Netflix shows which were popular with the critics but unpopular with the audience

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Even though they may draw in large numbers of viewers, several Netflix original shows haven’t fared as well with critics. These highly lambasted shows didn’t lose viewers despite getting worse through time or from others that weren’t terrific, to begin with.


Grace and Frankie

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When Grace and Frankie debuted in 2015, Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin’s star power made it an instant hit with fans. The two legendary actors play two ladies who have a troubled connection but get together when they discover their husbands are having an affair.

Even though the show had a lot of talent and a large audience, the very first season of the series received a lot of different reviews from critics. Many people thought the script was overly typical of sitcoms. However, it has received much more favorable feedback in the succeeding seasons.


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These days, one of the most popular television genres is dark, gritty criminal mysteries. Bloodline not only had a compelling plot about a Florida family that is torn apart when one of them dies, but it also had an excellent cast that included Kyle Chandler and Ben Mendelsohn.

Even though the reviews for the show were a touch mixed, it quickly rose to become one of the most popular Netflix series. However, as it went on, the reviews became negative as they discovered that it had veered into the affected area, paced itself slowly, and ended with a poor series conclusion.

Fuller House

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With the return of several famous shows, television revivals have developed into a rising trend. As Netflix reintroduced the Tanner family, focusing this time on the younger crowd raising children in the family home, Full House became one of the most eagerly awaited comebacks.

It was a success partly because of the excitement surrounding the comeback of such a beloved ensemble from a great sitcom. But for critics, the original series’ enchantment appeared to have worn away. They noted that the sentimentality swiftly wears off and that what’s left are awkward and apparent jokes.

13 Reasons Why

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It enjoyed a comparable level of popularity before Euphoria, with its high school drama about disturbed kids, became the most talked-about program on television. The gritty drama centers on a young fellow who is on a mission to learn the truth about a classmate’s suicide.

The show quickly sparked controversy, piquing viewers’ attention and boosting its popularity on Netflix. Although the first season of the show mainly received favorable reviews from critics, many found that the show handled most of the problematic subject matter poorly in the following seasons.

The Ranch

Which Netflix series has the highest ratings

Netflix included a number of its sitcoms, with The Ranch being among the most well-liked, in addition to popular television series such As the Office and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. In the movie, Ashton Kutcher plays a retired football player who goes back to his homeland to work on the family ranch.

Up until its conclusion in 2020, the series remains one of Netflix’s top-watched comedies for four seasons. However, The Ranch was never as well-liked by the reviewers, who viewed it as a derivative and unfunny sitcom.

Emily in Paris

What is the most watched non English series on Netflix

Many people look to Netflix for a show that offers some lighthearted escapism. That contributes to the popularity of the film Emily in Paris, in which Lily Collins plays an American who relocates to Paris to begin working at a marketing agency.

When the show debuted initially, it became a significant phenomenon since so many viewers were enthralled by the romance and fashion of the program. Although it gave audiences some mindless entertainment, critics thought it was a cliche-filled romp with no interest in accurately portraying French society.

Iron Fist

What is the best Netflix original right now

Marvel Netflix episodes were welcomed with a lot of excitement by fans. These gritty, bloody superhero shows, like Jessica Jones and Daredevil, became popular with critics after their debuts.

However, the last new hero to make an appearance broke that streak. Fans were familiar with this aspect of the Marvel universe by the time Iron Fist debuted. Critics, however, criticized everything about the series, from the acting to the battle scenes.

Hemlock Grove

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Hemlock Grove was never as famous as other Netflix horror shows like The Haunting of Hill House or Stranger Things. Yet, it maintained a sizable fan base of loyal followers for three seasons.

It happened in the town with the same name, where a terrible evil was dormant. Fans became engrossed in the bizarre horror story, from the mysteries to the graphic gore. But the series turned off critics, who many of them described as having an overall bad experience.


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