How to trade cryptocurrency?

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Meaning of Cryptocurrency

Although there are thousands of cryptocurrencies in the market, they are all based on blockchain technology, which makes them decentralized. This decentralization through cryptocurrencies has several benefits over the traditional financial system.

crypto trading platform

The system adopted by a cryptocurrency exchange cuts out the overhead costs associated with traditional financial institutions. These transactions are less expensive, and there is no interference from any central bank or government. Blockchain requires no financial intermediaries.

Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency and is termed “digital gold.” Ethereum has emerged as the second-largest cryptocurrency. Many investors trade cryptocurrency as it is a volatile asset.

If you enter the market at the right time, trading crypto can lead to amazing returns compared to traditional investments. Investors can easily track the portfolio value on a cryptocurrency exchange like OKX. However, since cryptocurrency prices are volatile, you need to be careful while trading them.

How to Trade Cryptocurrency?

crypto trading platform

Any cryptocurrency can be traded by following the below-mentioned simple steps.

  1. Open a cryptocurrency brokerage account
  2. To start trading in the digital currency, you must open an account for crypto brokerage. Brokers like OKX, Coinbase, or Gemini are the best crypto in the market as they offer a simple interface to the user and have almost every cryptocurrency to choose from. You need to provide your KYC details to open the account.

  3. Funding the account
  4. Once the account is opened with a crypto brokerage, you need to link your bank account for funding. Most cryptocurrency exchanges accept funding through direct transfers and debit cards. Wire transfer is the cheapest option available.

  5. Choose the coin you wish to invest in
  6. Most beginners wish to start investing in cryptocurrency by purchasing either Bitcoin or Ethereum. These coins have gained trust in the market. Many crypto traders diversify their portfolios by buying smaller altcoins that may offer higher upside soon. The returns are attractive for risk-tolerant people.

  7. You must have an investment strategy
  8. Before buying and selling cryptocurrency, you must research the trading indicators and consider taking multiple factors. New investors may even take up a cryptocurrency trading course. If you’re experienced enough, then you already have a well-defined strategy to trade stocks. Traditional stock trading strategies are also, at times, applicable for cryptocurrencies. The market sentiment works particularly well for cryptocurrencies.

  9. You may opt for automated crypto trading.
  10. While chalking out a cryptocurrency trading strategy, you may go for automated crypto trading. Various exchanges employ trading bots to enact a strategy that will yield the best results and help you reach your investment goals. The automated trading method can help you make quick money as it is based on the neutral, conservative, or aggressive method, depending on your risk-taking capabilities. In addition, it may diversify the portfolio or hold your coins as per the need.

  11. Store the cryptocurrency.
  12. Active cryptocurrency traders usually store the trading funds on the cryptocurrency exchange to have easy access. You also open a cryptocurrency wallet if you have a long-term holding goal. Cryptocurrency wallets come in two forms. First, you may opt for a hardware wallet or a software wallet. Both the options are safe, but hardware wallets have greater security in comparison to the software wallets as your crypto is stored offline on a physical device here. If you wish to opt for a software wallet, you may go for any options on Google Chrome, iOS, and Android devices free of cost.

    Generally, the mobile wallet has a 3-step authentication to safeguard these digital assets. You are allowed to sell, buy, and earn interest directly from the wallet.

  13. Compare different Brokers and cryptocurrency Exchanges
  14. There are numerous cryptocurrency brokers and exchanges available to choose from. For new investors, OKX is a great option. OKX has a great cryptocurrency conversion feature to trade your crypto easily and conveniently. Other crypto brokerages may not support certain cryptos, so you must compare the fee and guidelines attached to account opening.


Diversification of your investment is a must when you talk of a good investment strategy. Having digital currencies as a part of the portfolio is a great idea. However, investing should never have all the funds in one basket. So you must also not put all the money in cryptocurrency. Always assess the risk factors and stability. Check out the numerous options available and invest in diversified sectors. Wealth creation must be a long-term goal, so act wisely and choose safely.


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