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La Lisa, who also goes by the name La Lisa is one of the four members of BlackPink. She was born and brought up in Thailand and plays the role of a singer and a dancer, and a Lead Rapper. She Joined as a YG trainee after she was the only one selected among the 4000 applicants from Thailand.

Lisa is very talented and has played a pivotal role in BlackPink. She released her solo album, La Lisa, in 2021. The album containing the lead singles La Lisa and Money were chart hits. She became the most Viewed Korean Soloist in 24 hours and gained the Guinness World Record and MTV Video Music Awards. She became the first Korean Soloist.

Lisa Wiki


Lisa as a young kid, was very enthusiastic about dance, and since the age of 4, she has been consistent and competed in many dance competitions. She and BamBam from Got7 joined The Dance Crew Named Wee Zaa Cool. The group, 2009, had entered a Dance competition hosted by LG Entertainment and was broadcasted on Channel 9. The Wee Zaa Cool Dance group won the Special Team Award.

In 2010, Lisa auditioned for YG Entertainment, joined YG, and became a trainee. Before her debut, Lisa was a part of Taeyang Music Video Linga Ringa. She also was a background dancer for Winner and iKon. She was also modeled for Nona9on and Moonshot.

Lisa Career

In 2016 the group debuted. The group’s first album was Square One, which consisted of their lead singles Boombayah and Whistle. The song debuted on Goan Digital and was on Billboard’s World Digital Chart. The second Album, Square Two, consisted of the songs Playing with Fire and Stay, which became a song to chart on the Canadian Hot. 2018 was filled with many successes and personal endeavors for the group.

The group released their Japanese EP, and their song How you like that And Du du du became a Hit across the globe. Not only this, the songs became the most viewed video on the Internet. The group has collaborated with foreign artists like Dua Lipa and Selena Gomez. In addition, the group released their new single Titled Pink Venom, which has become a hit.

Lisa genshin impact

Lisa has also been part of a Music Video With Megan Thee Stallion, Ozuna, and DJ snake. She also debuted as a Soloist and released her Album, La Lisa. The album was highly anticipated among the fans, and rightfully so. The lead single, La Lisa, became the Most Viewed Video in 24 hours.

The song also gave Lisa more recognition and fame. She was known in different parts of the world. Lisa Won the MTV Video Music Award and set a Guinness World Record for the same. This made a First Korean Soloist achieve this.

Net worth

Lisa is one of the members of BlackPink she is the main Rapper and Dancer. She also sings. Lisa auditioned for YG entertainment after being part of a dance crew called Wee Zaa Cool. She came to Seoul in 2011 and became a trainee. The trainee year was filled with both highs and lows. Lisa is one of a kind; she was featured in the Music Video of Taeyang RingaLinga before her debut.

Lisa Net Worth

Her Debut with Blackpink was in the year 2016. The group debuted with their album, and the album entered the Gaon Digital Charts and also The Billboard World Digital Charts. Not only this, most of their songs Kill This Love, How you like that, du du du have become some of the best songs released by the group. It is estimated that Lisa Manobal has an estimated net worth of 14 million dollars.


Lisa Manobal, born In Thailand, is one of the members of the world’s biggest Girl group from South Korea. Lisa legally changed her name from Pranpriya Manobal. La Lisa Has been a global Icon for many, and many females look up to her. As a member of a girl group, Lisa is responsible for Rapping, dancing and sometimes singing. Lisa was signed by YG entertainment in 2010, and she became a trainee in 2011 when she came to Seoul from Thailand. Lisa also debuted as a Soloist in 2021, and she released her first album, Lisa.

Preferred Pronouns, if any: BlackPink members are a global Sensation. Each member has their individuality and their fanbase. Lisa Manobal is one of the members of BlackPink. She plays the role of a Singer, Rapper and dancer in the group. All the Girls are exceptionally phenomenal and have taken the world by storm. When it comes to pronouns, nothing is known, and we assume Lisa’s pronoun to be She/her.


Lisa Manobal was born in Thailand on March 27, 1997. Her mother and stepfather brought her up. Her stepfather is an Active Chef in Thailand and is very renowned. Lisa has been a dancer ever since she was four years old. She has been friends with BamBam From GOT7. As of 2022, Lisa Is 25 years old.

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When it comes to how tall these girls are, Lisa Manobal is 1.67 m or 167 Cm tall.

Lisa Height


Lisa Manobal was born as Pranpriya Manobal in 1997. She legally changed her name and is now referred to as La Lisa Manobal. Lisa was raised as an only child. Her Mother is Thai, and her Father is of Swedish descent. Lisa completed her Secondary education at The Praphamontree School. Unfortunately, not much information is available about her bringing up and birth Father.

Lalisa Manoban


We don’t have any information about Lisa’s Birth father. She was raised by her mother and her stepfather, Marco Bruschweiler, a renowned chef who is actively working in Thailand.


BlackPink Members are always in the spotlight and have become a prime medium of attention when it comes to rumours of them dating their fellow Co-K-pop idols. When it comes to Dating rumours, YG entertainment has always denied that the members are dating someone.


Lisa Manobal was born in Thailand on March 27, 1997. She has completed her Secondary Education at Praphamontree School. Unfortunately, when it comes to Lisa’s college education and graduation, we have no information available, and we hope we soon get to know more about Lisa Manobal Education qualifications.



Lisa Has been very enthusiastic about dancing and has actively joined a dancing group. She also has her own Youtube Channel named Lili Films. She has over 1.3 million subscribers.


  • Lisa Manobal is from Thailand, and she was born in the year 1997.
  • Her name was Pranpriya Manobal, and she legally changed to La Lisa.
  • Lisa and BamBam from GOT7 are friends.
  • Lisa’s Father is a renowned chef in Thailand.
  • Lisa can be very strict when it comes to dancing.
  • Lisa won the MTV Music Awards as a Korean Soloist and became the first South Korean Soloist to do so.
  • Lisa’s La Lisa Music video earned more than 73.4 Million views within 24 hours of release.


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