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Karine Jean-Pierre is regarded as the first lesbian and the first black woman to hold the position of chief of staff. Being vocal about LGBTQ plus rights, Karine is the first LGBTQ person to become the press secretary of the United States in 2022.

Karine Jean-Pierre Wiki

Karine Jean-Pierre was born in Fort de France, Martinique, on 13 th August 1977. Her family later moved to Queens village, and she grew up in New York City. Karine has two siblings, and her childhood was spent taking care of her younger siblings because being the eldest of the three siblings, Karine took responsibility for her siblings when her parents were out at work.


Karine was born in Martinique, but she later moved to New York City, where she did her formal schooling and graduated from the New York Institute of Technology. Her first position was as the director of legislative and budget affairs for the New York City Councilor. She secured this post soon after her graduation. Later, she took up the post of an outreach coordinator and added the Walmart watch in 2006.

Karine Jean-Pierre Career

Soon within two years, she worked for John Edward and Barack Obama’s southeast regional political director for their presidential campaigns. Then, during the presidential trip of Barack Obama, Karine was appointed to be the regional political director of the White House office of political affairs. Then, in the 2012 reelection campaign for President Barack Obama, she was given the national deputy battleground states director position.

Karine has a very diversified career because she has been very vocal in politics and education. She worked as a lecturer in 2014 at Columbia University on the international and public affairs subject. In the same year, she secured the post of deputy campaign manager for the presidential campaign of Martin O’Malley and also became the spokesperson for the presidential elections in 2016.

karine jean pierre press secretary

In 2019 Karine became a political analyst for MSNBC and NBC News. She was also a very important part of Joe Biden’s presidential campaign in 2020 for her role as a senior adviser.

In 2021, Karine was included in the queer 50 lists of the fast company for being the first black woman and the first LGBTQ woman to represent in the White House press briefing. She then published her first book named moving forward. Since 2021, Karine has been serving the White House press secretary’s post and is actively participating in being the voice of today’s youth.

Net worth

Currently, the net worth of the political commentator and activist Karine Jean-Pierre is still under review.

Karine Jean-Pierre Net Worth


Karine Jean-Pierre is an American activist, political commentator, and American political campaign organizer, and it’s the current principal deputy press secretary of the White House. She was born on 13th August 1977 in the fourth city of Martinique. Her parents later moved to the Queen’s village in New York City, where Karine spent most of her childhood.

Karine graduated from the Institute of Technology, New York and has a master’s degree in public affairs from the school of international and public affairs department, Columbia University. Karine is married to Suzanne Malveaux, a correspondent at CNN.


Karine Jean-Pierre was born in Martinique on 13th August 1977. she is 44 years old and is very vocal and open-minded towards political propaganda and has I wish to change the world scenario. She is one of the finest and the first black woman to stand by many presidential campaigns in the USA and to be the voice of the LGBT community.

Karine Jean-Pierre Age


Though we’re trying our best, information regarding the physical status, including the height and weight of this powerful activist, is currently unknown. However, she is a bold and confident woman with black coloured hair and eyes.


Karine was born as the eldest daughter to the John Pierre family in 1977. The family then moved to New York City. Karine’s mother worked as a health servant and a home health aide, and her father worked as a taxi driver.

Karine Jean-Pierre Family

Korean is the eldest of the three siblings, and she has a younger brother and a sister whom she took the responsibility of looking after when her parents were out at work most of the time. Karine is married to Suzanne Malveaux, a CNN correspondent, and they both currently live in Washington DC.


Karine is married to the CNN correspondent Suzanne malveaux. They share a very strong bond and currently reside in Washington, DC. In addition, Suzanne and her adopted daughter also reside with the couple.

Suzanne malveaux and karine jean-pierre


Though Karine is a very vocal individual, her personal life is quite low because Karine does not want the world to know everything about her personal life except for the life she lives on the screen. However, reports close to the sources have revealed that Karine has a very strong interest in politics and has a Birds Eye for handling campaigns for the states’ interests.

Jean pierre white house press secretary

In addition, she is excellent as a public speaker and has an end edge for writing. In 2021, she proclaimed her writing skills by publishing her first very book called moving forward.


Karine jean pierre education

Karine has a degree in graduation from the New York City Institute of Technology. In addition, she has a master’s degree in public affairs from the international and public affairs school at Columbia University. During her master’s degree in 2003, Karine was part of the student government where she worked and got the interest in pursuing politics as her career.


  • Karen Jean-Pierre is married to Suzanne Malveaux, a CNN correspondent.
  • Karine Jean-Pierre published her first book called moving forward in 2021.
  • Karine Jean-Pierre is the first black and a gay woman to hold positions in presidential campaigns for the various US presidents, including Barack Obama.
  • Karine Jean-Pierre is a political commentator, activist and journalist by profession.


Who is karine Jean-Pierre?
Karine John Pierre is regarded as the first lesbian and the first black woman to hold the chief of staff position.

How old is Karine Jean-Pierre?
Karine Juan Pierre was born in Fort de France, Martinique, on 13 th August 1977.

Is Karine Jean-Pierre married?
Karine is married to the CNN correspondent Suzanne malveaux.


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