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Harvey Guillen (full name: Javier Harvey Guillen) is an American actor. He was born on May 3, 1990. Guillen is popular for his role in the 2019 TV series, What we do in the Shadows. Moreover, the actor appeared in many series and films.

Harvey Guillen Wiki

Harvey is the son of immigrants from Mexico, but he never revealed anything about his parents. Also, Guillen’s ethnicity is Mexican. His school teachers could not pronounce his first name. So, Javier changed it to Harvey. The actor identifies himself as queer.

Guillen’s hair color is brown, and his eyes are blue. The actor is 66 kg in weight and is tall. Moreover, he is an activist in the LGBTQ community. When Harvey acts, he believes his audience gets motivated. He stays active on all social media sites.


Harvey Guillen has appeared in multiple roles in TV series. These include Huge (2010), Eye Candy (2015), and The Thundermans (2013-18). Further, he has acted in The Magicians (2017-18) as Benedict Pickwick.

In Huge, Harvey played the role of Alistair Delgado. Then, in Eye Candy, he acted as George Reyes. In The Thundermans, Guillen acted as Cousin Blobbin. The actor even appeared in the film, The Internship (2013).

Harvey Guillen Career

Guillen played a vampires’ human familiar, Guillermo. A 2019 FX TV series, ‘What we do in the shadows.’ Further, Harvey would also have appeared in a science fiction drama series titled ‘Don’t look deeper.’ But, in December 2020, the platform shut down. So, he could not.

Harvey Guillen’s role as Guillermo has received much acclaim. He was also included in the 2019 Emmy Contenders list by TheWrap. Further, Hank Stuever appreciated his role in The Chicago Tribune. In the review of What We Do in the Shadows, Hank wrote how Guillen provided “half the big laughs.”

In the 2021 show Mickey Mouse Funhouse, Guillen gave voice to the main character, Funny. The actor will play his part in the third season of Harley Quinn as Nightwing. In 2013, he acted as Carl in The First Family and as Brian in Big Gay Love.

In 2017, Guillen acted as Harvey in Hollywood Harvey. Then, he acted as Holt Thorne in Truth or Dare. In Jimmy’s Jungle (2018), Harvey played the role of Marvin.

Harvey has even written and acted in a short comedy, Pilot Season. In addition, he has produced Chocolate Milk (2013), The Filth (2019), and Bone, Marry, Burry (2022). The last one is a podcast series.

Net worth

Harvey Guillen is a brilliant actor, writer, and producer. He has played his part in many American TV series and movies. So, his net worth is between 1 million to 5 million US dollars.

Harvey Guillen Net worth


Harvey Guillen was born in Orange County, California, US, on May 3, 1990. He is a Christian, and his nationality is American. However, since Harvey was born to Mexican immigrant parents, his ethnicity is Mexican. Guillen’s zodiac is Taurus.

After completing high school, he followed his childhood passion for becoming an actor. Nothing is known about Harvey’s family, except that his parents are Mexican. Also, the actor is currently single and also identifies himself as queer.

After watching the musical’ Annie, Harvey Guillen decided to become an actor. He told his mother, “I want to be an orphan.” Further, Guillen completed high school and took classes under the famous opera singer Ben Bollinger. And few people know that!

Preferred pronouns, if any

Harvey identifies himself as queer. He is an LGBTQ activist. In an interview, Guillen said that when people watch him on TV, they get motivated. Also, the ‘queer’ among the viewers think that if Harvey can do it, we too can!


Guillen was born on 3rd May 1990. So currently, the American actor is 31 years old. This year, in May, he will turn 32.

Harvey Guillen Age, Height, Bio


Harvey Guillen is tall. His height, according to sources, is 1.72 meters or 5 ft 8 inches.


Nothing is known about Harvey Guillen’s parents. His father is a Mexican immigrant to California, US.

Harvey Guillen Father, Family


Harvey Guillen was born to Mexican immigrants in 1990. The actor hasn’t revealed anything about his siblings. Also, nothing is available on IMDb or Wikipedia. Harvey’s father and mother settled in California. The producer, writer, and actor seemingly do not wish to disclose his private life.

Harvey guillen relationship


Currently, Harvey Guillen is single. The actor/writer/producer is more focused on his career and hasn’t planned to marry. Also, he considers himself queer.


Harvey is a popular actor, writer, and producer. So, he hardly finds time for himself. But, in leisure time, the Eye Candy actor reads novels and learns interesting facts. Guillen is also interested in photography, traveling, and web surfing.

Harvey guillen photoshoot


Harvey Guillen started acting when he was 18 years. So, he probably completed his education till high school. After that, he studied at Citrus College, California. Guillen took education in musical theater there.


  1. Harvey Guillen was born in the US, but his parents are immigrants from Mexico.
  2. Harvey identifies himself as queer. Also, an activist in the LGBTQ community.
  3. The musical ‘Annie’ inspired Guillen to become an actor. He told his mom he wanted to be an orphan.
  4. Harvey Guillen has an account on Cameo. It’s where his fans can connect to him.
  5. Guillen likes playing a variety of roles. No wonder how he got to be a part of several TV shows and films.
  6. Harvey is very active on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram.
  7. The actor loves posing for photoshoots. It is a reason he posts so hugely on Instagram.
  8. Harvey is a formally trained actor. He is also trained under Ben Bollinger, a world-famous opera singer.
  9. Guillen is very optimistic in his personal life. Despite several rejections, he never gave up.
  10. Harvey met the ‘What we do in the Shadows’ director’s fiancee at a party. She said he was funny and offered him for auditions.


What is the age of Harvey Guillen?

Harvey is 31 years old as of May 3, 1990. In 2022, he will turn 32.

What is the nationality of Harvey Guillen?

His nationality is American. But ethnicity is Mexican.

Who are the parents of Harvey Guillen?

Harvey Guillen’s parents are immigrants from Mexico.

Is Harvey Guillen gay?

Harvey identified himself as ‘queer’ in an interview.

What are the Cameo charges of Harvey Guillen?

Currently, the actor charges 250 dollars per video on this platform.


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