Who is Ivanka Trump? Biography, Net Worth, Father, Husband, Kid, Family, Age, Height, etc.

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Ivanka Trump is popularly known as the daughter of Donald Trump, the former President of the United States. Ivanka has followed in her father’s footsteps and is a well-known businesswoman in America. During the Trump administration, she took the role of Senior Advisor at the White House.

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She is known for her famous clothing brand, and despite being invested in the Trump administration, she was closely working on her clothing line. Among her other siblings, Ivanka is known to take an interest in her father’s footsteps and is seen working closely with her father on multiple occasions, including regarding national interests during the previous administration.


Before joining the Trump Empire and becoming an active part of the family business, Ivanka worked with Forest City Enterprises to gain work experience. Later on, in 2005, she moved on to joining the Trump Administration. In the corporate landscape of the Trump Administration, she got the designation of Executive VP of Developments and Acquisition.

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Ivanka is very much like her father in conducting business; however, she probably doesn’t have sarcasm and a witty personality. Ivanka was quite successful in her role and began participating in promoting the Trump organization. Her first success was when she acquired the contract for the redevelopment of the Old Post Office in DC. Ivanka also started her clothing line and expanded the Trump organization by promoting it via advertisements and opening child brands in jewelry and apparel. Ivanka has appeared on TV and in advertisement campaigns and is often associated with the Trump Empire.

Net worth

Ivanka is the daughter of American Billionaire Donald Trump; however, it does an injustice to associate her wealth with her father. She has built her empire. When other children born into wealth were partying, Ivanka spent most of her time in the boardroom, plotting the expansion of the business.

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Her net worth is estimated to be around 300 million dollars, and her combined net worth with her spouse is around 800 million dollars. These figures do not reflect her inheritance from her father. Her actual net worth can be estimated to be in billions. She also holds major assets in the Trump Administration and runs multiple charities.


Many have this misconception about Ivanka that she was born in wealth, and her success is attributed to her father. However, she took this opportunity and helped expand her father’s business.

She is always hard-working, and instead of partying, she spends most of her time plotting the next course of action in business and seeking opportunities to expand it. Well, Ivanka had other interests than business and economics. She was also fascinated by the world of glamour and modelling. She took up modelling gigs by prominent brands like Versace during her uni days. Her whole life currently revolves around her family and the family business.

Preferred pronouns, if any.

Ivanka Trump prefers the pronouns she/her. This can be cross-referenced with her interviews and articles posted in various business magazines. Ivanka has always supported the LGBTQ+ community even though it challenges her father. She made this known to the world through her tweet during pride month. However, she got a backlash on this as she was silent when her father issued the ban on transgender in the military. Therefore, details are still unclear.


Ivanka Trump was born in the year 1981 on the 30th of October. Hence, as of 2022, she is 41 years old. Ivanka was born in the United States in Manhattan, New York. She holds American citizenship. Her zodiac sign is Scorpio, and according to the Chinese zodiac, she was born in the rooster year. Ivanka looks quite young for her age and follows a healthy diet, and her routine involves daily exercise. She takes good care of her health. Her interest in modelling helped her stay fit and young.


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Ivanka Trump has an above-average height for women. She is 5 feet 11 inches tall, making her taller than her husband, Jared. She has a slim figure and a weight of around 138 lbs. Ivanka values a healthy lifestyle more than anything and has taken measures to be disciplined and maintain her figure despite being a mother of three children. Her eye color is brown, and she has blonde hair inherited from her father.


Ivanka Trump is the second daughter of former president Mr Donald Trump. She was the first family of the United States in the Trump administration. Her father holds a dominant position in business in the United States and is a part of the Republican party.

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Ivanka and Donald have a close relationship fostered by their love for business and leadership skills. However, they have much more in common, making them a perfect father-daughter match. Despite her father getting backlashes from most Americans, Ivanka has always been supportive of her father. Inspired by her father, Ivanka might follow in his footsteps to become the leader of the largest democracy.


Ivanka Trump was born to Donald Trump and his ex-wife Ivana Trump. Her name was derived from her mother. Her parents split up when she was only ten years old because of inhumane treatment given to her mother. However, Ivanka chose to stay with her father.

Her mother was Jewish; however, Ivanka converted before marrying her now-husband, Jared Kushner. Ivanka now has a stepmother Melania Trump, the former first lady of the United States. Ivanka currently lives with her husband and three children, Arabella, Theodore, and Joseph. She loves spending time with her family. However, Ivanka spends more time with her father than her mother as she is involved in the affairs of the Trump Administration.


Ivanka Trump is married to real estate developer Jared Kushner. She married Jared in 2009 when she was 28 years old. They are now happily married for 13 years with Jared and have three children; two sons and one daughter, whom she cherishes more than anything.

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Jared was also a part of the former President’s inner circle and played the role of a Senior Advisor in the Trump Administration. In addition, Jared owns a firm and is an investor majorly working for Saudi clients. Jared and Ivanka spent most of the time close to each other during the Trump Administration in the US as they were part of the same team.


Ivanka has multiple hobbies besides being a full-time businesswoman in the Trump Empire. She loves cooking, shopping and spending most of her time with her family. She also loves buying jewellery and clothing accessories. Apart from this, Ivanka also loves binge-watching, especially the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Ivanka hates travelling; however, she loves trying cuisines in top-notch restaurants.


Ivanka graduated high school from Chapin School in Connecticut. She spent her schooling days and junior year at Christ Church School in New York.

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After graduating high school, she completed her BS in Economics at Georgetown University. Ivanka is a scholar and has a good aptitude for business and economics. Her hard-working character is also reflected in her grades. She also graduated with distinction from the Wharton School of Business.


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  • Ivanka is married to Jared Kusher.
  • She was part of the President’s inner circle during the Trump Administration and her husband.
  • She has two sons and one daughter.
  • Ivanka is the second child of Donald Trump.
  • She completed her BS in Economics.
  • She is Executive VP in the Trump Administration.
  • She is 41 years old as of 2022.


Who is the daughter of Donald Trump?

Ivanka Trump is the daughter of Donald Trump from his first marriage to Ivana Trump.

Is Ivanka Trump Jewish?

Ivanka Trump’s mother, Ivana, is Jewish.

Who is the husband of Ivanka Trump?

Jared Kushner is the father of Ivanka Trump.

How many children does Ivanka have?

Ivanka Trump has three children; two sons and a daughter from her marriage with Jared.


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