere Networks, and is also an active member of social media.

Clay Travis began his career writing for CBS sports as a writer. After leaving CBS, he became the editor of the sports website Deadspin. He also served as a national columnist for Fan House. Besides working for Fox Sports, Travis Clay is also an author.

He has written a book called “Rough Draft”. He has also authored several books. His first book, “Dixieland Delight,” was a bestseller. After leaving CBS, he served as an editor at Deadspin and was a national columnist for Fan House. In addition, he has directed many television shows.

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Travis is also an accomplished journalist and has a website where he talks about sports. He works with Fox Sports as a college football pre-game show analyst. Though he attended law school, he began writing for CBS Sports shortly after graduation.

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His blog earned him a large audience and media attention. As a result, he left his law practice and began working on his book Dixieland Delight. However, Travis’ success has made him a highly successful sports reporter and author. In addition, he began a national radio show on Fox Sports Radio.

He has also had a television show on Outkick. In addition to being a sports journalist, he has worked as a lawyer and a sports columnist for FanHouse. He has also published many books and numerous writings.

Education qualification

Clay Travis is an American lawyer, political commentator, and radio host. He has a law degree from Vanderbilt University. He has an extensive Twitter following. He often shares life experiences with his followers. Clay Travis graduated from Vanderbilt University and studied at George Washington University. He is currently a sports analyst and writer at Fox Sports, and his educational background is in history and law.

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Travis is a proud father of three children and very protective of his family; he spends most of his free juncture with his children and is also an avid traveller. Travis has been a frequent guest on cable news; his most recent appearance was on CNN. Travis has a large following among southeastern college football fans.

He also writes for Deadspin and Fanhouse and has a daily college football radio show in his native Tennessee; his show has become one of the most popular national sports programs. He also has a massive social media following with thousands of followers.

Net Worth

Clay Travis’s net worth is estimated at $10 million. He has several sources of income and prefers a modest lifestyle. He lives with his wife, Lara. They spend most of their free time with their kids. They are also active in their careers and enjoy traveling. Travis has three children. In addition to his professional career, he is a successful writer and well-known sports analyst.

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Clay Travis is a television and sports journalist who works for Fox Sports. He is an analyst for SEC football and preschool programs and has earned much money from his career as a sports journalist. In addition, he has written bestselling books.

He also hosts pre-game shows for Fox Sports. In addition to his profession as a television analyst, Clay Travis is also an author. His website, Outkick, The Coverage, has been visited by thousands of people daily. Clay also has written a book, “Man: Book,”.

Physical appearance

The American sports journalist was born on April 6, 1979, and is 6 feet tall. His weight is 78 kg. He began his career as a lawyer but gained media attention when he began a personal blog. His earnings are derived from various sources, including his writing and radio work. However, he still prefers a modest lifestyle. His popularity skyrocketed after he began writing his blog, which featured the ‘pudding strike’.

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His social media presence is also high, as he has many followers on Twitter. As a result, his blog has received significant media coverage. His blog’s popularity grew quickly, eventually leading to a deal with Fox Sports. While Travis is known as a sportscaster, he has also been a lawyer for years.

He is very influential in the college football world. He worked for a variety of companies before joining Fox Sports. Before he joined Fox Sports, Travis wrote a lot of blogs and became a well-known blogger, which attracted a great amount of media attention.

Career and achievement

Clay Travis is an American sports journalist, author, and lawyer. He is the co-host of a morning radio show on Fox Sports Radio. He studied at George Washington University and Vanderbilt University Law School. Travis is a sports media personality and founded the sports media company OutKick and worked in Fox’s collegiate football league. Travis is also an author of several best-selling books, including “Republicans Buy Sneakers Too” and “On Rocky Top.”

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His texts and articles have been issued in major newspapers and online, and he has received several awards and honors. He also served as a national sports columnist for Sporting News and FanHouse. In addition, Travis began writing for CBS Sports. He is a highly controversial columnist. His personality and actions have made him popular on social media platforms. He is busy on Twitter, where he has over 650k followers.

Clay Travis’s broad perspective on life makes him very attractive to others. He naturally attracts people from all walks of life. His work often involves making the world a better place. His ventures are also highly profitable. He has a romantic nature and is often devoted to his dreams. Clay Travis is a writer, radio host, and television analyst.


Clay Travis is a sports journalist, television analyst, and writer who works for Fox sports broadcasting network. He is an American and was born in Nashville, Tennessee, studied history at George Washington University, and married Lara. He has many books published and is currently working as a sports writer.

Before joining Fox Sports, Travis worked for various companies. They consume most of their free time with their kids. His hobbies also include writing, traveling, and reading.

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In addition to his writing, Travis has also been involved in several television shows. In addition, he has been featured in several podcasts and TV shows as a host. Clay Travis is an American writer, TV personality, and political commentator. He is 6 feet tall and rules under the zodiac sign of Aries.

He also wrote a book, ‘Dixieland Delight’. In addition, he became a national columnist for FanHouse, and his wife, Lara Travis, is a former cheerleader. He then started a blog, which garnered a lot of attention and helped launch his career as a television analyst and radio host. He has also written for FanHouse and Sporting News.


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