Creative Kitchen Hacks That You Can Experiment At Your Home

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No matter if you’re an experienced cook or a professional home cook, there’s always a need for hacks which will help you save both time and effort in your kitchen. Since the majority of people work at home in recent times, there’s never a better time to get an apron and begin cooking.

TikTok is sharing its expertise to the majority of the world, but as we don’t have it in our area so we thought we’d aid by bringing together the best tips on how to improve your kitchen skills. This is why we’ve put together a list of amazing kitchen hacks that will alter your cooking style as well as prepare meals from now to the next.


Grate cold butter

If you’ve ever attempted to spread hard-boiled butter out of the fridge onto toast, then you’ll realize that what you’ll end up with are a few pieces of cold butter on hacked-up toast. This isn’t the perfect breakfast you’ve been looking for.

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Instead, take your grated grater and rub butter on toast. Let the toast’s heat work its magic, and then make sure that the butter is evenly spread with your knife. The same method for baking. Instead of slicing cold butter, you could grated it into the mix instead.

Onion on a wet paper towel

Wearing swimming goggles to provide protection, to soaking the onions in water prior to you cut, we’ve come across numerous methods that promise an easy and tear-free experience when cutting onions, but did you try this method?

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You can fold a couple of pieces of paper towel , then soak them in water prior to placing it beneath an onion and putting it on the cutting board. While you cut into the onion (the ingredient that causes you to cry) is attracted by the paper towel that is wet and will stop irritating your eyes, thus preventing your tears from forming.

Recycle vegetable scraps

If you’ve made use of a wide range of vegetables in stir-fry or a casserole make sure you don’t toss the leftovers – we’re talking about onion skins tops, carrots’ tops, garlic cut, cabbage cores or the stems of mushrooms. Instead, make them useful in the form of homemade vegetable stock.

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Keep them in a bag and keep them in the freezer until you have enough for the stock, and then place them into a pot of boiling water for 10 minutes (no more than that as it could result in excessively sweet stock) and then strain.

Reheat leftover rice

Rice leftover usually means that we’re cooking fried rice for the following day. However, for those who want to eat rice with no added flavor You can revitalize your rice leftovers using an ice cube on the top of it, and placing parchment paper on top and then placing it into the microwave for just one minute.

The result will be an ice cube that’s almost melting that you can throw away and then enjoy the perfectly reheated rice.

Peel the fresh garlic

It’s often difficult to remove the peel from the clove of garlic, and, in most cases, it produces a strong odor on your fingers for several hours or even days.

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The most effective way to deal with this issue is to microwave your garlic in 30 second intervals. The garlic will warm up while the skin shrinks; it splits away from the clove quickly, so it is much easier to peel.

Separate yolk from garlic

We’ve all seen the trick with the water bottle which sucks egg yolks into the bottle, and then is separated from egg white but have you ever tried one using garlic fingers?

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After you’ve peeled fresh garlic, rub your index finger and thumb over the garlic. Next, using identical fingers, press lightly, and scoop the yolk, separating them from egg white.

You can get fresh lemon juice without the use of a knife

Sure, we could all obtain the fresh juice of a lemon by cutting the fruit into two pieces and squeezing it out, but all the pulp and seeds are released.

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If you want a cleaner method to squeeze fresh lemon juice, just roll it onto the counter (to soften it slightly) and then use chopsticks or skewers to make a hole in the vertical side of this fruit (from an end of the fruit to another, but stopping before you go through). Remove the skewer from it and then point towards the citrus (with the hole facing down) toward the glass or bowl. You’ll be able to get fresh juice, without the clutter.

Revive limp greens

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To give your greens a boost whether it’s broccoli as well as cauliflower, asparagus celery, spinach, or lettuce You can cut the bottoms and then drop the stalks, making sure they are standing up, and put them in a container of chilled, ice-cold waters. This will help refresh your greens and will keep them fresher for longer.


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