Who is Karolina Pliskova? Her Family, Mother, Father, Career and More

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Karolina Pliskova is a Czech Professional Tennis player. She was born on March 21, 1992. Karolina has been a former Number one Tennis player and has become a top performer for the Women’s Tennis Association. Karolina is very much renowned for her serves and forehand. When it comes to her achievement, Karolina has set new records and has won 16 singles tournaments held by WTA.

She also has won more than 10 titles on the ITF circuit with prize money of 20 million dollars. This is not the end, Karolina has also won the Grand Slam singles and the US Open in 2016 and the Wimbledon Championships in 2021. Know more about Karolina Pliskova and get to know more about her.

Karolina Pliskova Wiki


Karolina started playing Tennis quite early, In 2010, she won the Australian Open Junior. She made her Grand Slam debut in 2012, and though she did not make it to the end, she held her head high. In 2013, Karolina started the year with Brisbane International but did not make it after the first round.

Karolina had defeated Alexandra Panova and Irina Falconi. She made the title herself in the Malaysia Open in 2013, where she defeated Bethanie Mattek Sands in the sets of Three. In the same year, she made the WTA first doubles title to herself alongside Kristyna and became the first twin to win the title.

Karolina Pliskova Career

2014 was a breakthrough for her in her career, she reached her second WTA finals where she had to defeat more than 50 Top players to reach the final. Even though Karolina did not win the final. In the same year, she made her third WTA final but still did not win the final. This made her entry into the Top 50 of the Tennis world where she had to defeat Ana Ivanovic.

Overall, Karolina has made an entry to the WTA finals more than five times and has won two times was considered to be a breakthrough for her career. Her debut in the top 10 started in 2015. By the end of 2015, she was ranked 11 and was among the top 20 Popular players. She also played as a Czech player and won the Fed Cup.

Karolina pliskova ranking

2016 began with the Hopman Cup and also she won against Jarmila Wolfe and Victoria Duval when she represented the Czech. 2016 was when she became the runner-up for US open singles. The following year she won the French Open and became the world no.1.
Currently, Karolina is suspended and cannot play due to a recent hand injury and this also resulted in her not appearing in the Grand slam. We hope she gets back in form and does well in future.

Net worth

Karolina Pliskova is among the top and most popular Tennis stars. She is very popular, hard-working and has worked hard. She was born on 21 March 1992. She represents Czech and is considered to be among the top women in WTA. Karolina has been honoured with so many awards. She has won more than sixteen Single titles and more than 10 Double titles.

Karolina Pliskova Net Worth

She started her career in tennis, she won the Australian Open Junior and 2014-2019 are considered to be pivotal points in her career. Karolina has actively endorsed products for Fila and she always uses the Babolat racket. An estimated amount of her net worth is around 15 million to 20 million dollars.


Karolina Pliskova is a professional Czech Player, she was born and brought up in Czech. Karolina has won many titles, More than 16 singles titles, and Double titles. Pliskova reached the top and was named the number one player by the Women Tennis Association. She has not only won games at tournaments held by WTA, but also she won The US grand open, Wimbledon championships and more. Karolina as a young kid was not very much interested in playing tennis, but thanks to her parents who kept motivating her.


Born on March 21, 1992, in Czech. She is the daughter of Radek Pliskova and Martina Pliskova. As of 2022, Karolina is 30 years old. Karolina also has an elder twin sister Krystina, who was born two mins before her. Both of them grew up in Louny in their hometown and both of them were encouraged by their parents to learn to play tennis.

Karolina Pliskova Age


When it comes to her Physical information about how tall Karolina is. Karolina is very tall. According to recent information, Karolina is somewhere around 186 cm tall.

Karolina Pliskova Height


Karolina Pliskova was born and brought up in the Czech Republic. She was born in 1992. Karolina is the daughter of Radek Pliskova and Martina Pliskova. She was brought up in her hometown. As a child, she wasn’t someone who was very much interested in tennis, but her parents got their kids to engage in sports activities. When it comes to her relationship, Karolina Pliskova is married to Michal Hrdlicka. The pair dated for two years, and in 2017 in London Michal Proposed to her and they got married in 2018.


Karolina and her Twin sister Krystina were born in Czech. They were born to Radek Pliskova and Martina Pliskova. Their parents have been very encouraging to their children and have always asked them to enjoy playing tennis.

Karolina pliskova coach


When it comes to Karolina Pliskova’s past relationships no information is known about them. Karolina is married to her boyfriend Mechel Hrdlicka and has been together for four years. Mechel Hrdlicka proposed to Karolina and asked her to marry him in 2017, and the pair had an intimate wedding in 2018. Karolina and Mechel stay in Monte Carlo. When it comes to Children, Mechel had an ex-wife and his daughter Linda. The couple has been very expressive of their love for each other.

karolina pliskova husband


Karolina has completed her Higher Secondary education at a Local School in Louny. But when it comes to her college education nothing is revealed yet or no information is available.


Karolina Pliskova is a huge fan of Paulo Coelho and she loves watching movies and listening to songs.


  • Karolina Pliskova is a world-class professional player. She was born on 21 March 1992 in Czech.
  • Karolina has a Twin Sister Krystina who is older than her.
  • Karolina is a huge fan of Paulo Coelho and his works.
  • Her all-time favorite food is Pasta.
  • She spends her time while being with her family members and loves listening to Pop music.
  • She also has a very keen interest in Fishing.


Who is Karolina Pliskova?
Tennis professional from the Czech Republic named Karolina Pliskova. Her birthday is March 21, 1992. Former No. 1 tennis player Karolina is now a standout performer for the Women’s Tennis Association. Karolina is well known for her forehand and serves. Karolina’s accomplishments include breaking records and winning 16 WTA singles competitions.

How old is Karolina Pliskova?
Czech Republic, March 21, 1992. She is the offspring of Martina and Radek Pliskova. Karolina will turn 30 in the year 2022. Krystina, Karolina’s older twin sister, was born two minutes before her.

Who is Karolina Pliskova married too?
Karolina Pliskova is wedded to Michal Hrdlicka in terms of their union. After two years of dating, Michal proposed to her in London in 2017, and they were married the following year.

What is the total net worth of Karolina Pliskova?
Karolina Pliskova is one of the best-known and most successful tennis players. She works extremely hard and is well-liked. Karolina consistently plays with a Babolat racket and has aggressively promoted Fila products. She is thought to have a net worth of between $15 and $20 million.


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