Ketanji Brown Jackson Biography, Wiki, Career, Net worth, And More

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All you need to know about Ketanji brown Jackson, the American attorney, and jurist set to become the next U.S. Supreme Court Judge.


Biography and Wiki

Ketanji brown Jackson, born Ketanji Onyoka Brown, On September 14, 1970, is an American-based attorney and the United States Court of Appeals judge for the District of Columbia circuit incumbent. She has served as the federal judge at the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia circuit since 2021 and is currently set to become the next Supreme Court judge.

Jackson was born in Washington DC and was raised in Miami, Florida. She assumed her office on June 17, 2021, and was appointed by the current 46th president of the United States, Joe Biden. Ketanji strongly believes in the ideology of the Democratic Party and is a part of the progressive movement’s agenda due to her background and her zeal in her law profession of being a public defender who also hails from a labor-friendly family.


Jackson graduated from Harvard University from college and law school and served as an editor on the Harvard Law review. The career began with three clerkships, one of which was with the U.S. Supreme Court associate justice Stephen Breyer.

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In addition, she has also served as the District Judge for the United States District Court for the District of Columbia, and she was also a jurist serving as a Circuit Judge at the United States Court of Appeals. She was part of the vice-chair of the United States sentencing commission from 2010 to 2014, and Jackson has been a member of the Harvard board of overseers since 2016.

Jackson was nominated to the U.S. District Court by the then president of the states, Barack Obama, in 2012. She was soon confirmed for the position of the Senate in 2013, and she served the court for nine years until elevated to the Court of Appeals in 2012. However, a new responsibility was held at her shoulder when the current U.S. President Joe Biden nominated her to be the associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United states proceeding Merrick Garland, who retires in 2021.

Net worth

Her net worth is $23 million U.S. dollars. She is currently nominated at the Supreme Court by U.S. President Joe Biden. Her annual salary was $300,000 as a jurist serving as a circuit church at the United state Court of Appeals. Her monthly income is estimated to be USD 170,000. Her income from investments includes two million USD, IRS taxes paid are USD 18,600. She owns five luxury cars and has three house properties.

Ketanji Brown Jackson Career

Age and Early life- Born on September 14, 1970, Jackson is 41 years old and hails from Washington, DC. As most of her childhood was spent in Miami, she graduated from Miami Palmetto Senior High School in 1988 and later moved to Harvard University to study law. She was born to Johnny and Ellery Brown, both were graduates from historically black colleges and universities in the U.S.

Her family moved to Florida when she was four years old as her father was a history teacher and wanted to attend the University of Miami School of Law to be a full-time student.

Jackson often cites that her father is her inspiration because he worked hard for his family and himself to become the attorney for the Miami Dade county public school board. At the same time, her mother was also an educator and was the principal of the new world arts school in Miami Dade College from 1993 to 2007. In addition, her brother, Ketajh Brown, Joined the United States Army and has also served two tours of duty in Iraq.

Relationship status

Jackson married surgeon Patrick Graves Jackson in 1996. Her spouse belongs to the Boston Brahmins, the members of Boston’s traditional upper class, who are usually associated with Harvard University.

Ketanji Brown Jackson Biography: Relationship Status

Jackson’s relationship with Patrick Jackson is undoubtedly a strong one. During her opening remarks, while addressing the crowd, she said that she has been married to her husband for the past 25 years and has found unconditional love from him. Without his support from the beginning, she wouldn’t be able to march through this incredible professional journey.

She further added that they met in college more than three decades ago, and since then, Mr. Jackson has been the best husband, father, and friend, and she loves him very much. Though both belong to different backgrounds, they have the same habits. Ketanji Completed her law degree from Harvard University, while Patrick graduated from Columbia University medical school. They are college sweethearts and have been happily married for the past 25 years with two kids, Talia, 21, and Leila, 17.


On 22 and March 2022, Jackson was scrutinized at her confirmation hearings. The Republicans accused her of her lenient approach as a trial judge towards Imposing sentences to the accused in child pornography cases. In addition, she was accused of deviating from the federal sentencing guidelines that favor child porn offenders.

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Though the court’s record suggests that Jackson did pose lighter sentences to the offenders, it could not justify that even the senator has voted to confirm a few federal judges were involved in the same practice. In her two days of questioning by the Senate questioning committee, she was put under the scanner for her decisions on child sex abuse cases. The questioning deteriorated when heated arguments arose.

Facts about Ketanji Bown Jackson

  • The United States will have its first black female associate justice after 160 years of the Emancipation Proclamation if Jackson acquires the position of Supreme Court judge.
  • She is an extraordinary woman the high qualification and is an exemplary High Court experienced jurist with a strong resume and qualifications.
  • She has experience working as a trial court judge in the U.S. District Court in D.C. for eight years, one year into private practice, and 15 years of experience as a public defender.
  • Though the court includes a conservative majority, Jackson’s position will play a leading role, having professional experience as a judge and a strong background.
  • Her personal experiences of a black woman in the United States will also change how cases are approached before the court and how the arguments within the majority and the minority will be formed.
  • Her presence is also set to be paramount in altering the parameters of public policy in the United States.

Facts about Ketanji Bown Jackson

Here is all you had to know about the newly nominated judge at the Supreme Court- Ketanji Brown Jackson. Stay tuned to our page and be updated to know more about Jackson.


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