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Kadence Clover Hawk is the child of the pro skateboarder Tony Hawk. She was born on June 30, 2008, and has blue eyes. Her parents are a famous couple in the skateboarding world. Tony Hawk has three sons and one daughter. Kadence is the youngest child. Her father and mother are very protective of their daughter. Kadence has her father’s good looks and her mother’s blonde hair. She also has her mother’s blue eyes.

Kadence is not yet an internet sensation, but the internet is a great place to keep up with the Hawk family. She’s already attracting a large following on her father’s account. Her father has more than six million Instagram followers and seven million on Facebook. Her mother also makes a decent income working for different companies.

In addition to being an accomplished skateboarder, Hawk is an avid volunteer. Hawk is also a co-founder of the nonprofit organization Athletes for Hope. Hawk has appeared in many television shows, including Breaking In, The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange, The Cleveland Show, Sesame Street, and Parental Guidance. She is also a member of the third season of The Masked Singer.

Hawk was inducted into the Skateboarding Hall of Fame and was named one of the most influential skateboarders in the world by Transworld Skateboarding magazine. Tony Hawk is a professional skateboarder who graduated from Torrey Pines High School.

He is considered one of the most incredible skateboarders and is credited with popularizing the sport. He began skateboarding at nine and was already winning competitions by the time he was fourteen. His parents praised his talent and put him in advanced classes.

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Kadence Clover Hawk is the only daughter of Tony Hawk, the legendary skateboarder. Her mother is Merriam Lhotse Hawk. The Hawks are based in Los Angeles, California. Her father is a professional skateboarder, and her half-brother is also a skateboarder. She has an oval face, brown hair, and freckles.

Tony Hawk and his wife, Merriam Lhotse Hawk, have a special bond with their daughter. Kadence, the youngest Hawk of the two, is treated like a princess. She has been to many events with her parents and has met many celebrities. Her parents are accomplished skateboarders, and they have taught her many tricks.

Tony Hawk; Lhotse Merriam

Kadence is an exceptional skateboarder, and she looks like her famous father. Tony Hawk is a professional skateboarder and performer and was married to Lhotse Merriam on January 12, 2006, and Hawks are famous in the skateboarding industry for their skateboarding skills. Lhotse Merriam Hawk is also a model and businesswoman. Kadence’s parents are wealthy.

Her parents earn money from skateboarding, and her father is famous for his skateboard tricks. Her famous skateboarding dad, Tony Hawk, has a net worth of $140 million. Tony Hawk also has over six million Instagram followers. She has no official social media account but is very popular among fans.

Education Qualification

She is a hardworking and talented young lady. She has made her father proud with her talent and hard work. Her father is also a famous skateboarder with more than 30 years of experience. Her father also owns a skateboard company, Birdhouse. Kadence Clover Hawk’s mother is a businesswoman and model. She is a dedicated fan of her father. She often travels with her father and has met many famous people.

kadence clover hawk instagram

Tony Hawk has three other children, including a son who also skateboards professionally. Hawk has appeared in several films, video games, and media events. In addition to skateboards, Hawk founded Birdhouse Skateboards and Hawk Apparel Company, which designs and sells skateboards, clothing, and accessories. Hawk also appeared in a popular video game series called Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater.

Net Worth

Kadence Clover Hawk is the youngest child of Tony Hawk, the legendary skateboarder. Tony Hawk’s net worth is counted to be around $140 million. Kadence is a very energetic child, and she acquired her father’s shocking looks and her mother’s light hair. She has fair skin, blue eyes, and a surprising smile.

Hawk’s family values their time with her and treats her like a princess. Kadence’s net worth is relatively low compared to her father’s. But her mother works at a few companies, earns a decent amount, and does many TV appearances.

kadence clover hawk skateboard

Hawk’s net worth is primarily derived from her career as an athlete and television personality. She has also accumulated significant wealth from her work with various companies. In addition, she owns a luxury house in Eugene, Oregon. Kadence is a highly talented skateboarder.

She is also the sole heir of Tony Hawk’s skateboard company. Their net worth combined is to be around $7 million. Aside from her professional career, Hawk has also built an impressive business empire.

Physical Appearance

Kadence Clover Hawk was born on June 30, 2008. Her father is the world-renowned skateboarder Tony Hawk, and her mother is a renowned actress, singer, and model. Tony Hawk has three other children, including Kadence. Kadence shares her father’s good looks and her mother’s blond hair and blue eyes.

kadence clover hawk age

Tony Hawk is an acclaimed skateboarder who has been married three times. However, she is very talented, and her father should be proud of his daughter. She is incredibly talented and hardworking and should be proud of her achievements.

Hawk also pursued formal education at Jean Farb Middle School, where she tested her IQ. School advisers recommended putting her in advanced classes using her IQ as a guide. Tony Hawk made his YouTube channel. He’s also been featured in several movies, including Waiting for Lighting and Comedy Bang! Bang!.

Career and Achievement

Kadence Clover Hawk has several award achievements. She succeeded in the Best Newcomer accolade at the 2015 ESPY Awards and has a son named Riley, who is also an accomplished skateboarder. Kadence Clover Hawk is the youngest of their three children. Hawk has appeared on a variety of Nickelodeon shows. She also helped launch the Ride Channel in 2002.

kadence clover hawk height

The channel features extreme sports such as skateboarding contests, motocross races, and extreme skiing. She also appears on the hit Nickelodeon show Tony’s Strange Life. In addition, Hawk made a cameo appearance in Sesame Street’s “Skate Academy” in 2006. In addition to skateboarding, Hawk joined the Bones Brigade skateboarding team.

Together, they accumulated a large following. Hawk has since gone on to appear in several films, including the upcoming “The Hunger Games,” which will be Hawk’s third feature film.


Kadence Clover Hawk is the daughter of skateboarding star Tony Hawk. The two communicate a very close bond; Tony has shared many pictures of them. They have a shared love of skating. Her parents are Tony Hawk and Lhotse Merriam. They were married in 2006. Kadence shares her father’s good looks and her mother’s blonde hair, who also has blue eyes. Her parents are very defensive of their daughter.

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Tony Hawk is an American professional skateboarder and entrepreneur. He is the inventor of the skateboard company Birdhouse and one of the most influential skateboarders in history. Her mother earns a decent income by working for various firms. Her father has over six million followers on Instagram. Kadence also has her own Instagram account, though she has kept it private. Kadence Clover Hawk is healthy and already a star in the skateboarding world.


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