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KOZO is a well-known tattoo artist, and people are keenly interested to know more about her. People wish to know more about his family, his personal life, his girlfriends, his income, and his professional life. Here is a whole bunch of information for you.



Some of the most amazing artworks are very well portrayed through tattoos. Eden Kozokaro, better known as Kozo, is one such surrealist tattoo artist who is known for creating some meticulously detailed art on the human body, which he feels is his canvas.

Kozo Wiki

He has been in the field of tattooing since he was 17 years of age. Now, at the age of 24, Kozo has his presence in New York City. He hails from Israel, where he got his early education and perfected the craft of tattooing.

Kozo works from the Bang Bang studio in SoHo. He is known to blend pop culture with some amazing fine artwork to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece for his clients. Though little is known about Kozo and his background, we wish to tell you more about his process and his finest works that have made him taste success.


Kozo has always been fascinated with art, and he studied painting and drawing throughout his teenage years. He began tattooing at the tender age of 17. The beginning of the tattooing career was not very fancy, and it started with a machine purchased from eBay. His first few clients were his friends who got tattooed in his bedroom turned studio.

Kozo specializes in micro-realistic tattoos inspired by the famous painting of Salvador Dali: “The Persistence of Time.” He was amazed by the result and wanted to dig the style deeper and eventually mastered it. He is inspired by numerous traditional painters like Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Jacques-Louis David, and many more.

Kozo Career

He imbibes their work ethic and persistence, along with drawing inspiration from their paintings. He believes that these legends are the epitome of hard work that led to success. His designs are a fusion of different tattoo styles inspired by numerous artists.

The main challenge faced in making micro-realistic tattoos is giving time to the minutest of detail in a limited time period. Tattoos are not the same as paintings, as human skin is sensitive to pain. His tattoos are all entirely unique, and he never does the same tattoo twice. He loves doing tattoos with stories attached to them and loves when clients provide him the freedom to create wild designs.

Net Worth

Kozo is known to have inked celebrities like Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Ruby Rose, and Demi Lovato, which makes him one of the most celebrated and biggest names in the tattoo industry. In addition, Kozo charges a huge sum for his services that have helped him raise a $5 million net worth.

Kozo Net Worth


Eden Kozokaro, better known as Kozo Tattoo on Instagram, is loved and appreciated by his clients. He is making waves as a tattoo artist as his tattoos are not old-school black-inked tattoos. Instead, he creates beautifully colored micro designs that look incredible. His tattoo designs have taken social media by storm. Eden Kozokaro is an amazing artist from Israel.

The signature style of the artist is to create pop culture tattoos that are mesmerizing and so real. This 24 year old tattoo artist is amongst the top 10 famous artists who create micro-realistic tattoos. He currently works at Bang Bang studio in New York. All his designs are limited edition and original.


Many of you would be surprised to know that the color wizard has just turned 24, proving that the undeniable talent can make up for the lack of years of experience. He says that he started at the age of 17, and the tattoo culture in Israel was very small, supportive, and loving. For him, tattoos are an expression of art.

Kozo Age


Not much is known about the family background of Kozo. All we know is that he was raised in Israel and studied art for the longest time. He started practicing professional tattoos from the age of 17.


The handsome young man is around 5’10’’ in height, but accurate information about him is not known.

Marital Status

Kozo is 24 years old and has never disclosed his personal relationships. Nothing is known about his girlfriends, and we are unsure about the marital status.

Kozo Relationship


Kozo always finds a way to express the classical paintings within a size to fit people’s requirements. His designs are minimalistic as he believes that less is more. He loves traveling and watching movies. Japanese animation by Studio Ghibli is his favorite as they create some inspiring forms of art.

Kozo loves the details and aesthetics in their designs and tries and implements them in his painting. Kozo loves to tattoo images that are backed with some great stories. He believes that travel impacts his tattooing and the cities inspire his artwork.

Kozo Tattoo Prints

Traveling inspires him to create a lot of designs and makes him believe that the common language of art always connects people. He loves to travel to South Korea as he is greatly influenced by Korean culture and artists. He wants to explore different cities and their culture continuously. He plans to leave for Tel Aviv and create something new as he travels around the world.


Kozo has been a student of art and has practiced painting and drawing throughout his elementary years. He has studied in Israel and loved to draw inspiration from the local culture.


Facts of Kozo

  • Eden Kozokaro is popularly known as Kozo.
  • He has become a worldwide sensation and is known for his incredible designs.
  • Colored tattoos are his forte, and these tattoos are visually captivating.
  • However, Kozo takes tattooing to an entirely different level with his mind-boggling precision.
  • His art is known for its steady lines, smooth gradients, and gorgeous micro tattoo creations.
  • He has over 1 million followers on Instagram with the username @kozo_tattoo.
  • With over 284 posts, he is taking Instagram by storm.


1. Who is Kozo?
Eden Kozo is an Israeli tattoo artist who began his career at the age of 17. He started with the cheapest machine he could buy from eBay, and his friend became his first client.

2. How was tattoo culture in Israel?
The Israeli tattoo artist Kozo is of the opinion that the tattoo culture in Israel is quite loving, small, and supportive. His tattooer friends try their best to prove it to everyone that tattoos are an expression of art.

3. How did he get into tattooing?
Kozo has always been fascinated with different art forms and studied painting and drawing throughout his teenage years. He began tattooing when he was 17 and converted his bedroom into a studio.

4. Why are his tattoos unique?
Kozo’s tattoos are unique as he never repeats the same tattoo twice. He loves doing tattoos having stories behind them, and loves when the clients provide him the freedom to create some wild designs.


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