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The fitness guru, fitness model, and social media influencer Lyzabeth Lopez was born in Toronto on January 2, 1981. Her passion for exercise led her to lift weights and participate in many fitness competitions, including WNSO (Worlds of Sports Organization. She began teaching aerobics and gymnastics at age 16 and has since won numerous fitness competitions. At age 18, she became a celebrity bodybuilder.

Before becoming a fitness instructor, Lyzabeth Lopez took up several sports, including artful dance and cheerleading. At that point, her love of bodybuilding grew. As a result, she competed in the Olympics and was named the best figure skater in the world.

As a mother, Lyzabeth has one son. Her first child was born on January 20, 2019, and has been named Tyson. In addition, she’s earned a good sum from her professional career. Her awe-inspiring career and income have made her a household name in the health and fitness industry. The beauty queen’s success has helped thousands of women around the world. She owns a YouTube channel devoted to fitness, nutrition, and exercise. Her YouTube video, “Lyzabeth is a Fitness Queen,” has many views. With her flawless body and healthy mindset, she has helped thousands of women embrace their bodies. She is an inspiration to millions. And she is an example to many who want to lose weight and get healthy.

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Lyzabeth Lopez is a successful businesswoman. She has a prestigious title and a thriving online presence as a holistic nutritionist, fitness instructor, and master trainer. As a consequence, she enjoys a lavish lifestyle. Lyzabeth Lopez began teaching gymnastics and aerobics at the age of 16. She participated in bodybuilding competitions at age 18 and gained several titles.


She has only one child who is a boy. Today, she conducts her own online fitness business and promotes it on Facebook.

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Despite being 37 years old, she maintains a trim, hourglass figure. And she’s also active on social media, sharing her tips for a healthy lifestyle. In addition, she’s a natural in the gym. As a kid, Lyzabeth participated in different sports. She enjoyed competitive gymnastics until she broke her leg at age 12. After the injury, she developed a love for weight lifting. As a result, she joined weight-lifting classes at a YMCA.

Education qualification

Lyzabeth Lopez was born in Toronto, Canada. She is of mixed descent and has been a personal trainer and Registered Holistic Nutritionist. She is married and has a son, Tyson, who was born early in 2019. The WNSO competition, held in early 1999, catapulted her to fame. She also went viral after winning a franchise for a fitness gym called ‘The Hourglass’ Workout.

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Lyzabeth Lopez has a YouTube channel where she shares workout videos, fitness tutorials, and healthy recipes. The fitness world is a demanding place. Lyzabeth has worked hard to get her perfect body. She has been a champion of women and has become an icon in the fitness world. She has performed so much in her young life. Despite her young age, she has achieved her goals and is now pursuing her modeling career as a side-hustle. She has also been spotted posting pictures on Instagram and has millions of followers.

Net Worth

Born on January 2, 1981, Lyzabeth Lopez is a popular social media personality. She’s a fitness trainer, writer, television host, and holistic nutritionist. Her dedication to fitness has transformed thousands of women’s bodies. As a fitness freak, Lyzabeth is a highly sought-after figure. She has competed in numerous bodybuilding competitions and has been approached by numerous brands for brand endorsements. In addition, her net worth is estimated to be $5 million.

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The fitness star’s impressive personal history has garnered her attention. She has been a part of several YouTube fitness videos, and her channel regularly features fitness tutorials and workout videos. She’s a Christian and holds Canadian Nationality. She’s been active in fitness for many years and has built an impressive physique. Besides modeling, Lyzabeth Lopez has an extensive YouTube channel. The actress also has many other interests, including entrepreneurship and nutrition.

Physical appearance

In addition to her many accomplishments as a fitness model, Lyzabeth has advocated for healthy eating. She is 5 feet 5 inches towering and weighs 62 kg. She has green eyes and blonde hair, and an award-winning holistic nutritionist, fitness instructor, and TV personality, Lyzabeth Lopez has a unique skill set. She has extensive knowledge in the fitness industry and has even been featured on a popular reality show.

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Lyzabeth Lopez’s height, weight, and body measurements have earned her the respect of many. Her popular YouTube channel focuses on workouts and nutritional advice. With over 1.7 million views, Lyzabeth is making a splash in the fitness world. Yet, despite her fame, she remains humble about her appearance. Her daily workout plans have become wildly popular, and her followers are dedicated to her work.

Career and achievement

Despite her young age, Lyzabeth Lopez is already a highly-respected actress and model. She has garnered numerous award recognitions for her various projects and has become one of the most famous social media personalities on the planet. She also has millions of followers on Facebook and TikTok.

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Her popularity continues to grow and is expected to continue to rise. Lyzabeth Lopez is a fitness trainer, holistic nutritionist, and writer. She was held in Toronto, Canada, and has been involved in the fitness industry since she was a teenager. She began her fitness journey at home, performing home workouts as a child.

As a result, she has the body of a model. In addition, Lyzabeth is a certified holistic nutritionist. She has won many awards and accolades. In 2015, she won the PRO Fitness competition in Canada and was a top contender. She also created the largest youth dance event in Canada, the STOMP Urban Dance Competition, a certified fitness trainer, a certified health coach, and an influential social media personality.

Her Instagram page,, is constantly updated with the latest fashion trends. With a wildly active social media following, she has earned the respect of fans. Besides being a top celebrity, Lyzabeth is an icon in the health and fitness industry.

Social media status

The model and fitness guru Lyzabeth Lopez has millions of fans across social media platforms. She won the Hourglass franchise and was featured in numerous magazines and commercials.

In addition, she has worked with various local businesses, appeared in countless fashion magazines, and appeared in many commercials. Her fan base is rapidly growing, and she continues to post interesting content on her channels, gaining millions of followers daily.

Her infectious personality and love for healthy living have garnered her a loyal following of fitness and wellness enthusiasts. Her career has been featured in numerous magazines and online publications, and she has many fans on Instagram. She has over 10 million supporters on Instagram. In addition, her fitness videos have garnered 1.7 million views. She has become an influential form in the fitness world with her videos.


Having huge popularity on social media, Lyzabeth Lopez is collaborating with numerous commercial brands. She has interests outside of acting, including reading, photography, learning, traveling, and internet surfing. While acting and dancing are her primary forms of entertainment, Lyzabeth Lopez also has a huge fan base on Instagram and Facebook.

In addition to her renowned Instagram posts, Lyzabeth also enjoys blogging and modeling. Her social media accounts generate a wide variety of interesting content, and she regularly shares her photos with her fans. In addition, she is a health freak and has participated in numerous bodybuilding contests. Besides working out, Lyzabeth Lopez is an avid fan of stretching exercises and yoga. Regarding food, Lyzabeth Lopez enjoys fresh green salads, seasonal fruits, and vegetable juices. She works as a nutritionist and runs her own online fitness business.


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