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Michelle Obama is a well-known author and attorney in America who is better known as the former first lady of USA. Born on 17 January 1964, her full name is Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama and she was the pioneer of the African-American origin to serve as the first lady of the country. She is married to the former President of the United States, Barack Obama.

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Michelle lived in Chicago, Illinois and graduated from Princeton University. She later joined Harvard Law School. Her legal career began with Sidley Austin, a well-known law firm, where she met her husband, Barack Obama. She also worked for several non-profit organizations and was the associate dean at the University of Chicago for Student Services.

She also served as the vice president at the Medical Center of the University of Chicago for Community and External Affairs. She got married in 1992 and has two daughters.Michelle always campaigned for Obama’s presidential bid in the years 2007 and 2008. Her keynote address at the Democratic National Convention was a game-changer. She has delivered phenomenal speeches at a convention in 2012, 2016, and 2020.

She was considered a role model and advocated strongly for physical activity, education, poverty awareness, nutrition, and health. She is a fashion icon who always supports American designers. Her influence has always been the same, even after Obama’s presidency was over. She stood first in the Gallup’s poll and was coined as the admired woman in America in the year 2020.


After graduating from Harvard Law School, Michelle joined Sidley & Austin, a law firm in Chicago as an associate, where she met Barack Obama. She was responsible for intellectual property law and marketing. She still has a law license but has had it on inactive status for the past 19 years now.

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She was also a part of the Chicago city government in 1991. She was an assistant to the Mayor. Michelle also held the post of Assistant Commissioner of Planning and Development. Later she joined the Chicago office of Public Allies in 1993 as the executive director. This non-profit organization worked with young people on social issues. She raised a lot of funds in the four-year work span.

Michelle also served as the Associate Dean at the University of Chicago in 1996. She worked for the Student Services, where she developed a Community Service Center. Later, she worked with the University of Chicago Hospitals. She was appointed as the executive director for community affairs and later became the vice president for Community and External Affairs.

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When Barack Obama announced his candidature for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008, Michelle took a lead role in his campaign. She took a leave from the University of Chicago and spent time campaigning and taking care of her daughters. She is a mesmerizing speaker who actively spoke for her husband’s presidential race.

She openly discussed her husband’s faults and explicitly told the audience that he, too, is human and bound to make mistakes. She got the uncommitted voters to attend the rallies with the power of her speech. On November 4, 2008, Obama was sworn in as the 44th president of the United States. He was again elected in 2012.


As of 2022, her net worth is estimated at around $110 Million. As per the income tax return filed in 2006, she drew a salary of $273,000 from the University Of Chicago Hospitals, while Barak Obama drew a salary of $157,000 from the United States Senate.

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She was also on the board of TreeHouse Foods and earned a lot from her royalties and investments. In 2021, she announced to be thinking of retirement. She is still quite active in political campaigns but has reduced her workload and spends more time with family. Michelle Obama is also a well-known author and has written more than nine successful books. She earns huge royalties through them each year.

It is estimated that she earns more than $15 Million through these royalties. As per sources, she has earned more than $40 million as royalties. Spotify also entered into a deal with her for three years. The deal was estimated to be for about $15 Million. She will earn the amount through her podcasts each year. Michelle Obama owns about 14 real estate properties, 3 Luxury Yachts, and 6 Cars.

It is estimated that she has Cash Reserves of more than $22 Million and owns an investment portfolio valued at $20 Million. She lives in a posh 10,000-square-foot home in Chicago, Illinois. She brought the house with nine bedrooms for about $12 Million.


Michelle Obama was born in Chicago, Illinois, on January 17, 1964. Her father, Fraser Robinson III, was a Democratic precinct captain and a water plant employee. Her mother, Marian Shields Robinson, was working for the Spiegel’s catalogue store as a secretary.

The ancestral roots of her family can be traced back to the pre-Civil War African Americans living in the South of America. Her paternal great-great-grandfather was born as an enslaved person in Georgetown, South Carolina. Her grandfather Fraser Robinson, Jr., lived in South Carolina but settled in Chicago after retirement.

The maternal ancestors were also born in slavery. All four of her grandparents belonged to multiple races. She spent her childhood in the South Shore area of Chicago.


Born on January 17 1964, Michelle Obama is 58 years old. She stands tall at 1.8 m and is considered a fashion icon.

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Marian Robinson, Michelle Obama’s mother, was a stay-at-home mom. Fraser C. Robinson III, her father, worked at the water purification plant. He died due to prolonged illness in 1991. She considered her father’s death as a turning point in her life.

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Michelle Robinson met Barack Obama at Sidley Austin LLP, where she mentored him as a summer associate. They watched ‘Do the Right Thing’, where Barack thought it to be perfect opposites attract scenario. She was the mature kind, while he was adventurous. They married in 1992. Michelle suffered a miscarriage and later went for Vitro fertilization to give birth to their daughters Malia Ann and Natasha in 1998 and 2001.

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They initially lived in Chicago, where Obama worked at the Law School of the University of Chicago. He later became the state senate and the US Senate. They are a perfect example of balancing work and family. Their daughters went to the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools. Michelle was on the school board. Later, Michelle’s mother, Marian Robinson, moved into the White House to help with child care.


Michelle’s elementary school was near the house. She enjoyed playing games with the family, loved reading, and stayed with her extended family. She learnt to play the piano from her great-aunt. When her father became ill, she had the pressure to perform well at school.

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She joined the Bryn Mawr Elementary School in the sixth grade. She later went to the Whitney Young High School. The school was three hours distance from her home. She faced gender discrimination but later became a part of the National Honor Society. She graduated from Harvard Law School.


Her favourite sport is Tennis. She says that her hobbies include exercising and spending quality time with her daughters. She loves going to their lacrosse and soccer games on the weekends.

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“Song of Solomon” is her favourite book. Her love for reading is known to all. She also loves kid’s books: “Where the Wild Things Are” and “Goodnight Moon.”


  • Michelle Obama endorsed Hillary Clinton, a Democratic nominee and made amazing speeches in her favour.
  • She addressed the gathering at the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.
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  • During Barack Obama’s second term, she participated in the Reach Higher Initiative and helped the students know the job opportunities.
  • As the first lady, she started the Let’s Move! Program. It aimed to curb childhood obesity.
  • Marlon Brando is her favourite actor, and she loves to watch Cate Blanchett.


What does Michelle Obama do?
Michelle Obama is a well-known advocate, author, and podcaster. She earned over $15 Million through her podcasts.
How tall is Michelle Obama?
She is 1.8 meters in height.
What is Michelle Obama’s weight?
She weighs around 135 lbs.
Where did Michelle Obama graduate from?
She studied law at Harvard Law School.
How did she meet Barack Obama?
Michelle Obama met Barack Obama at the law firm of Sidley Austin in 1988. She mentored him as a summer associate.


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