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Born on 14 August 1986, Olli Haaskivi is a man with a lot of talents. He is famous for having used these talents to the fullest. Olli was born in Cleveland, Ohio, United States. Over the span of his career, he has been widely recognized for his acting talents, and his job has earned him worldwide recognition.

olli haaskivi manifest

He is quite versatile, and his acts are impossible to ignore. Irrespective of the character he’s playing, Haaskivi brings in great authenticity to every opportunity he grabs. People recognize him for his roles played in The Sinner and Manifest. Olli has also been active on the big screen and has done some impressive work there.

The first appearance of Olli in 2021 was in the role of Dr Nagel for The Falcon, but both of his parents are from Finland. Before getting married, they migrated to the United States, but most of his extended family lives in Finland. Olli was born in Ohio but raised in Florida. He presently resides in New York City.


Olli was born in Ohio and raised in Florida. After completing his studies at Michigan, he started acting on stage. The career began with Off-Broadway and later grew to play a wide variety of roles. He has played the role of super-geniuses, sensitive boy, and literary figures. On-screen, he is a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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His upcoming movie in 2023 is Oppenheimer. He played the most famous role of Dr Wilfred Nagel in the year 2021for the movie The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. He was a part of Motherless Brooklyn as Hall of Records Clerk, The MisEducation of Bindu as Mr Deedham, and Oh Jerome as Pete in 2019. 2018 was a great year in the career of Olli as he was a part of some big names like Manifest as Isaiah, Nancy as Dr Waters, Who We Are Now as Waiter Kevin, and Freak Show as Tour Guide.

The proficient actor was also seen in The Deuce, Get Shorty as Reed Jennings, and Going in Style as Man Showing House in 2017. The Lennon Report saw him as Clerk Andrew Adams in 2016 and 2015, too had some great memories in the works like Z: The Beginning of Everything as Vogel, Mr Robot as Shelter Tech, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt as Shane, and Orange Is the New Black as Aide. What started it all was Elementary in 2012, where he played the role of Terry Weaver.

Net Worth

olli haaskivi net worth

The Finnish-born American actor Olli Haaskivi is renowned for his classic acting. His total net worth is estimated to be between $500 thousand to $1 Million. The major income comes from TV, movies, commercials, and endorsements.


Olli Haaskivi has been in the acting field for a long now. He began doing theatres in the initial years of his career and got a lot of applause from the audience. But, starting with school plays and graduating to theatres and movies, he has come a long way since the initial years.

He loves acting and does not treat any role as big or small. He is a committed actor who loves his art. He does not distinguish between large and small screens and does not even care about his finances. All he looks out for is to grow and learn more every day. Thus, he does some amazing and stunning jobs. Olli was born in 1986. He is an American actor who is currently 35 years of age. His zodiac sign is Leo.

NameOlli Haaskivi
DOB14 August 1986
Age35 years old
Height5 feet 7 inches
ParentsKai Haaskivi and Maarit Marjaana Haaskivi
Marital StatusSingle
EducationUniversity of Michigan


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Olli’s date of birth is 14 August 1986. He is an American actor who is currently 35 years of age. He is 5 feet 7 inches tall, good looking man.


Olli was born to Finnish parents Kai Haaskivi and Maarit Marjaana Haaskivi. His father, Kai, was born in Lahti on 28 December 1955. He is a famous retired soccer player. He also took part in the North American Soccer League and was in the Finland national football team.

Kai Haaskivi

He currently coaches students in the United States. Olli’s grandfather, Olavi Haaskivi, was also deeply associated with football. He served as the Director of the Finnish Football Association for more than three decades. Olli has a sister named Nina Haaskivi.


Olli is still single. Not much is known about his love interests. He has not been very open about his personal space but recently posted a picture on Instagram that ignited some fire of him dating a girl.


Olli’s student days may be over, but his love to read is still there. He is never done with learning. He is always on the lookout for knowledge and enjoys reading. He loves to read a variety of topics, including anthologies, essays, and novels. He is quite active on posting pictures of his books on Instagram.

olli haaskivi falcon and winter soldier

Another one from his favourites is Politics. It may be a sensitive subject for many, and people generally shy away from putting forward an opinion. However, Olli publicly shares his political views. He was very clear in his thoughts during the 2020 presidential election and did not support President Trump.
Even though Olli is a professional actor, he also loves to sing. He has never pursued music as a career but enjoys singing a lot. He feels that singing is a great way to express feelings.


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Olli studied at the University of Michigan. He later studied theatre and majored in Musical Theatre. He always wanted to be an actor and worked hard to achieve his goals.


olli haaskivi sinner

  • Olli is a Finnish-born American actor. He is presently 35 years old.
  • Olli Haaskivi stands tall at 5 feet 7 inches. He is a handsome, good-looking, muscular man. He has no tattoos on his body as of date.
  • Olli is doing well for himself. His net worth is estimated between $500,000 to $1 million. His major earnings are from endorsements, movies, and TV.
  • He has a very private personal life. His dad was a famous soccer player.
  • When we talk about his relationship status, Haaskivi has never disclosed much about his girlfriend or dating partner. He is currently single.
  • Olli is an American citizen, but both his parents are Finnish.
  • He has a sister, but more details about her are not yet been disclosed.
  • As per his IMDB page, he has been a part of over ten television shows and a number of films.
  • He has around 5k followers on his Instagram account and is also active on TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube.


Was Olli a part of Phil Knight in Winning Time?
Yes, he played the role of Nike’s co-founder on the Lakers hit.
Who plays Dr Nagel?
Olli Haaskivi plays the role of Dr Nagel in a very crucial scene.
How old is Olli?
Olli is a Finnish-born American actor. He is presently 35 years old.
What is Olli’s nationality?
Olli is an American national, though his parents are Finnish.
Was Olli on the most wanted list in Finland?
Yes, he was on the list for almost 2 years as his father had some issues with the citizenship papers.


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