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DeVon Minters is the father of a well-known celebrity. Yes, his fame is associated with his daughter, who is a famous American singer. Besides this, DeVon has also got fame living a scandalous life. He has been quite bold about his choices and has become an inspiration for those who wish to come out of the closet.

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He comes from Jamaican descent. It seems that DeVon is also a Hairdresser or a Hairstylist. However, the details of it are not entirely known. People are curious about him not because of his career but because of his affiliation with the supermodel Karrueche Trans.


DeVon has always chosen to lead his life without maintaining its record on the internet. He doesn’t have a LinkedIn profile or a Wikipedia page dedicated to him. His popularity is only because of his daughter, as many were curious about the father of Karrueche. Well, there is nothing available on the career of DeVon.

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However, one thing is for sure he loves art. He prefers things like hair styling, hairdressing, fashion, and makeover. This can give an idea about his career interests; however, there is no data about his career and income source. Besides, he has made it this far without maintaining any career records online.

Net Worth

Well, DeVon’s net worth details are not entirely known. This is because he has chosen to keep his life private. Besides, this one cannot estimate his net worth since no one knows about his income source or trust funds. His daughter is quite wealthy due to the success she has achieved in her career.

It’s hard to estimate his net worth. However, he lives a lavish life by going to popular restaurants, choosing luxury clothing brands, and more. However, after his separation, his funds will likely have halved due to the divorce. Hence, his net worth can be somewhere around half a million dollars.


DeVon Minters has led a fascinating life. He came to America from Jamaica and began his life in the US. He was married to a woman, and they had two children. His son is not that popular; however, his daughter has achieved great things in her life. He has become an inspiration to the LGBTQ community who wish to come out of the closet.

There are people who are stuck in marriage despite their sexual orientation keeping in mind society. However, Devon didn’t care about this at all, and while he was in his marriage, he claimed he was Gay. Therefore, people look up to him for his courage in accepting and coming to terms with his true self.

Preferred Pronouns, If Any.

Well, DeVon Minter’s preferred pronouns are he/him. He struggled to find his sexual orientation initially and married a woman. However, he realized he was not straight and decided to get separated from his wife. Today, DeVon identifies himself to be gay.

He has an open mind, and the LGBTQ community looks up to him. The likely cause of the divorce is also his sexual orientation. One thing that DeVon made the world realize is that your happiness matters, and it’s okay to let go. He was suffocated in marriage as he didn’t feel like himself. However, today he is a free bird whose gratitude goes to his courage and strength.


There is nothing much about the exact birthday of DeVon Minters. However, likely, his birthday comes somewhere in June. He and his daughter often meet together in the last week of June. The tagged history of Karreuche’s father’s Instagram allows one to gain perspective on this.

Therefore, it can be estimated that his birthday is somewhere in the last week of June. Apart from this, some references online suggest that DeVon is in his mid-fifties. Hence, we were likely born between 1970 to 1980 in the month of June. His star sign would be Cancer if he were born in the last week of June.


DeVon Minter has an above-average height. He is 5 feet 8 inches tall. His height is attributed to his excellent genetics, which have been passed down to his daughter. Now she is a successful model due to her perfect looks, body type, and height. Thanks to her father and mother’s genetics.

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Besides this, DeVon has black eyes, and his hair color is black. However, he also dyed his hair blonde in the initial days of his marriage to a woman of Indonesian descent. He also has perfect body measurements and an athletic BMI.


There are no details on the last of DeVon Minters. However, the only known information about him is that he is from Jamaica. He comes from a black ethnic background. Therefore, his parents are also Jamaican. Keeping aside his mother and father, he created a beautiful family with his ex-wife, Cindy Adamson. They have a son and a daughter together.

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He has led an extraordinary life, and his family has been supportive of his coming out, including his wife and children. However, since their separation, the children occasionally meet DeVon. Besides, his family always spends time with each other through fine dining and everyday activities.


Yes, DeVon Minters is gay. However, there is no detail if he is in a serious relationship. After his divorce from his wife Cindy Adamson, DeVon has not been in any serious relationships. His children are also unaware of it.

He chooses to keep his life private. However, the possibility of DeVon being committed to a homosexual relationship is high. Besides, there is no information to support this claim but only a probability. Well, it is also possible that he is currently single.


Information on the education of DeVon Minters is currently unknown. However, he must have completed his High School in Jamaica or taken up a Diploma. It can make a great interview question for his daughter and allow him to shed some light on their family history. Currently, these details are not present in the database.


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  • DeVon Minters divorced his wife, Cindy Adamson.
  • He comes from a Black ethnic background.
  • DeVon identifies himself as Gay.
  • He has a son and a daughter.
  • DeVon’s daughter is the famous supermodel Karrueche.


How old is DeVon Minters?
Well, there is not much information about DeVon’s age. However, it is estimated that he is in his fifties.

When was DeVon Minters born?
Details about DeVon’s birthdate are currently unknown. However, it is estimated to be in late June.

Is DeVon Minters gay?
Yes, DeVon Minters came out later in his life while he married Cindy Adamson.

Who is the father of Karrueche Trans?
The father of model Karreueche Trans is DeVon Minters.


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