Prepare 6 Easy Christmas Dinner Menu This Christmas

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For some living in America, U.S., Christmas dinner is one of the largest occasions of the year, alongside Thanksgiving as well as the Thanksgiving holiday. The Thanksgiving meal requires a lot of prep work, from food shopping to meal prep and then serving and cleaning up. Most often, the host winds exhausted, crashing on their chairs at the table for dinner.

However, it doesn’t need to be this way! With this easy Christmas menu, you’ll be relaxed and enjoying your meal without making any effort prior to it. We’ve provided time-saving, simple dishes for starters, main meals and desserts, as well as sides and even a few festive cocktails that you can drink.

Choose your favorite from this collection of most straightforward festive recipes to make the perfect Christmas dinner menu that’s just tasty, but will also bring lots of praise as a great host or hostess.

If you’re a novice cook or have more cooking experience in the kitchen and don’t want to commit long hours in the kitchen during the holiday season There’s a solution for the Christmas menu using these easy, delicious, tasty, time-saving recipes.


Christmas Mule Recipe

Christmas dinner is a wonderful opportunity to relax with festive drinks. This festive drink is a great way to bring the well-known festive Christmas Mule recipe into the season of Christmas, with a warm, welcoming and comforting taste that is perfect for a cold winter evening.

The best part is that it requires only two ingredients (plus an attractive cinnamon stick) to make this drink and make it the most convenient drink for anyone who hosts a party. It’s also one you’re sure to be able to enjoy after they have returned from the cold.

Merry Christmas Cocktail Recipe

Happy Christmas to everyone! The refreshing, tall cocktail is ideal for Christmas meals and includes one of the most traditional flavors of the holiday season: the juicy Cranberry.

traditional christmas dinner menu

This festive Christmas drink is a classic adult-friendly gin cocktail that everyone will love, but you could take out the gin to make a delicious drink that’s non-alcoholic and thirst-quenching.

Gingerbread Man-tini Recipe

Enjoy classic gingerbread cookies from the holidays in cocktails for your festive dinner event. The gingerbread-themed martini cocktail is much less time-consuming than baking gingerbread biscuits with just four ingredients required (and there’s no baking involved, of course).

unique christmas dinner ideas

It’s basically a vodka-infused martini with a touch of the gingerbread liqueur of the season. It’s even simpler by making your syrup up to three weeks in advance of the holiday season, and then keeping it in the refrigerator.

Candy Cane Popcorn Recipe

As guests socialize with drinks before sitting down to a festive meal allow them to browse through candy popcorn from the cane. This holiday-themed snack is a real pleasure to eat, and is easy to make with just three ingredients.

modern christmas dinner

Pop some popcorn in the microwave before using your microwave to melt white chocolate chips for mixing them with candy canes that have been crushed, and then pouring it over the pop popcorn. Set it on a baking sheet to cool and set before breaking it into pieces and then transferring them into serving dishes.

Serve immediately, or keep the food in an airtight dish at room temperatures for up to one week. It’s an excellent food-based gift for the holidays also!

Festive Party Cheese Ball With Pecans Recipe

For many families who have children, for many families, the dinner cheese ball is a must for any holiday. This dish is extremely easy to prepare and requires only a handful of easy ingredients.

christmas dinner must haves

It is bursting with rich and cheese flavors, and your guests will enjoy its creamy and delicious texture as well as the chunky pecan coating, which adds an incredible, distinctive crunch.

Quick And Easy Shrimp Dip Recipe

Cool, creamy, creamy, cool shrimp dip is a well-loved holiday appetizer. This delicious version can be made in a snap to prepare with an Italian dressing mix, canned small shrimp, cream cheese as well as sour cream and a few simple seasonings.

christmas dinner must haves

You can tweak it according to your preference with some hot sauce, chopped nuts or chopped chives for an extra pop of color and texture. Serve it with crackers or raw vegetable sticks to dip.


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