How to Change Car Batteries?

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Even though your vehicle will be working exactly fine and everything is working, suddenly, If your battery dies, you’ll be stranded for a long time as you cannot drive and the battery won’t be able to recharge soon. So it becomes very important to know how to change Car batteries.

Majority of the Vehicles today have stickers on their batteries. These batteries are labelled well, which mentions how long you can expect your car battery to survive, and this can help you from being stranded with a dead battery.

Before you start changing your Car battery, you might need certain tools, including an adjustable wrench, clean lint-free rags, latex gloves and water, baking soda, and safety goggles to keep yourself protected. This guide is written to help and guide you to understand how one can change their car battery within a few minutes.


Dummies Guide to Change Car Battery

We have divided this entire process into ten simple steps as it will help in making the process of changing a car battery will be much easier.

How to remove car battery

  1. Turn off your Car Engine: make sure you have parked your vehicle at a specific place, switch off the engine, and keep the parking brake on.
  2. Next, open your car hood and place a blanket over the gender. This helps to protect your car’s hood from the Corrosive acid present in the battery. If your vehicle is on any type of incline, you can use a wheel chock or a block behind the tires.
  3. Before detaching your battery, make sure that your engine is completely cooled. Now, carefully remove the cables from the battery terminals. You can do this by looking into your user’s manual to check if your car has negative ground. If your car has negative ground, use a wrench, preferably an adjustable wrench, and start loosening all the nuts and bolts on the clamps on the battery’s negative terminal.

    If the vehicle has a positive ground, you have to loosen the cable with a wrench on the positive side of your Car battery. After doing this, you can remove the other cables from the other post and keep them aside. Keep all the nuts and bolts carefully and keep them aside.

  4. Remove the other connections which are on the battery. After you have, loosen the screw and bolt and once you have fastened your bolt and nuts, loosen it with your hand as this will help you have a good grip on them, and you don’t drop them somewhere you can’t find them.
  5. After you have fastened all the nuts and bolts, you can carefully detach the car battery from the car system, lift it out, and keep it away.
  6. Sometimes, the tray on which the battery has been placed may be all rusty, so you can make a mix of baking soda and water on the rust and apply it using a glove. Be careful as the battery contains harmful acids, which can cause severe skin inflammation and burn.
  7. Allow the tray to be completely dry, and place the new battery on the tray. Place the battery in the same direction as the old one was placed. After finishing this, make sure that you have secured the battery correctly.

    And now correctly secure the cables across the terminal in reverse. This means that if your car has negative ground, you will first connect the positive ground.

  8. You can dispose of the old Car battery at a center which accepts the dead old car batteries. Batteries contain many toxic substances, which can be harmful and very corrosive, so it is necessary to dispose of them properly. You can give them to recycle as they will be reactivated and then can be reused.

You can use an anti-corrosion water or solution before setting up the new battery and then reinstall the battery with the clamps.

How can one know that their car requires Battery replacement?

Before getting a new Battery, one can simply check that your car requires a battery replacement. You can do this by looking around the battery terminal to see if there is any sulfate buildup. This buildup is generally blue or white and visible. Once you have located this, you can easily take it out.

How long does it take to change a car battery

Make sure you do not touch any battery residues with your bare hands, as your skin is sensitive and can get easily burned. You can also use a battery meter or an alternator that helps to measure the voltage and see if the meter reads around the range of 12.4V to 12.8 Volts.

Where can one buy a car battery?

One can easily find car batteries at any authorized store. You can even choose to buy a car battery online and do some research Which will help you save time and make the purchase much easier.

Changing car battery order

What is the right time you can get your car battery changed?

Even though the car’s battery is an essential tool, it is also the most ignored part of a vehicle. For the good health of the vehicle, it is important to maintain the good health of your Car’s Battery.

One can easily figure out if their battery is losing the charge or not. These signs include:

  • Your car engine will take a lot of time to start as the battery becomes incapable of generating the required amount of energy the car needs to start.
  • When you turn on the ignition, the dash light starts flickering.
  • The engine starts shutting off suddenly.
  • The oxidation of the battery terminal is evident.

How to change a car battery without losing settings
The shelf life of the car battery is exclusively dependent on how you take care of the vehicle. But sometimes, even after good maintenance, the average life expectancy of a car battery is about four to five years.

In areas where the weather is cold and contains moisture, the life expectancy of the car battery is much lower, and one has to start paying attention to the Car battery and see warning signs.

If the car battery is not replaced on time, it can severely damage the other electronics in your car. You can also seek professional help to change your car’s battery if you are afraid of doing it yourself.

You can easily change your Car battery, and it’s one of the easiest ways to save money on car maintenance. If you jump to change or replace your car battery, you can carry out a test to ensure that your Car battery needs a replacement.

In simple words, If your vehicle has negative ground, then you will disconnect the negative terminal first and then the positive terminal. If your vehicle has positive ground, you will disconnect the positive terminal first and then the negative terminal.

After doing so, replace the old battery with a new one, and now you will connect in reverse. For negative ground batteries, you will connect the positive first and then the negative. If your car battery has positive ground, you will connect the negative first, followed by the positive.

Make sure you dispose of your old battery more responsibly. Check all the connections before you start your car again as it can be very dangerous. If you feel you are not comfortable doing so, you can always take help from the professionals who will help you install batteries.

The total cost for replacing the battery could be around 50 dollars to 250 dollars, and it is dependent on the size, quality and power of the battery you choose to replace the old with the new one.


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