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You might not know Joe Gebbia by his name but by contributing to the tourism and renting sector. Yes, that’s Airbnb. Joe Gebbia cofounded AirBnB along with Brian Chesky and Nathan Blecharczyk. Joe is an Entrepreneur and a philanthropist from Georgia, Atlanta. People came to know by his work in Airbnb that it revolutionized listing and made travel plans easy and affordable.

Joe Gebbia Wiki

Staying in foreign countries or even in your locality was made possible with affordable pricing on Airbnb. Joe is also the Chairman of a Non-profit organization called Samara. He is a well-known American billionaire and is also a designer. Joe is well-known for wearing multiple hats in his role and is the secret behind his success.


Unlike many who don’t know what to do in their career, Joe Gebbia was quite determined and knew his calling. He was into designs and art in his childhood, and his first entrepreneurial attempt was selling mutant Ninja cards. He later pursued his career in industrial designs, making 3D models.

Joe Gebbia Foundation

Joe Gebbia convinced his now co-founder to start a new business in San Francisco. While aiming for their dreams, their landlord increased their rent by around 20%. This worsened their whole financial situation, which they later turned into an opportunity. They decided to rent their apartment for Bed and Breakfast.

They were successful and attracted multiple clients. They turned this into a full-time business by creating a website called Airbnb. It is now a billion-dollar industry and has made quite a difference in Travel, tourism, and housing in localities.

Net worth

Joe Gebbia started with nothing; however, his parents helped him pursue his interests. As a result, he built his empire along with his other partners. The value of Airbnb initially was 30K dollars, but as of 2021, it is now a billion-dollar company. Joe Gebbia has the role of advisor and is not on the company’s board.

Joe Gebbia Net worth

His current net worth is estimated to be around a whopping 11.4 billion dollars. According to Forbes, Joe Gebbia’s billionaire ranking is 191 and 66 in Forbes 400. His net worth increases each year based on liquid assets, diversified portfolio, and the real estate owned.


Joe Gebbia was always known to transcend people’s expectations and prejudices. He had a turning point in his life when his professor in High School told him he couldn’t achieve this project. However, he proved his professor wrong and achieved the project. This moment in his life has inspired him in every decision made. His career began at Chronicle Books; however, he always had entrepreneurial instincts since High School.

After moving to San Francisco, he became a billionaire and his partners by launching AirBnB, which is now found globally. Joe is quite inspirational, and his journey has impacted generations to come.

Preferred pronouns, if any.

Joe Gebbia prefers the pronouns He/Him. He is also open about diversity and acceptance of various sexual orientations. His aim of creating a space acceptable to everyone resonates with the LGBTQ community through AirBnB.


You wouldn’t believe Joe’s age as he looks young and athletic. He is such a charismatic individual and looks quite young. Joe always considered athletics and art of utmost importance, which keeps him calm and has slowed down his aging. Joe was born on 21st August 1981. Yes, this means that as of 2022, he is 41 years old. His zodiac sign is Leo, and he was born in the Chinese year of the Rooster.

Joe Gebbia age


Joe Gebbia has an above-average height. He is nearly 5 feet 9 inches tall. His tall height can be attributed to his genetics and his nutritious diet. Joe is quite active and finds himself to be athletic. Therefore, his BMI comes in the athletic range. He also has a lower body fat percentage and a weight of nearly 180 pounds. In addition, Joe has a healthy body and is free from chronic illnesses.

Joe gebbia airbnb


There is little information on Joe’s Father. However, he expresses fond memories with his father on Joe’s social media handle. His father was quite supportive of Joe growing up and helped him follow his talent. Joe and his father built a good relationship with sporting activities like Tennis, basketball, baseball, and more. His father also inspired him to take up piano lessons. It is evident that Joe’s father helped him shape his personality and make him the man he is today.


Joe’s father’s name is Joe Gebbia Sr, and his mother’s name is Eileen Gebbia. He was born and brought up in Atlanta, Georgia and then moved to San Francisco to pursue his dreams. He was raised along with his younger sister Kimberly Gebbia. Joe’s childhood was quite joyous, and he always expresses good memories about it. Joe comes from a white ethnic background. After moving to San Francisco and giving birth to AirBnB, Joe’s family is his corporate office and his employees. He loves traveling the globe and being an advocate of AirBnB and Samara, raising funds for homelessness.


There are currently no details about Joe’s relationship status. Based on his social media profile, Joe is not in any relationship. Joe is into a casual relationship or has decided not to reveal his partner. Apart from this, there are also no details about his sexual orientation. So there is uncertainty about whether his future partner will be his wife or his husband. Joe is quite engrossed in his work which can be one of the other reasons why he hasn’t found a life partner.


Joe loves traveling more than anything, and Airbnb has made it possible. Apart from this, Joe loves playing sports in his free time like Basketball, Tennis, and others. Joe also knows how to play the piano. He also loves spending time with his family and friends.


Joe Gebbia completed his High School at Brookville High in Georgia. He later pursued his career in industrial designs and achieved his undergraduate degree in arts from Rhode Island University. After achieving his BA degree, Joe pursued his higher education in business coursework at Brown University. He has an impressive CV and an excellent track record in academics.


  • There are no details about Joe’s relationship status.
  • As of 2022, Joe Gebbia is 41 years old.
  • Joe holds a Bachelor’s degree in fine arts and a major in industrial design.
  • Earlier this year, Joe returned to his High School Alma Mater to deliver the graduation speech.
  • Joe is the co-founder of the renowned application AirBnB.
  • Joe Gebbia has a sister, and her name is Kimberly Gebbia.
  • Joe was born and brought up in Georgia, USA.


1) When was Joe Gebbia born?
Joe Gebbia was born in 1981 on 21st August in Georgia to Eileen and Joe Gebbia Sr.

2) Who are the co-founders of Airbnb?
The co-founders of AirBnB are Joe Gebbia, Brian Chesky and Nathan Blecharczyk.

3) Does Joe Gebbia have a sibling?
Yes, Joe Gebbia has a sister, and her name is Kimberly.

4) Does Joe Gebbia have children?
Joe Gebbia has a dog named Belo, and he loves him more than anything. He considers Belo as his child.


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