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The American actress Francesca Reale has managed to make it big in the entertainment industry, and her growth continues to stun her fans and everyone else. To know more about this American star, in terms of her biography, net worth, career, education, father, family, age, height, hobbies and more, continue reading this guide!



Francesca Reale is an American actress, who has worked in films, and TV shows in her career so far. Her debut was notably seen in the series- Blue Bloods, which was released back in 2016. In the same year, she was also seen in Haters Back Off.

Francesca Reale Wiki

However, her most prominent work happens to be in the popular Netflix web series- Stranger Things where she played the role of Heather Holloway. Her performance in Stranger Things has earned her great fame and respect in the industry. In fact, she is majorly known for her performance in Stranger Things itself, and her acting future after this incredible show seems pretty exciting, as she has already been approached for some big projects.


In terms of her career, Francesca Reale’s stage name is Francesca. In her initial years as an actor, she worked in short films such as Hunger, The furies of God, Goodbye charm city, etc. As mentioned previously, she made her first debut in shows in Blue Bloods, which launched back in 2016, and her first debut in films was in ‘Yes, God, Yes’ released in 2019.

Francesca Reale Career

Francesca reale stranger things

Stranger Things was a turning point in her career as an actor, as her performance in the show as Heather Holloway was outstanding, and it brought her into the limelight, and several more opportunities came her way after that. Career has never been a concern for Francesca, and the reason behind this is her self belief, hard work and relentless devotion to her art.

Net Worth

Apart from her successful acting career, Francesca is also a social media celebrity/influencer by profession. While her acting career is quite promising, she also managed to make money through brand endorsements and paid influencer collaborations.

Francesca Reale Net Worth

She also works as a professional model. She has collaborated with several brands as a model and has also walked the ramp for certain designers. Through all these sources of income, her net worth is estimated to be roughly around 160 USD, which is quite a solid net worth at such an early age and stage in her career.


Francesca Reale’s full name is Francesca Luisa Reale, and her stage name is Francesca. She was born in Los Angeles, California, in the United States of America, and she is American by nationality. In terms of her ethnicity, she is of White Caucasian Descent. She is a successful, 28-year-old actor who was born on 23rd August 1994. Her zodiac sign is Virgo. She has hazel eyes and dark brown coloured hair.

Preferred pronouns, if any:
Francesca Reale is a female, and she is straight. Her preferred pronouns are she/her.


She was born on 23rd August 1994 in Los Angeles, California, USA. As of 2022, she is 28 years old.


Francesca Reale has a decent height. She is five feet and four inches tall, i.e. 5’4”. In centimeters, she is 163 cm tall, and in meters, she is 1.63 m.

Francesca reale height


Her father’s name and profession have not been revealed yet. However, it is assumed that she chooses not to reveal them owing to safety concerns.


Her mother and/or father’s names are not available anywhere as Francesca has not spoken about it anywhere. Besides, the gender and names of her siblings are also not known. However, rumours suggest that Francesca has a brother. Besides, as part of her family, Francesca Reale has a dog and a cat. The cat’s name is Leo, as per sources. However, the dog’s name is unknown.


Francesca reale boyfriend

As of now, Francesca is unmarried. However, she is seeing her current boyfriend- Henry Hayes, who is an American editor, and they are quite open about their relationship. Her boyfriend- Henry Hayes, has worked as an editor on many big film projects such as Jahar, released in 2016, Where There’s Smoke, released in 2017, and Mickey and the Bear, released recently in 2019.


Francesca has quite a lot of interesting hobbies. Some of them are reading and writing. Apart from that, she enjoys traveling and, of course, spending quality time with her loved ones. In addition to that, while her work itself involves acting and performing, she still continues to pursue these art forms as her hobbies.

Francesca reale movies and tv shows

Not to forget, while fitness is a lifestyle, Fransesca is quite a fitness freak, and she is fairly passionate about her fitness journey and emphasizes health and lifestyle in general.


Education has always played a major role in Francesca’s life. Even when it came to art forms like acting and films, she has made sure she graduated from the right university with the right course. Francesca went to a local high school back in Los Angeles.

Francesca reale age

After that, she went to New York University, where she took up a course called Bachelors of Fine Arts in Acting. Next, she went to the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. Her education led her to polish her acting skills at quite an early stage, which resulted in her very successful acting career.


  • Francesca is extraordinarily active on social media platforms, and her Instagram profile has more than 350k followers.
  • In the year 2012, Francesca received an award for Bordan Vi Haller in the category of Outstanding Youth Choreography at the National Youths Arts Award.
  • Francesca’s favourite celebrities are Emma Watson and Eddie Redmayne.
  • Her dream travel location is Paris.
  • Her other interesting work also includes- Haters Back Off Emily.
  • Her shoe size is 6, bra size is 32B, and she weighs 48 kg.
  • Francesca has never been part of any controversies, and there are barely any rumours around her, which is quite fascinating for someone who has just earned her claim to fame through a well-known series like Stranger Things.
  • Francesca is also a great social media influencer. She has over 364K followers on Instagram and more than 34K followers on Twitter.


What is Francesca Reale’s favourite colour?
Her favourite colour is Black.

What is Francesca Reale’s favourite food?
Her favourite food includes Pizza, Ice Cream and Fries.

How tall is Francesca Reale?
She is 5’4”, i.e 163 cm, i.e 1.63 m.

What is Francesca Reale’s zodiac sign?
She is a Virgo.

Is Francesca Reale married?
No, she is unmarried.

Who is Francesca Reale’s boyfriend?
Her boyfriend’s name is Henry Hayes, who is an American editor.

Which religion does Francesca Reale follow?
She followers Christianity as a religion.

Is Francesca Reale straight?
Yes, she is straight.


Francesca is a living example of how hard work, passion and talent can take one a long way. She has proven time and again that staying away from gossip and controversies is always in the best interest of celebrities. People have barely heard any rumours or controversies around her, as Fransesca chooses to keep herself out of them and puts all her time, effort and energy into her work and art. And eventually, this has led her to achieve all her milestones and more. Her future in the entertainment industry is certainly, an exciting one.


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