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Luiza Rozova is a controversial figure in Russian politics. Her relationship with Vladimir Putin has been linked to rumors of her secret lovechild. Before becoming a billionaire, Luiza Rozova’s mother, Svetlana Krivonogikh, was a cleaning lady.

Luiza Rozova was born on 3 March 2003 in Petersburg. She is now part-owner of a major Russian bank. After all, she is the rumored secret love child of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Her mother, Svetlana Krivonogikh, is a millionaire.

As for her background, she has a bachelor’s degree in international economic relations from Saint Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance.

She is currently a student in St Petersburg, Russia. Russian multimillionaire Svetlana Krivonogich is the mother of Luiza Rozova, the daughter of Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. Although there is no official confirmation of the relationship, Luiza Rozova is saying to resemble Putin’s younger self. Putin has never publicly acknowledged her daughter. But she has been quiet about the rumors. She has also kept silent on her relationship with her husband, and her Instagram account was visible until last week.

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Despite these rumors, it is still hard to prove if the Russian president is the father of Luiza Rozova. Her birth credential states that she is the daughter of President Putin, but he has not confirmed this publicly.

While her mother has been happy with her daughter’s fame, her father has never confirmed that she is his child. It has caused speculation among the public that the Russian government is behind the lovechild scandal.

Luiza Rozova Parents

Svetlana Krivonogikh, the Russian President’s alleged mistress, is a multimillionaire. She is linked to Vladimir Putin and is one of the richest women in the country. She lives in a fancy house. The mother and daughter were born in 2003, so she’s a distant relative of the President. And as a result, Luiza Rozova is a possible heir to his wealth.

Education qualification

Vladimir Putin is a famous Russian leader and businessman. He had his education from the prestigious KGB and the St. Petersburg State University. His education has equipped him with the skills to become a successful leader. He has always been committed to his country and has always put his country before himself. Consequently, he has been able to lead his country with great success despite his lower economic status.

Luiza Rozova Instagram

He has been capable of maximizing his potential and has earned the respect of both the Russian people and the global community. He is still very ambitious and is working hard to take Russia to greater heights.

Luiza is an alleged love child of Vladimir Putin. Her father has never publicly acknowledged her, and she has been ridiculed for it. She was once a student at a University in St. Petersburg. She has since become a prominent figure in Russian society.

Luiza is currently studying at the University of St. Petersburg in arts and culture management. Her father is also an important figure in the country.

Net worth

At the moment, Luiza Rozova uses the social media platform Instagram to share her posts. She has almost a hundred thousand followers, but she has not revealed her face. Although she is not known for her Instagram account, she has many followers. She lives in luxury and is constantly scrutinized for her alleged relationship with the Russian president.

Luiza Rozova Net Worth

In addition, her mother is a multimillionaire. While Luiza Rozova’s net worth hasn’t a bee, her mother revealed fortune is impressive.

Social media status

At the moment, Luiza Rozova uses the social media platform Instagram to share her posts. She has almost a hundred thousand followers (The account is now deleted after the Russia Ukraine war).

Although she is not known for her Instagram account, she has many followers. The Russian actress has a large following on Instagram and regularly posts updates on her profile.

Luiza rozova putin instagram

Until October 1, she had over eight thousand followers. Her last post showed her foot sticking out of a duvet. She posted several photos of herself but was careful to obscure her face.

While many people believe she is Putin’s love child, no official confirmation has been released. Likewise, Luiza Rozova’s Svetlana Krivonogikh, the former mistress of the Russian president, has not been publicly identified. After being publicly exposed as a Russian socialite, Luiza has since shut down her Instagram account. She had 84,000 followers. Six months ago, she stopped posting publicly on her account.

Physical appearance

Luiza Rozova is a Russian model and social media star who became famous after being ‘outed’ by the Russian government. As the daughter of Russia’s richest woman, Svetlana Krivonogikh, Luiza Rozova was also photographed posing with a designer handbag and holding a cocktail glass.

Her mother, the multimillionaire Svetlana Krivonogikh, is also a successful nightclub owner. Her lifestyle is lavish, and her personal life is frequently scrutinized. She is 5 feet 7 inches towering and weighs 54 Kg. She’s short, has brown hair, and wears glasses.

Elizaveta Krivonogikh

However, her appearance on stage is striking. She’s dressed in an elegant, high-necked gown with sheer sleeves, and she has long copper-colored hair.

Recently, a Russian press outlet ‘outed’ the secret daughter of Russian President Vladimir Putin, known as Luiza Rozova. She later shut down her Instagram account after receiving online abuse.

Although the two were never formally linked, Luiza Rozova’s mother was one of the wealthiest women in Russia. She once worked as a cleaner before becoming one of the Russian President’s lovers. She followed the Saint Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance.


The mother of Luiza Rozova is a multimillionaire who is reportedly a part-owner of a major Russian bank. Svetlana Krivonogikh had worked as a cleaner before she made millions. Although the Russian government restricts Russian citizens from traveling abroad, her mother has made it her goal to spend time in Paris.

According to reports, Luiza Rozova has an active Instagram account and updates her followers regularly. In addition, she seems to have paid endorsements and promotions.

Luiza Rozova Career

However, some of her posts have been criticized by netizens who claim that she is a Russian spy. As of this writing, Luiza has not posted anything on Instagram since October. And her Twitter account has been shut down since November, making it more difficult for people to contact her.

Elizaveta Krivonogich was born on March 3, 2003. A Pisces, she is tuned to the spiritual aspects of life and maybe a psychic with heightened sensitivity.

Despite the rumors about her paternity, Luiza Rozova is a wealthy Russian. Her net worth is estimated to be $10 million by 2022. Luiza Rozova’s Instagram account had over 84,000 followers when she last posted.

Although she stopped posting on her account openly six months ago, she still has over 84,000 followers. Her former Instagram account now reads “user not found.”


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Vladimir Putin’s wife is Lyudmila Aleksandrovna Ocheretnaya, who is the present president and ex-prime minister of Russia.

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Vladimir Putin was born on 7 October 1952. He is a Russian politician and former intelligence officer.


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