Cruz Beckham: Wiki, Biography, Net Worth, Career, Age, Parents, and More

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Cruz Beckham is an English singer and media personality. His parents are former soccer player David and Spice Girls member Victoria. He is also a model. In addition to his acclaimed music career, he is also known for his modeling work. Cruz has a girlfriend named Bliss Chapman. Born on February 20, 2005, Cruz is currently seventeen years old and is the son of soccer player David and soccer player Victoria Beckham.

Cruz is the youngest of three children of Victoria and David and is a singer. Cruz began performing at a young age and was first noticed when he performed a breakdance routine for Spice Girls fans at their reunion concert. His parents decided on Cruz because it means “cross” in Spanish.

Cruz Beckham Biography

The singer’s parents were members of the Spice Girls, and Cruz’s father was a top-flight soccer player. Cruz has three siblings and is already developing his career as a singer. Besides his modeling career, Cruz also enjoys a luxurious lifestyle in the United States. He has multiple cars, houses, and properties. He also has a favored Instagram account, where he posts pictures of his family.

Cruz also sports a small butterfly tattoo on his leg. His looks and voice make Cruz an impressive personality. She has been compared to Posh Spice in many ways. Cruz Beckham has a mixed ethnic background, and he holds British nationality. He is also a member of the Pisces zodiac sign.

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The son of football legend David Beckham Cruz Beckham has gained worldwide recognition for his dance moves and melodious voice. Cruz wowed the crowds with his breakdancing skills during a Spice Girls reunion concert at two years old. He now plays for Arsenal Academy and has many qualities. Cruz also studied at a prestigious music school. In addition to singing and dancing, Cruz has also started to pursue modeling.

Cruz Beckham 2022

In February 2022, he shared a photoshoot with the i-D magazine. He also finished his high school education at the Millfield School in Los Angeles. His primary career focuses on modeling and singing. However, he has also been spotted with his girlfriend Bliss Chapman.


Cruz Beckham’s father, David, is a famous football player, and both of them have children. Their son Cruz is also a huge fan of sports. He loves playing basketball, and he and his father David both watch games together. Cruz was even seen singing with David during a basketball game, and he also busted out a funny routine to entertain them.

Cruz Beckham with her family

Cruz Beckham’s ex-girlfriend Bliss Chapman. Cruz and Bliss were close friends before the split. Cruz and Bliss were first seen together at the Reading Festival in August 2021. They spent the entire bank holiday weekend together. Victoria is also a mother of four. Victoria Beckham has a busy schedule and is now focusing on the family while Cruz is launching his music and modeling career.

Physical appearance

He has a healthy body weight of 58 kilograms and an average height of five feet eight inches. Considering his age, his body stats will fluctuate over the years. In his earlier years, Cruz was rather chubby, and these days he is still in his teenage years. His hair is brown, and his eyes are dark. The Beckham family is quite wealthy, and Cruz has made a fortune from his modeling career.

Cruz Beckham Physical appearance

After launching his first single in 2016, Cruz performed the song on a live show. His break dance performance at the Spice Girls reunion concert made him famous in the country. While his musical talents have gotten him much attention, Cruz Beckham has turned his focus toward modeling.

Relationship Status

Although Cruz has not disclosed his dating history, he has been romantically linked with Chapman. Cruz also recently appeared on the cover of a fashion magazine. The singer has been busy in Los Angeles and Miami recording songs. Cruz’s relationship with Bliss Chapman ended after 18 months. Cruz was pictured hand-in-hand at the Reading Festival last year. They were spotted in several places together. Cruz and Bliss have met in real life besides being friends on Facebook. The pair have a good relationship with the media and love each other.

Cruz Beckham Relationship

Social media status

Cruz has established himself as a star in the social media world despite being a young celebrity. In 2016, Cruz performed a breakdance at the Spice Girls’ reunion concert and was caught on video. His singing videos quickly gained attention. In February of this year, Cruz began a YouTube channel with videos viewed over 4.3 million times.

In addition, the youngest Beckham son has been creating a buzz on his own through wacky hairstyles, bold fashion choices, and daring tattoos. With more than 1.8 million followers on Instagram, Cruz quickly becomes a style icon.

In addition to his music career, Cruz has been working with music producers in the US, including the infamous Poo Bear, behind massive hits by Justin Bieber and Usher. Recently, Cruz Beckham celebrated his 17th birthday with a cake decorated with the pictures of Billie Eilish. Although Cruz Beckham is still a teenager, he’s already started to prove his singing skills. His first single, “If Everyday Was Christmas,” has already gained over 4.5 million views on YouTube.

Net Worth

The young Cruz Beckham was born on February 20, 2005, in Madrid, Spain. His father is the mythical soccer player David Beckham, who played for the United Kingdom and has a Net Worth of better than $450 million. Cruz’s mother, Victoria Beckham, is a former ‘Zest Young Ladies’ contestant who is now a successful fashion designer.

Cruz Beckham Net Worth

Despite his young age, Cruz Beckham is still a rich boy. He has a family with billionaire parents, enabling him to live his dreams. But they are not the only Beckhams to have a high net worth. The Beckhams have another property in Hertfordshire called Beckingham Palace. The Beckhams have owned it for almost two decades and have dubbed the house after a royal family member. It sits on 24 acres of ground and contains unique features and fixtures. Cruz’s net worth will likely to USD approx 2.5 million.


Cruz enjoys skateboarding and motorcycle stunts. He dressed up as Transformers, Wolverine, and astronauts when he was younger. He also likes to recreate video games and do stunts on his motorcycle. His parents even chased him during his first modeling shoot. Cruz is a member of the “Way to Go” movement, and he has 1.8 million Instagram followers. Cruz’s i-D magazine cover shot has garnered a lot of attention. He wears silver jewelry and poses with crotch-grabbing styling that has people talking.

Cruz enjoys skateboarding


Who is Cruz Beckham?

Cruz Beckham is an Instagram sensation born in Spain on February 20, 2005. He is the youngest son of soccer stars David and Victoria Beckham and a multi-talented singer and model. Born to Spanish parents, Cruz grew up with three siblings. He released his debut single, “If Every Day Was Christmas,” in December 2016. He is a Pisces, and he is a British citizen.

Who is Cruz Beckham’s girlfriend?

Although still a youngster, Cruz Beckham shows signs of an interest in music. He often posts videos of himself playing guitar or singing. Cruz and Bliss have been linked since July last year. The pair were spotted hand-in-hand at the 2021 Reading Festival.

Why is Cruz Beckham famous?

Cruz Beckham has always been an adventurous boy, and his unique sense of style has only increased his popularity in recent years. David and Victoria Cruz are famous for their comical personalities and unique style as the son of famed parents. In addition to music, Cruz enjoys hiking and trekking. However, Cruz Beckham’s real passion is music. His charity single, “If Every Day Was Christmas,” gained over one million YouTube views in a month.


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