How to exercise according to your body type?

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Learn about your body type and how you should be training your body.
Before jumping into the different body types and the workouts important for them, let us read about three friends – Harry, Joe and Kay.

When these three friends go out for some drinks and dinner, Harry is the one that eats most of the food, yet he is the slim and trim guy with zero body fat. On the other hand, Joe is the one who eats the least among these three friends. However, he is stout and fat.

No matter how much time Joe spends in the gym, he gets to his ideal body shape for some time, and once he stops with the gym routine, he again jumps to the fat body that he never liked. On the other hand, Kay is neither too fat nor too thin. It doesn’t matter how much he binges because he always has an ideal body type, and his weight does not fluctuate much.

Most people often talk about the three body types. However, do you know that it is important to learn about your body type and at the same time train or incorporate the exercise that is most suitable for your body type?
While genetics plays a very important role in shaping your bones and muscles, you may not always find an hourglass figure on a straight-lined body. However, there are ways that one can train its body to achieve a figure one has always dreamed of achieving.


Learn about the three body types

what is my body type male; what is my body type female

Not everyone has the same body type and physic. However, we can categorize individuals into three broad categories depending on their characteristics. So let’s reduce the jargon around body types and clearly understand the three important types of body physic every human can be categorized into.


If you are ectomorphic, then you have a lean body mass. However, your hips and shoulders are narrow, and your arms and legs are on a thinner side.


In addition, you have low body fat, and no matter how much you eat, you will never gain weight. If you have friends around who say they will never get fat no matter how much they eat, they belong to this category.


This body type is completely the opposite of ectomorph. And an endomorphic person is usually round and has a pear-shaped figure. They have more body fat throughout their body and more in regions surrounding the legs and arms.

endomorph body type

The muscle strength often endomorph individual is usually on the lower side, and it is easier for this person to gain weight even if they have a calorie-restricted diet. It may take more time and effort for an endomorph to get into the body shape they want.


A mesomorphic individual has a body figure somewhere between an ectomorph and an endomorph. They have more muscle strength, and their body is genetically designed for bodybuilding. As a result, their body figure includes broad shoulders, a narrow waist and strong legs.

mesomorph body type

Usually, they also have low body fat. Now that you are aware of the three common categories of body types, let’s head to understanding the strength training for each of these body types and the amount of cardio training required by these body types.

Exercise for end ectomorphic body type

As an ectomorph has lower body fat, they need to indulge in heavy training and include heavyweights in their exercise regimen. However, it is advised that this body type individual take a minimum of five minutes’ rest between exercise sets.

As the body is lean and these individuals have thinner arms and legs, it is recommended that ectomorphic individuals should train to add the most two body parts body and avoid exhausting themselves. Too much calorie expenditure can be a negative point for these individuals.

what type of exercise is best for my body type

Ectomorphic individuals should include around ten reps and eight sets for each daily exercise. These individuals will likely feel exhausted when they have not taken sufficient breaks or rest between hardcore training sessions. As a result, one needs to stop when the muscle becomes sore and roll in for a recovery.

These individuals should focus more on strength training rather than cardio training and, therefore, include a minimum of cardio in their routine.

Exercises such as low-intensity bicycle rides or brisk walks are mostly recommended for these individuals to boost their cardiac strength and reduce overall stress.

Exercise for an endomorphic body type

As these individuals have higher fat content in their bodies. Therefore, it is important to include a total body workout to burn the most calories.

Compound movements are important, and moderate weight lifting will be a good training routine for people belonging to the endomorphic body type.

what is the right exercise for my body type

One piece of advice for endomorphic people is to avoid heavy weight lifting and low reps.
It is recommended that an endomorphic body type individual aim for around 12 reps and five sets of upper body exercise and at the same time around 15 to 20 reps further lower body exercise.

The main goal of these individuals should be to reach their ideal weight according to their BMI. Therefore, these individuals should first focus on training all the body muscles to get in shape once the desired goal has been reached. Then, they can focus on the muscles that need to be shaped a little more.

An endomorphic individual must include cardio training at least three times a week. According to the heart rate zone, moderate-intensity cardio training for 30 minutes will be best.

As the body fat is usually more on the hands and the legs, cardio training should be stressed on these parts of the body with ease on the knees.

Exercises such as hiking, walking, elliptical and swimming are ideal for an individual with an endomorphic body type.

Exercise for the mesomorphic body type

As this body type lies somewhere between the two extremes, the ectomorphic and the endomorphic, it is advised to incorporate variation in training to get better results.

These individuals are fit for light, moderate as well as heavyweight training. In addition, these bodies are also suitable for bodyweight training because of the ideal body shape that they genetically inherit.

mesomorph workout

Basic exercises such as shoulder press, chest press, row, squats, and deadlifts are highly recommended for a mesomorphic body. These exercises can be included with heavyweights along with isolation exercises.

Mesomorphic individuals can aim for around 12 reps for all the exercise sets. These individuals are highly gifted in the strong legs they include. As a result, it is a plus point for these individuals to incorporate heavyweights with around six reps for their leg training. At the same time, they can also aim for 30 reps for five sets with no weights at all.

As these individuals can include a variety of exercises, they can incorporate many strength training activities and try their luck in bodybuilding as well. Cardio trading three days per week for around 30 minutes is recommended for mesomorphic individuals.

These were some of the best steps on the most suitable exercises you need to perform based on your body type. Hoping that this piece of information was very useful and it has cleared the confusion you had in your mind regarding the exercises for four different body types. By reading this information, you are now on the right path to start a suitable journey for yourself and enjoy long-lasting results.

Let’s talk about Harry, Joe and Kay.

After reading the different body types and the exercises suitable for these body types, you may have now understood that Harry has an ectomorphic body type, and Joe has an endomorphic body type that belongs to the mesomorphic category.

However, because these three friends did not know about their body types, they were often included in various gym routines and saw the results but never achieved consistency. Therefore, it is always important to not just follow any diet or gym routine but rather understand your body first and then customize your exercise routine according to your body type.

The bottom line

Well, most of the time, we may blame our genetics for having particular physic. However, it is important to note that we can win over genetics if we put in the patience and the time to do so. Yes, an endomorphic individual will have to put in more effort than an ectomorphic or a mesomorphic body type. However, this is nature, and it is how we are born.

You cannot sit on the couch and keep blaming your genetics when you eat an entire slice of cheesy pizza with half a liter of coke. It is time that you think about her body and decide to help you lead a positive and healthy life. Incorporate an exercise that you know you will be able to carry forward for the rest of the years and will be consistent to give you proven results.


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