Where is Maria Victoria Henao Now? Bio, Age, Dob, Life Scandals, and Present Relationship Status

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Maria Victoria Henao, often known as Mrs. Escobar, has recently broken her silence about her marriage with Pablo Escobar in her book titled, “Mrs. Escobar: My life with Pablo.” She stayed off the spotlight for decades after the demise of Pablo Escobar, and this book revealed her true story of being the wife of the King of Cocaine.

Maria’s formative years are not quite known as she led a private life. Her education and her life as a student are not known, or there are no records. However, it is likely that being married to Pablo and getting a kid at the age of 16 made her take responsibility early.

Maria Victoria Henao Biography

Maria loves dancing a lot, and it is her favorite hobby. She grew up with her parents and two siblings, one of which introduced her to Pablo.


Maria Victoria Henao was born in Columbia in a small village called Palmira Valle Del Cueca. She was born in 1961. She is currently 62 years old. Her firstborn is 47 years old, while her second born is 37 years old.

Present Relationship Status

After 17 years of Marriage to Pablo Escobar, Maria’s dating life is unknown. She leads a private life and has been in the spotlight for decades. Hence, it is hard to say about her relationship status after 1993.

Maria Victoria Henao Bio: Relationship

Net worth and career

Being the wife of Pablo Escobar, one might assume that Maria got access to all his wealth which was worth 30 billion dollars in 1993. This is now worth 64 billion dollars. However, it is hard to say if Maria has access to this wealth. This is because the government froze all of Pablo’s Assets and his properties. Therefore, the only thing left from his fortune was gold and hard cash, which are untraceable.

Apart from this, Maria is a creative writer and has published her book about her life being married to the King of Cocaine. Her son authors the book. The signing deal of the book is unknown; however, it can be anywhere between a million dollars.

Maria victoria henao net worth

Life Scandals

Maria Victoria Henao is the spouse of the prominent Colombian drug dealer Pablo Escobar. While many know about Pablo Escobar, his wife also played a prominent role in his drug cartel. Pablo Escobar might be a criminal and a drug dealer for the whole world, but for his wife, he is a Prince Charmer who loves her more than anything. Maria Victoria Henao married Pablo Escobar at the age of 15 and were together for 17 years as a happily married couple.

Despite a good marriage with Maria, Pablo was involved in extramarital affairs. However, Maria considered him to be quite affectionate and would do everything in his power to make her feel loved and embrace her. Furthermore, she emphasized one of the most special gifts that Pablo gave to her during the initial years of togetherness: a Yellow Bicycle.

A year after their marriage, Maria was pregnant and gave birth to Juan Pablo at the age of 16. Juan is now called Sebastian Marroquin. Then, after seven years of their marriage, Maria gave birth to her second child Manuela.

Maria Victoria Henao Wiki

Maria was unaware of Pablo’s occupation in the initial years of their marriage. She assumed his profession was something to do with Real Estate, and Pablo didn’t reveal it to her.

While many argue, Maria grew suspicious about Pablo’s absence at home for days who would come back with chunks of money. Three years after initially meeting Pablo, Maria learned about this actual profession when he was arrested in 1974. Despite Pablo’s criminal activity, Maria remained a supportive spouse to him till his dying breath. That being said, Maria didn’t want to be a part of his cartel and was deeply upset with her husband’s extramarital affairs.

It takes great courage and strength to be in a marriage with contradicting thoughts and ideas, and Maria has made it happen. She was in the marriage till the dying breath of her husband when he was murdered in 1993.

How did Maria meet Pablo?

Maria Henao ‘s brother Carlos worked under Pablo as a drug trafficker for his cartel. While her brother worked for Pablo, Maria and Pablo crossed roads with each other. Pablo started taking an interest in her and showered her with precious gifts. Maria fell in love with Pablo, and they got married.

What happened to Maria Henao and her kids after Pablo’s death?

Well, Pablo knew that his days were soon going to be over as the Colombian police were approaching him. So he set aside some fortune to take care of his family; however, as fate would have it, his family didn’t get the money. So it is a total mystery what happened to the money to date.

Maria’s life was complicated while being married to Pablo, and it became even more convoluted after his demise. Maria had to take care of her two children and seek asylum in Germany and Mozambique. However, she was denied asylum. She became a migrant and was looking for places to settle down with her family. In the end, she bore roots in Argentina.

She was living a life off the spotlight with her children. However, despite this, she was arrested along with her family in 1999 on the charges of money laundering and robbery. She claimed that she had nothing to do with these charges, and it was a ploy by the Argentinian government to show their stand against drug trafficking.

What Happened To Maria Victoria Henao

She and her children were behind bars for almost a year and a half. The police also alleged that Maria knew deeply about her husband’s business and chose to remain silent about it.

Maria Henao is currently living in Argentina and her mother-in-law and her son. However, a daughter left the family and chose to break away from them.

While her son has made a good life for himself, he became a professor and was the author of the book that shone a light on the world on Maria being the wife of Pablo.

Maria was silent about her husband’s wrongdoings for years. However, she broke that silence in 2018 by apologizing to the world for her husband’s terror attacks and the world’s wrongdoings.

Maria has been raised to the challenges brought to her and is now living a somewhat peaceful life. She also changed her name to Victoria Eugenia Henao as the final blow to sever ties with Pablo after his demise.

Maria Victoria Henao bio


  • Pablo is 13 years older than Maria.
  • She married at the age of 15 and gave birth to her first child at 16.
  • She was denied asylum in Germany and Mozambique.
  • She changed her name to Victoria Eugenia Henao.
  • She has two siblings.
  • She was married to Pablo for 17 years.


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