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Elizabeth Hannah, also known as Liz Hannah, started her career as a producer but later started as a Full-time screenwriter. She is best known for her work in the film The Post, which was released in 2017 and is a Journalism based drama.

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She is nominated for the Golden Globe awards for Best Screenplay for this movie. With her kind and loving Personality, Liz has become one of the favourite screenwriters in the Industry. Elizabeth was born in 1985 in New York. Looking more of her work in the future, she has made an impact through her skills as a writer.


After Liz completed her undergraduate from the Pratt Institute, she was admitted to the AFI Conservatory, a film school in Hollywood for Producing. She completed her graduation from AFI, and later she went to Los Angeles for her new job at the Denver & Delilah Films.

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After working for several years in Development and production, she realized that she wanted to quit and pursue writing, and she wrote a script and sent it to her boss. Her boss at that time encouraged her to pursue writing as a full-time profession. As a result, she wrote the Web series titled Guidance.

After this, she took a break and read, The Personal History, an Autobiography published by Katharine Graham, who had written about her Husband’s Mental health-related illness and how it affected her life. While reading the autobiography, her now-husband encouraged her to write the book in the form of a film.

Once she finished writing the story for the film, the script was sent to many people she knew through agents. Then later, producer Amy Pascal called her. The script was listed second on the Black List, which is an annual list of the unreleased most liked screenplay. Later under the direction of Steve Allan Spielberg, the screenplay was released as the Post.

The next film written by her is Long Shot, which is an American comedy romantic film or ROM com. The film was based on a political comedy and was released in 2019. She also has written all the bright places with Jennifer Niven, which Netflix will release in 2020. Many new projects are being worked on with Amazon video, Netflix and many more production houses.

Net worth

Elizabeth Hannah, also known as Liz Hannah, started a career as a producer but later, working in the field, she explored writing and became a screenwriter. She is known for her work, the Post, a true story written by Catherine Gharam.

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The film is a journalist thriller drama which was loved among the audience. Apart from this, Elizabeth has been working with Amazon Video and Netflix for many new releases. The estimated net worth of Elizabeth is somewhere to be around 5 million dollars.


Elizabeth Hannah is the writer of the popular journalism-based Thriller drama Film Titled The Post. The film was written as a challenge she received from her husband after she finished reading the autobiography written by Katharine Graham.

She started her career in 2005 as a producer who worked at Denver and Delilah production. Later on, after working for a few years, she realized she was interested in writing and started pursuing writing as her career. Liz Hannah was born in New York in 1985.

Preferred pronouns, if any

Liz is married to her then Boyfriend and now Husband. She prefers the Pronouns She/her.


As a Writer, Liz started her career in 2016. Even though she always wanted to do writing as a full-time job, she worked as a development producer for a few years. Born in 1985, Liz will turn 37 years old in 2022 on December 1.


No information is available regarding Elizabeth Hannah’s height. We hope in future more information will be released about her.


With every year, Liz Hannah is growing as a screenwriter and has come a long way. She is behind movies like The Post, Long Shot, All the Bright places and more.

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But unfortunately, the writer has managed to keep her personal life very much private, and not much information is available about the screenwriter’s parents.


Not much information is available about her personal life. Much of Liz Hannah’s childhood is unknown, and hardly any information is available on who her parents were and how she was raised.

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All of this information we hope to be updated in the future, and hopefully, we can tell more about Liz to her fans.


Liz is married to her long-term Boyfriend, Brian Millikin, who is also a Screenwriter by profession.

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The pair got married in 2017. Nothing is known about how the couple met, and they do have one child. If Liz Hannah is Pregnant. Not much information is available about Liz’s personal life.


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No more information about Liz’s hobbies and what she likes is available. Though on many occasions, she has mentioned watching series, and through her social media, she has always been posting about current affairs.


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Elizabeth Hannah has completed her undergraduate study at Pratt University. After completing her Undergraduate, she got an internship scholarship and Got admitted to AFI Institute for Learning Producing.


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  • Liz Hannah is also known as Elizabeth Hannah.
  • She is the screenwriter for the movie The Post.
  • She married her fellow screenwriter Brian Millikin in 2017.
  • She has one son.
  • She has worked with Netflix to produce a film titled Long Shot.
  • Liz Hannah uses the Pronouns she/her.
  • She started her career as a producer, and later in 2016, and she started her career as a writer.


Who is Liz Hannah?

Liz Hannah, also known as Elizabeth Hannah, is a Golden Globe-nominated screenwriter nominated for her work and screenplay in the Movie The Post. The Post is based on the autobiography written by Katharine Graham which depicts her struggle with dealing with a Husband’s Mental health issues and society.

Are Liz Hannah and Elizabeth Hannah, the same person?

Yes, they are the same person. Liz is the pet name used for Elizabeth. Elizabeth Hannah or Liz Hannah is a screenwriter. She started her career as a producer, but later she developed an interest in writing and started pursuing it full time.

Is Liz Hannah Married?

Liz Hannah has an amazing personality. She is kind, loving, and helpful. She married her boyfriend, who is also a fellow Screenwriter. However, we do have no information about how Liz and Brian Met. The pair got married in 2017 and has a son.

How old is Liz?

Liz was born in the year 1985, and she completed her Graduation from AFI Conservatory in Producing. Liz Hannah will turn 37 on December 1, 2022.


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