How to find the order of someone else’s followers list on Instagram 2021

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Here is a step-by-step guide that tells you how to find the order of someone else’s followers list on Instagram.

Instagram is creating a lot of hype lately, and we are often curious to know about someone else’s followers. But unfortunately, it creates a competitive environment wherein you will feel a little complex if your friend has more followers than you. But, can you see someone’s followers list on Instagram in order?

Whether it is about seeing the people that have been following that someone’s account recently or whether you want to keep a check on who all are following that person, here is a quick guide to help you see someone else’s follows list in order on Instagram.

Initially, Instagram would arrange followers according to dates. This means someone following you most recently would have been at the top of the order. However, this feature was removed by Instagram in June 2021, and a new update was brought about in the market that allowed Instagram to order the list of followers randomly.

For instance, if you see your followers list from an Android phone and a desktop, you will observe that the order of the followers’ list is different. At the same time, this holds the same for someone else’s followers list.
Instagram hasn’t come up with any update that allows you to see someone else’s followers list in order, but it allows you to see someone else’s recent followers on Instagram.

This update has removed the old update, which allowed users to see each follower’s list in a chronological order wherein the old followers were listed below and the most recent one at the top.In this segment of the article below, we will discuss the different techniques you can use to see someone else’s recent followers on Instagram.


How to see someone’s followers on Instagram on Android or iOS

how to see someone's recent followers on instagram 2022 reddit

Step 1 – visit that person’s profile
you must visit someone’s profile and click on the followers’ tab icon.
Step 2 – refresh the list.
The followers’ tab will show you all the followers chronologically. However, you may have to refresh the list a few times to get an organized list in chronological order.
It is important to note that the list you get may not always be accurate. As Instagram does not have a specific feature to allow you to rearrange this order, likely, a recent follower may not always be at the top of the followers’ list. But, this technique is good enough to give you a gist of all the recent followers on that person’s account.

How to see someone’s followers on Instagram using a computer or laptop

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Step 1- on the web browser, open Instagram
Step 2 – log in to your Instagram account and type the username of the account you want to check.
Step 3- and click on the follower’s tab.
Step 4- chronological order of the follower’s list will be portrayed wherein those following that person most recently will be at the top of the list.

Here are some apps that you can use to see someone else’s new followers on Instagram

KidsGuard Pro

how to see instagram followers in chronological order

This is a smart app that helps you a check on what others and especially your kids, are doing online. This is a smart tool that allows parents to filter what they are kids need to see on Instagram and, at the same time, keeps them away from inappropriate content displayed on Instagram. But how can you use this app to check on someone’s recent followers?

If you have access to someone’s username, you can use this app to see their interaction and activity. At the same time, you can also see who they are following and their most recent followers.


how to see someones recent following on instagram 2021 reddit

This is another smart tool that helps you check on the activities that someone else is interacting with. It offers a cloud-based web version which allows you to track someone’s likes and comments on Instagram. Of course, you need to make some in-app purchases, and this tool can be quite efficient if you want to see your Instagram statistics. It provides a detailed report on other users’ activity and lets you see their most recent followers.

Buy Instagram followers to increase your follower list?

order of someone elses followers list on instagram 2021 reddit

Instead of having a constant check on who has been following you most recently, the smartest way for you to increase your followers’ list is by buying Instagram followers online.

Various high-quality social media agencies engage in providing a set number of Instagram followers, which you can buy as a package. As soon as you purchase the package, the followers get incorporated into your followers’ list, and according to the agency’s work, these get included in your current followers’ list. This means the followers you have bought most recently will be at the top of the followers’ list compared to those that have organically followed you.

We keep checking our followers’ list to find out whether we have a solid interaction on Instagram. But, most feel uncertain when they see that the number of followers on their account never increases.

But, if you want to see a spike in your account and feel that a large number of followers will help you in promoting your brand and at the same time make you a famous Instagram personality, then the easiest way to do this is by buying Instagram followers and making a mark on this platform.

To those wondering if buying Instagram followers is legal, you need to stay calm because it is legal. If not, you wouldn’t have ever been reading this part of the article online.

So what are you waiting for?

Grab this opportunity and research the finest social media agency that gives you the followers you need to make it big on this platform. As soon as you get these followers, your followers’ order will increase, and at the same time, it will be changed. The most recent followers will be the followers you bought, which will be at the top of the followers’ list compared to the ones that were following you in the past.

This is also a smart way to see if someone else has bought followers on Instagram. For instance, if that person had 100 followers today and after two days when you check their profile again, you find 2000 followers. Of course, it is unlikely to get many such followers within a short time, provided the person has done something great and set the trend. This way, you can see the followers someone else bought, which will be displayed at the top of their followers’ list.


Can I see someone else Followers list in order 2021?

Yes, you can see someone else’s followers list on Instagram; however, it is not in an appropriate chronological order, and the most recent followers of that person will likely be placed at the top than the past followers.

Is someone else following the list ordered on Instagram?

No, Instagram is very serious about its privacy policies, and as a result, it doesn’t allow other users to see someone else’s followers list in chronological order. If you want to do so, you need to have access to the username and the password of the other person.

Can you see if someone has recently followed you on Instagram?

If your notification settings are enabled, then Instagram shows you or notifies you about any new follower that has started following you. If you have a private account, the request is sent to you, and the other person cannot follow you until you have accepted the request. But, if your account is public, you get notified about anyone who has recently started following you.

How can I increase my followers’ list on Instagram?

The easiest way to increase your follower list is by making a smart purchase, buying Instagram followers and increasing your interactions overnight.

Is it necessary to get a high number of likes on Instagram?

If you want to become famous on Instagram and have high interaction with your content, then it is important that you buy Instagram likes and increase your Instagram algorithms.


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