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Mariya Putina is professionally an acrobat dancer and a director for multiple initiatives. However, her professional career is often overshadowed by her father being a major political leader in the Soviet Union. Yes, her father is Vladimir Putin. There is very limited information about her early childhood days as she was homeschooled.

Mariya Putina Wiki

Additionally, while completing her higher education, she was given an alias to be shielded from political attacks and personal grudges against the President. Despite the restrictions, Mariya Putina has achieved a lot. However, her father’s protected nature towards her has kept her life private and shielded her from the media. Hence, there is limited information about her personal life.


Mariya Putina is multi-talented and has access to all the resources that have made her who she has become today. Despite her father’s political career, she chose to enter the field of medicine. She became a doctor on her merits and specialized in Pediatric Endocrinology.

Mariya Putina Career

Apart from her career in science, she is also an acrobat dancer with many other talents. She also has interests in performing arts while also being an excellent pediatrician.

Mariya is known to work closely with her father on genetic engineering as it is part of her research. She also wrote a book on idiopathic stunting, which solely revolves below the 16 years age group.

Net worth

It is hard to determine the Mariya Putinas network. However, current data suggests her net worth to be around 10 million dollars. This does not account for her father’s assets, who is the President of Russia. In addition, she probably has multiple trust funds.

Mariya Putina Net Worth

Apart from this, she also gets her income as a Pediatrician and researcher. Therefore, due to her diverse financial sources and limited access to data, it is hard to determine her exact net worth.

Mariya is also speculated to be married to the Dutch of the Netherlands, and it’s likely to contribute to her net worth with multiple estates in Austria.


Mariya Putina’s full name is Mariya Vladimirovna Putina. She is known to be the eldest daughter of Russian President Vladimir Putin. There are also speculations that Mariya was a KGB spy; however, details about this are currently unknown. She works for her father as a specialist for rare genetic diseases among children.

Mariya Putina Biography

In addition, she is an academic scholar and has her name in multiple research papers in CRISPR technology, endocrinology, genetic engineering, etc.

The US Government recently sanctioned her during the ongoing Ukraine-Russia war as financial transactions of Mariya indicate that she receives billions of dollars of funding from the Kremlin, which Putin himself personally oversees. This was followed by the UK, EU, and Japan.

Preferred pronouns, if any

Mariya Putina’s sexual orientation is straight, and she is interested in women. Mariya’s preferred pronouns include she/her and hold the “Dr.” Prefix before her name, an expert in medicine and genetic research. She is also a mother. Hence, it is evident that her preferred pronouns are she/her.

There is currently no knowledge of Mariya’s support for the LGBTQ community. Mariya likely supports her father’s decision to ban same-sex marriage. However, it is hard to determine her views on this as we cannot assume her to support her father’s decision unless she is interviewed.


Mariya Vladimirovna Putina was born in Leningrad, Russia. She is currently 37 years old (as of 2022), born on the 28th of April, 1985. Her zodiac sign is Taurus, and her Chinese zodiac sign is Ox.

Mariya Putina Age


Mariya Putina has an above-average height of 1.63 meters. Her interest in acrobat dancing has greatly shaped her physique, and she has an erect posture making her stand upright. She is the pride of her father. She has blonde hair and bluish-grey eyes. She looks quite young for her age and lives a healthy lifestyle.


Mariya Putina was born to Vladimir Putin and Lyudmila Putin in 1985. Her father was a former KGB spy and is currently the President of the Soviet Union. She has held the President’s office for 22 years, and he is soon approaching his silver jubilee of heading the state. However, there are many scandals involving her father.

Mariya Putina Father

He has led controversial decisions, the most recent one being the attack on Ukraine. Mariya is known to have a close relationship with her father, and they share frequent financial transactions on research funding for genetic engineering in children.


Mariya Putina is the eldest daughter of the current President of Russia. Her mother’s name is Lyudmila Putin. Her parents divorced in 2014 after 30 years of marriage, which they publicly announced on state TV.

She has a younger sibling Katerina Tikhonova. Apart from this, there are speculations that Mariya has two half-brothers (Putin’s likely affair with Kabaeva, former Olympian).

Mariya Putina Family

However, there is no confirmation of this. Mariya was married to the Dutch of Netherlands Jorrit Faasen in 2008 and divorced him in 2022. She is currently married to Yevgeny Nagorny.

Mariya has two sons; the elder is from her marriage with Jorrit, and the younger one from her marriage with Yevgeny. She currently resides in Russia.


Mariya was married twice; her first marriage failed and ended with a divorce after 14 years. Her current husband is Yevgeny Nagorny, who works for the Russian Oil & Gas company. Her first marriage ended due to marital differences influenced by people’s political views that made Mariya move from the Netherlands to Russia.


Mariya loves adventurous activities and is an adrenaline junkie. She is known to spend a lot of time in Austria at the Bad Gastein resort.

Therefore, she enjoys skiing and spending time around snow. She loves fun and adventurous activities. Apart from this, she also loves spending time with her sister and her parents at the beach.

Hence, Mariya loves outdoor activities more than anything. A perfect date with Mariya would not be at a restaurant but probably at a ski resort.

Mariya also enjoys dancing and spending time with her sister. However, she loves her work as research more than anything and aims to make the world a better place with her research.


Mariya was always fascinated by the medical field, especially genetic engineering and pediatric studies. So she studied Biology at St. Petersburg University, which is a prestigious university in Russia. Later on, she completed her medical studies at Moscow State University.

She also completed her Ph.D. and has become an expert in endocrinology and rare genetic diseases among children.


Facts of  Mariya Putina

  • Mariya Putina is an endocrinologist pediatrician.
  • She is the daughter of Vladimir Putin.
  • She specializes in rare genetic diseases in children.
  • She studied Biology at St. Petersburg University.
  • She was married to the Dutch of the Netherlands and is now divorced.
  • The US government sanctioned her for being the eldest daughter of Putin and based on her financial transactions with Putin amidst the Ukraine-Russia war.


1) Who is Mariya Putina?
Mariya Putina is the daughter of Vladimir Putin?

2) Is Mariya Putina a scientist?
Yes, Mariya Putina is an endocrinologist pediatrician specializing in rare genetic diseases and conducts research in genetic engineering.

3) What is Mariya Putina’s net worth?
Mariya Putina’s net worth is estimated to be around 10 Million dollars.

4) Does Mariya Putina have a sibling?
Mariya Putina has a younger sister; her name is Katerina Tikhonova.


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