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Jane Dobbins Green was born in America and grew up in the United States. Her books are considered international bestsellers. Her husband was an Englishman who had been a successful businessman in the United States. Instead, she was the second wife of the industry man Ray Kroc.

Jane Dobbins Green was a very successful businesswoman, and she was also a wealthy businesswoman. She was the second wife of Ray Kroc, and his fortune was worth millions of dollars. Her career multiplied after she married and was active in philanthropy. She also diversified her charity work by focusing on various fields she was passionate about.

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During his childhood, Ray’s mother, Rose Mary, nee Hrach, taught piano lessons. She earned money through the piano lessons she taught children, including Ray. Ray learned to play the piano as a child, and the two grew closer together. His mother also led him to play the piano, which would later be an essential asset in his career.

He also founded the Kroc Foundation, which provides financial assistance to deserving nonprofit organizations. In later life, Ray Kroc and his parents established the fast-food chain McDonald’s. His parents came of Czech descent and helped him build a great company.

They later made McDonald’s the world’s largest fast-food chain. The level of Ray Kroc’s success is a popular one. Their story inspired the 2016 movie “The Founder,” based on his life.

Education Qualification

Jane Dobbins Green is an American celebrity who became famous as the second wife of businessman Ray Kroc. She is of Native American descent and was born in the United States, and her father was a successful American money manager. She was married to Ray Kroc in 1963.

jane dobbins green 1963 1968

Jane Dobbins Green married her long-time love, Ray Kroc. The ceremony was held in an Illinois church. Jane Dobbins is most famous for her association with Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald’s. He was born in Illinois, Oak Park, and started his career as a salesman. Ray Kroc attended Oak Park’s Lincoln School.

At fourteen, he opened a music emporium selling sheet music. Throughout his life, Ray Kroc has worked hard. He’s also the founder of McDonald’s.In addition to becoming the founder of McDonald’s, Ray Kroc was also an avid supporter of many charities.

Relationship Status

Jane Dobbins Green is also an American businesswoman and ex-wife of Ray Kroc. She grew up in the United States and married a famous businessman. Jane Dobbins Green’s net worth is estimated at $ 8 million. She is also a well-known businesswoman; her finances are substantial, including several properties and business ventures.

She was married to American businessman Ray Kroc for five years. They divorced in 1968. Ray Kroc’s net worth was estimated at $600 million in 1984. He died of a heart attack at 81, leaving his wife with million-dollar assets.

what happened to ray krocs first wife

She was the second wife of Ray Kroc, who became the world’s biggest fast-food company. He was also the owner of the San Diego Padres baseball team. Their relationship started when she met him in high school.

The couple had only one child, a daughter, Marilyn. Although she was a socialite, Jane Green did not make public appearances after the marriage. She never made an appearance on TV or in print after her marriage. Her second marriage to Ray Kroc brought her great fame.

After he passed away, she got deeply involved in philanthropy, focusing on multiple fields. Jane Dobbins Green was an employee of Ray Kroc, the McDonald’s owner. Kroc, who died at 81 of a heart attack in 1984, made a fortune. His restaurants brought in $8 billion in deals in one year.

Net worth

Born in the United States, Jane Dobbins Green is the former wife of Ray Kroc, the president of McDonald’s. Her father was an American businessman who owned the McDonald’s brand. Jane Dobbins Green had an incredibly successful business career and used her fortune to give to various charities.

Her philanthropy efforts helped the Salvation Army. She has a white skin tone, blue eyes, and Kroc has also been a significant player in sports. He owned the San Diego Padres baseball team. In addition to being a billionaire, he was a philanthropist and invested in many charities.

jane dobbins green net worth

Kroc had a net worth of $2.7 billion at his death, which he dispersed to many charities and nonprofit organizations. In 1967, he established the Kroc Foundation, which helped establish the McDonald House. The Ronald McDonald House remains a well-established charity. After Kroc’s death, his wife Jane continued to make charitable donations. In addition to the Ronald McDonald House, she donated to nuclear non-proliferation and peace.

He is best known for his work as the CEO of McDonald’s Corporation. Kroc opened the first McDonald’s franchise in 1955; McDonald’s had hundreds of locations in the U.S. At the moment of his death, the company owned 7500 restaurants.

Physical Appearance

The relationship between Jane Dobbins Green and Ray Kroc is well-known. The late businessman was renowned for being the owner of the McDonald’s corporation. He was born in Oak Park, Illinois, and married Jane Dobbins Green. The two met in 1955 when Ray was a salesman. In 1961, Ray purchased the franchise from the McDonald brothers.

Jane Dobbins Green was a beautiful American who married the late businessman Ray Kroc. She was born to American parents and grew up in the United States. Their relationship was a significant turning point in the lives of both of them. In his early years, Ray Kroc was very creative and attended Lincoln School.

Ray Kroc was a heavy drinker. His drinking habit eventually caused him to develop heart failure. Her relationship with Ray Kroc made her a highly successful businesswoman. He was also the co-founder of McDonald’s. He founded the fast-food chain with two McDonald brothers in 1955. During his marriage, Jane Dobbins Green is known for her relationship with Ray Kroc.

Career and Achievement

As the former wife of McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc, Jane Dobbins Green holds American citizenship. She is also of Native American ethnicity. Her career began after her marriage to a businessman. She rose to fame as a second wife of a famous businessman. Dobbins was married to American businessman Ray Kroc for about five years.

jane dobbins green wikipedia

The couple divorced in 1968. Her husband had died of heart failure. Her husband was a successful businessman who also worked with McDonald’s. She also worked with the McDonald’s corporation. Her husband, Ray Kroc, had a net worth of $600 million and has been a successful businessman. In the 1960s, Ray Kroc was the CEO of the corporation.


Jane Dobbins Green is a former second wife of Ray Kroc, the man behind McDonald’s. The two were married in 1963. She was presented in the United States and was of Native American ancestry whose parents are Americans. Born in the United States, she became famous after being Ray Kroc’s second wife.

Kroc was a successful American money manager. Despite her Native American ancestry, Ray Kroc was also the co-founder of McDonald’s. Ultimately, she died of a heart ailment. Despite his death, the franchise has continued to make a profit. She is a well-known businesswoman. Both had a love of animals and wanted to help them.


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