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Desi Banks was held on May 9, 1993. The Atlanta native is an aspiring actor and a social media personality, and he graduated from Georgia State University with a grade in sociology. Desi Banks was born in Atlanta and raised in Georgia. Desi Banks is an Instagram star and actor. His zodiac signal is Taurus, and he is an American citizen. He studied at Georgia State University. During his school days, he played football.

Banks has performed stand-up comedy, partnered with various companies, and has a YouTube channel. The channel contains stand-up comedy videos. Banks has also starred in films like “Strangers With Memories” and “Daddy’s Home.” He was also in the comedy ‘Little’ with Regina Hall and is active on all social media platforms.

He has over 371k Instagram followers and almost 1.2 million fans on his YouTube account, and his videotapes have been viewed more than 50 million times. His Twitter account is also involved. His production company is called Desi Banks Productions. It also produces short films, and he plans to expand into movies.

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Born in Atlanta, Desi earned a degree in sociology from Georgia State University. The actor and model have since founded Desi Banks Productions, a production company that creates original content. Banks also applies his football skills to life and has connected with brands worldwide. He is an African-American male with a Georgian accent. He believes his mother to be his greatest inspiration.

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In addition to writing and directing, Desi Banks has also turned his hand to acting. He was released as the main character in the upcoming Haunted Trail movie. Besides his acting career, Banks also has several collaborations with well-known comedians.

The actor is also working on more films and television shows. Desi Banks is an American actor, comedian, and social media personality. Eventually, he earned a bachelor’s degree in Sociology. Despite his success in the social media world, he opted to turn his attention toward acting.

Education qualification

Desi Banks is a social media star, comedian, and YouTube. The Atlanta native has a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Georgia State University. In college, Banks participated in various sports activities. After graduating, he began his career by appearing in YouTube videos. Soon, his channel was followed by millions of fans.

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Later, he began making comedy sketches on various websites. Desi Banks was born in Atlanta on May 9, 1993, under the Taurus astrological sign and is an American and holds dual citizenship. He was raised with two more youthful siblings and a minor sister, and he now enjoys a luxurious lifestyle to his social media success.

Desi Banks gained popularity on the internet early in his career. He was a member of the popular Vine community and later collaborated with other comedians to create hilarious videos. He shares his videos on social networks such as YouTube and Instagram. His videos also earned him brand endorsements.

He has million-plus followers on various platforms. His career has taken off after his success in the online world. After launching his YouTube channel, Banks has also embarked on several stand-up comedy tours across the United States. In addition to acting, he founded a production company, Desi Banks Production, which has been creating original content. The company also offers writing and acting opportunities to aspiring actors.

Physical appearance

Desi Banks is a popular YouTuber who earned a degree in sociology from Georgia State University. He is also an actor, comedian, and social media star. He began his career on YouTube, where he amassed a large following of subscribers. He is 6 feet 1-inch towering and weighs 89 kg.

His hair is short and curled, and he has a black eyeball. In addition, he has tattoos on his chest and forehead. Desi Banks is a famous YouTuber and Instagram star. He is an African-American and is of American nationality.

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Apart from his acting career, Desi Banks has also created a successful production company. His YouTube channel is also popular and has gained more than 500 million subscribers.

As a comedian, actor, and internet sensation, Desi Banks has a huge following. His rage has made him one of the most influential influencers of his generation. His videos have garnered many followers on Instagram. In addition to his theater career, Desi Banks is a social media guru.

Net worth

Desi Banks is a well-known American comedian and actor. His climb to celebrity was through his comedy videos on social media. Banks was held on May 9, 1993, in Atlanta, Georgia. He earned a degree in sociology and pursued a career in acting after graduating. His Instagram account currently boasts more than 7.5 million followers. Desi Banks has a very religious background, and her net worth is estimated to be USD 7 million. She is now married and has two kids.

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In addition to her acting career, she is a successful social media star and makes more money than ever. This income primarily comes from her YouTube channel, but she also earns a modest income from other sources. Her other income sources include endorsement deals, speaking gigs, and collaborations with big companies.

The actor’s passion for acting grew from an early age. Eventually, she decided to launch her own production company. She has produced many original videos through her company. In addition to the YouTube channel, Desi Banks has also appeared in movies, short videos, and comedy sessions. He is also involved on Instagram and TikTok.

Career and achievement

Desi Banks is a talented American comedian, actor, and writer. His comedy routines feature a variety of characters. The Atlanta native has been a part of numerous movies, including Love by Chance, and has collaborated with B. Simone, Regina Hall, and others.

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Desi Banks graduated from Georgia State University with a bachelor’s degree in sociology. He is well-known as a social media personality. Despite his young age, Desi Banks has made waves in the comedy industry. His videos focus on pranks, reaction videos, challenges, and acting, and this channel has attracted many million subscribers and views.

The star has also appeared in several stand-up comedies. He is a fan of hip-hop music. Aside from performing his music, he also endorses different products and brands. His parents are active in his life and have a good relationship, and he has posted pictures with his mother and grandmother.


Desi Banks is a comedian, actor, and writer from Atlanta, Georgia. He is of African-American descent and holds United States Of America citizenship and studied at Georgia State University and gained a bachelor’s degree in sociology.

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He is known for his short video mash-ups and his ability to make people laugh. He has appeared in many films, including “Love by Chance” and “Daddy’s Home, “He is constantly working on content to entertain his fans. His hobbies may include music, gardening, and riding horses. He also has a white belt in karate.

Apart from acting, Desi Banks has also produced short films for online viewers. He has emerged in several short films and has had many collaborations with top actors. Aside from stand-up comedy, Banks’ YouTube videos have a large following. His YouTube channel also provides many opportunities for aspiring actors to write original content. His most popular video on Youtube has many million views. Aside from creating viral videos, Desi Banks also produces original content, which has garnered him massive fame. Desi Banks likes playing video games, sharing videos, and reading books, among his hobbies.


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