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Lazar Angelov was held in Sofia, Bulgaria, on September 22, 1984. He was a weightlifter, but he is now better known as an entrepreneur. His motivation arrives from the success of his clients. He has helped people transform their lives and bodies.

Lazar Angelov is a member of the fitness and sports industry. His professions included bodybuilding and personal training, and he held several other roles, including basketball player and model. He has an impressive social media following. He has over 5.5 million Instagram followers and 700k YouTube subscribers.

He has worked with several sportswear and nutrition companies and has even appeared in television commercials. He has also played for brands such as Frant Ltd Men’s Fashion and Nike. His physique has attracted many admirers. Lazar Angelov has a passion for fitness. He recently opened his website devoted to fitness. In addition to his training, Lazar Angelov is an entrepreneur who offers health and fitness advice through his YouTube channel.

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Angelov was active in basketball when he was younger. During his high school days, Lazar Angelov was a member of the junior national team for Bulgaria. Later, when he was eighteen, he joined the army and spent a year and a half in the army.

At this time, he started to develop an interest in bodybuilding. Angelov’s parents were involved in his sports career. His parents were keen on raising an athlete and a man with a strong character. They encouraged Lazar to pursue his interests, which led him to pursue bodybuilding.

He later earned a personal trainer certificate from the National Sports Academy and has over a million followers on social media. He is a professional bodybuilder and former national basketball player from Bulgaria. He has a good reputation in bodybuilding circles and is considered one of the most influential nutrition experts in the world. Many of his clients include sports brands. In addition to being a role model and an inspiration, Angelov has become a recognized nutrition expert.

Education qualification

Lazar Angelov has been in the bodybuilding industry for over a decade, and his physique is remarkable. He has won bronze medals in every competition and has never taken any performance-enhancing drugs. His physique is both extremely lean and symmetrical, with superb playability. He has also created a large following on YouTube.Lazar Angelov is a fitness model with thousands of followers. His physique is quite attractive.

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He also earned a personal training certificate at Bulgaria’s National Sports Academy. At age 16, Lazar Angelov was part of the junior national team. He later moved on to play for the National Basketball Association of Bulgaria. Despite his impressive genetics, Lazar Angelov dedicates much time to his workouts and follows a strict diet.

He works out different muscle groups daily, performing isolation exercises and compound movements. He also lifts weights regularly, keeping good form throughout. Angelov’s training is based on traditional principles, including compound lifts and heavy ab workouts.

Net worth

Lazar Angelov is a Bulgarian bodybuilder, fitness athlete, and personal trainer. He has many followers on social media. His net worth is estimated at $6 million. He received his training certification from the National Sports Academy.

Angelov spent ten years playing basketball before realizing his true potential as a fitness instructor. He is widely regarded as the best fitness trainer and bodybuilder in the country.

lazar angelov net worth

Lazar Angelov is a fitness influencer with a great social media following. His body is unique and has made him a popular figure in the fitness world. He exercises regularly. Lazar Angelov’s health and fitness videos are popular on YouTube.

His YouTube channel has many subscribers, and his social media accounts also have many followers. His videos are motivational and aimed at helping people achieve their fitness goals. In addition, his YouTube videos and personal websites provide tips and guidance on healthy eating, exercise, and living.

Physical appearance

Lazar Angelov stands at six feet one inch, and his weight is 88 Kg. He also has brown looks and black hair. The Bulgarian basketball player started to work out when he was young. After that, he did several basketball workouts and added weights as well. Lazar Angelov’s motivation comes from the clients he trains.

His clients have helped him change their lives and their bodies. In addition to basketball, Lazar Angelov has become a fitness model and world-class fitness trainer. His big arms and ripped body have helped thousands of fitness enthusiasts worldwide achieve their goals.

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He is a professional basketball player and a personal trainer and has been in the fitness industry for the past decade. He has a chiseled physique, which is a result of a strict diet that emphasizes protein and vegetables.

He also avoids sugar and drinks lots of water. The diet helps him maintain a healthy weight and keeps him energized. In addition to the diet and exercise regimen, Lazar also runs. He likes to run the same distance every day. It, in turn, enhances his strength and lean muscle mass.

Social media status

Lazar Angelov was born in Bulgaria on September 22, 1984. He grew up playing basketball and even joined the national team. He then discovered bodybuilding and began to train for it during his military service. He then gained a personal training certificate and competed in bodybuilding competitions worldwide.

He has millions of followers on social media and offers nutritional counseling to people worldwide. He prefers low-carb, high-protein foods. His diet also includes plenty of water. Lazar is a busy man, and he works out hard. Besides a healthy diet, he also takes supplements to help him maintain his muscle.

Career and achievement

Lazar Angelov is a professional bodybuilder. He began competing in 2006 and has never missed a competition. Before getting involved in bodybuilding, Angelov played basketball for many years. He also served in the army. After finishing his military service, he began taking bodybuilding classes.

He has won numerous awards and is a fitness influencer who advises people from all over the world. He started as a professional basketball player and transitioned to fitness modeling and bodybuilding. Later, he realized that his passion was helping others achieve their goals through fitness.

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So he began sharing his knowledge through online video and social media. He eventually became a fitness influencer and launched his fitness business. While a former professional basketball player, Angelov is now a fitness model and trainer.

Although he has had his ups and downs in his career, he has remained dedicated to his training and career as a bodybuilder. Aside from his impressive athletic ability, Angelov also follows a strict diet. His diet includes a variety of healthy foods.

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His diet also includes a lot of water. Angelov has spent countless hours building up his physique. Building muscle mass requires a lot of energy but maintaining it requires even more energy. For this reason, he trains regularly and intensely. Lazar Angelov also advocates a low-carbohydrate diet. He also recommends consuming protein-rich foods and avoiding those high in carbohydrates.


Lazar Angelov is a professional bodybuilder and personal trainer. He has competed in various bodybuilding competitions. Originally from Sofia, Bulgaria, he played basketball for many years, leading his team multiple times in scoring. At 16, he joined the Bulgarian junior national team and eventually went to the Bulgarian National Basketball Association. He began bodybuilding and gained a certificate for personal trainers from the National Sports Academy.

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Lazar Angelov’s workout routine consists of compound and isolation exercises. His diet is calorie-restricted. When it comes to weightlifting, he prefers to lift heavy weights. He also follows a strict diet and has a long-term goal of losing fat. His diet is established on the philosophy of quality over quantity, focusing on muscle growth and maintaining good shape. He also spends a few minutes a day doing cardio.


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