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Jason Furman, a popular American economist, has made his way to becoming one of the most significant names when it comes to shaping and building economies. And when it comes to Nobel men like Jason Furman himself, understanding where they come from becomes very important to draw inspiration. And to help with that, here’s a guide that covers pretty much everything you need to know about Jason Furman, including his career, net worth, education, hobbies, family, age, height and more. Let’s get started!



Jason Furman was born and brought up in New York City. He completed his education in the field of Economics and grew up to become one of the greatest American economists. He also taught the subject at Harvard University, and his drive and passion for the subject led him to become part of several important councils. It even caused him to serve the nation’s winning President- Barack Obama.

Jason Furman Wiki


Jason Furman is an economist by profession, and he also works as a professor at the much reputed Harvard University’s John F Kennedy School of Government. His academic background is extremely solid, and his overall experience as an economist has led him to become a part of the CEA- Council of Economic Advisers. He was announced as the chairperson of this prestigious council by then-President Barak Obama himself on the 10th of June in 2013.

Jason Furman Career

Not to mention, Jason Furman also contributed his service to the NEC- National Economic Council, where he was appointed as the Deputy Director. His valuable contribution to all these councils is the prime reason behind his being made in charge as an advisor to the winning candidate- Barak Obama, during the presidential elections of 2008.

Net worth

Being an economist, Jason Furman definitely knows his way around managing finances and making a profitable economy, be it for himself or the nation. His main source of income has been through his work as an economist at the early stage, his work as a professor at Harvard University and his work in the councils and his contribution as Barack Obama’s advisor. All of these collectively have caused him to bag a massive net worth of $24 Million, which is quite impressive.

Jason Furman Net worth


Jason Furman was born on the 18th of August, 1970, in New York City, and he was raised there as well. Since his birth country was the United States of America, and he grew up there, his nationality is naturally American. As of now, his racial ethnicity is yet unknown as Jason himself has not confirmed it anywhere.

After finishing his formal education, he entered the professional world as an economist and with his hard work and talent, he climbed the ladder pretty soon and earned his place as an advisor for Barack Obama as he stood for the 2008 presidential elections.

Jason furman cv
Preferred pronouns, if any:
Jason Furman is straight. His preferred pronouns are he/his.


Jason Furman’s birthdate is 18th August 1970. As of 2022, he is 50 years old, and his birth sign is Leo.

Jason Furman: Books


His height is not known. However, by the looks of it, Jason Furman is a decently tall individual.


Jason Furman’s father’s name is Jay Furman is a real estate professional. He owns and has developed properties in the thirty-nine United States of America as well as in Puerto Rico. As per sources, some of these properties are shopping malls.

Jason Furman Father Jay Furman


As mentioned previously, Jason Furman’s father is Jay Furman, who is the owner and developer of real estate properties and shopping malls in the United States. His mother’s name is Gail Furman, and she is a child psychologist. Jason Furman also has a sibling. To be more specific, he has a brother named Jesse M. Furman. Jesse is a judge in the district court of the USA, particularly for the southern district of New York state.


Jason Furman is married, and his wife’s name is Née Gerber. They also have children. Their names are Henry and Louisa, and they all live in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


Jason Furman’s hobbies are not known yet, since he has not been very open about them and has not mentioned them anywhere previously.

Jason furman book


Education played a major role in the life of Jason Furman. First, the Harvard professor went to Dalton School and graduated from there in 1988. Later, he managed to get into the ever-prestigious Harvard University. There, he graduated in social studies with an AB degree, which happened in the year 1992.

After that, he went to the London School of Economics, where he did his MSc. Once his MSc was complete, in 2004, he went back to Harvard University to complete his PhD in Economics. And prior to that, in 1995, he also got his hands over an AM in government.


Facts of Jason Furman

  • During his freshman year at Harvard University, Jason Furman’s roommate was Matt Damon, who is an Oscar winner.
  • In 2004, Jason Furman also served as Director of Economic Policy. This was done for the 2004 presidential campaign for the candidate- John Kerry.
  • Jason Furman was also associated with CBPP- Center on Budget and Policy Priorities in which a major part of his contribution was with respect to help in defeating privatization of Social Security, which at that time, i.e. in 2004, was proposed by the administration of George W. Bush.
  • Today, Jason Furman happens to be one of the most popular Economists not just in America but worldwide.
  • Sources also suggest that Jason Furman is the richest Economist in the United States of America.
  • During the period between 2006 and 2008, Furman was appointed as the Senior Fellow of Brookings Institution and Director of the Hamilton Project. This was a special group for economics research which was founded by Robert Rubin, who is the former Clinton Treasury Secretary.
  • During his tenure as the Senior Fellow, Jason Furman laid special emphasis on issues like tax treatment of healthcare by publishing detailed, full-fledged research papers.
  • In the year 2009, Jason Furman has also been one of the most important architects when it came to developing the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.


Who is Jason Furman?
Jason Furman is one of the most popular and richest American economists who has served in several councils, institutes and even presidential candidates.

Is Jason Furman married?
Yes, Jason Furman is married. His wife’s name is Née Gerber. They also have children named Henry and Louisa, and they all live in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

When is Jason Furman’s birthday?
He celebrates his birthday on the 18th of August every year.

What is Jason Furman’s zodiac sign?
His zodiac sign is Leo.

What was Jason’s policy focus when he was Barak Obama’s advisor?
His policy focus was majorly on the areas of tax, healthcare, inequality, technology and social security.


In a nutshell, Jason Furman is one of the greatest names among all economists of the current time. His hard work and talent are undoubted, and he aligned the majority of his knowledge, wealth and efforts into serving his nation. Whether he worked for election candidates or councils run by. the government, the ultimate goal for him has always been the public good.


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