Who is Robyn Dixon? Her Biography, Net Worth, Father, Husband, kid, Family, Age, Height, and More

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Robyn Dixon, popularly known for her recent work in The Real Housewives of Potomac, has become an incredible internet sensation over the years. She was born and brought up in Baltimore, Maryland, and has managed to make her way to the big, bold entertainment industry.

Robyn Dixon Wikipedia

She is one of the popular American reality TV personalities, and her performance is undoubtedly, one of the best. Along with being an incredible TV star, she is also a publicist and an event manager of her self-launched event management company.


Robyn Dixon had always dreamt of becoming a businesswoman. As a matter of fact, she never even considered a career in acting. However, it was her fate and hard work that led her to the entertainment industry. Initially, she worked as a publicist and would also take up the position of event manager. She has worked as an actress in Wolf Creek 2, released in 2013, and Never Fall in Love, released in 2017.

Robyn Dixon Career

Besides that, she was cast for an American reality show called The Real Housewives of Potomac, which was produced by Bravo. She is known globally for her performance in this particular show. Later on, when she left the house of the reality show, she once again started working as a publicist and used a variety of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to share her everyday life, experiences, journeys, and more.

Net Worth

Robyn Dixon’s current net worth is around 6 million dollars. Her main source of income comes from her being a lavish event manager and, of course, her fine work as a publicist. Along with this, her guest appearances on shows have brought in more to her grand total. A quick check-up on her profile would tell you that she spends whatever she earns quite well, whether on amazing houses or standout luxury cars.

There is no denying that Robyn has made a name for herself and worked her way to the top of the game. A strong independent woman with a passion still firing her every day. Her acting career and love for cinema shined when she decided to switch careers midway through her success in the publication world.


Born on 31st March 1979 in the wonders of Baltimore, Maryland, Robyn Dixon has had a passion for work since day one. Her keen desire to become a successful businesswoman led her from private schools to the University of Maryland in Business Marketing. However, who knew that a nerdy girl from Maryland would become a TV sensation.

Robyn married her college lover, Juan Dixon, a basketball player, in 1996. It was 2012 when the couple decided to split up, and since then, Robyn has been a single woman. She spends time with her children, Corey and Carter. However, what adds a twist to this story is that Robyn got engaged again to her lover, Juan.

Robyn dixon journalist

As a result, she has learned how to balance work and family throughout her business and TV career. Robyn has made it clear that her skin is in the game, from event management to real estate investing and now her latest fashion accessory investment. She did file for bankruptcy in the year 2013 but has bounced back stronger since then, and it never stopped her from doing her great philanthropic works and helping people in any way possible.

Preferred Pronouns (if any):
Robyn Dixon is a female, and she identifies as a female too. Her preferred pronouns are she/her.


She was born on 31st March 1979 in Baltimore, Maryland, and as of 2022, she is 42 years old.

Robyn Dixon Age


Her height, in Feet, is 5 Ft 10 Inches, i.e., 1.80 m, i.e., 180 cm. And her weight is 79 kgs.


Robyn Dixon’s father’s name is Guydoc Bragg. As per sources, he practiced dentistry and has now retired. Besides, he is also a musician.


Robyn Dixon comes from an African-American family. Her father, Guydoc Bragg, is a retired dentist and a musician, while her mother, Gladys Bragg, runs her own business. Her mother graduated from the reputed Ivy League School with an MBA and also worked as a professor for quite a while. Robyn has confirmed that both her parents are black, as she denies being biracial.

Robyn Dixon Family


Robyn Dixon is married to one of the popular basketball players, Juan Dixon. Robyn and Juan have known each other since they were in high school and had been dating ever since. Later on, they got married in 1996. However, their relationship faced a few bumps, causing them to get separated in 2012. After that, Robyn has not been in a relationship with anyone else.

Robyn Dixon with her Husband Juan Dixon


Robyn Dixon went to a private school in Maryland. After that, being interested in becoming a businesswoman, she pursued a degree course in Masters of Business Marketing, which she completed at the University of Maryland. As a matter of fact, Robyn did not think of working in the entertainment space and was quite determined with her business career. But things took a turn as she was approached with great opportunities.


Robyn Dixon Young

  • Robyn Dixon has received awards for her coverage, including the Robert F. Kennedy award for international reporting Daniel Pearl Award for courage and integrity in reporting.
  • Robyn also won the Batten Medal and the Sigma Delta Chi award for global reporting.
  • Along with being a public relations professional, Robyn has also worked as an entrepreneur in the fashion space and a manager in the event marketing space.
  • Robyn can be described as a philanthropist and has been part of several charitable movements, especially the ones that work towards the betterment of women, children, and families.
  • Robyn Dixon has dark brown colored hair naturally. However, she loves to experiment with her hair by dying them in different colors every once in a while.


Does Robyn Dixon have children?
Yes, she has two children, Corey and Carter.

When was Robyn Dixon born?
She was born on 31st March 1979.

Is Robyn Dixon her real name?
Yes, her real and celebrated, both names are Robyn Dixon.

Is Robyn Dixon straight?
Yes, she is.

Whom did Robyn Dixon marry?
She got married to the popular athlete and basketball player Juan Dixon.

What is Robyn Dixon’s net worth?
Her net worth is above $6 million.

What is Robyn Dixon’s eye color?
She has Blue eyes.

What is Robyn Dixon’s height and weight?
She is 5 Feet 10 Inches, and she weighs 79 kg.


In a nutshell, Robyn Dixon has had quite an eventful journey in the entertainment industry without even having any plans for it. Even though she wanted to become a businesswoman, life had different and perhaps, bigger plans for her. She was always faced with some of the greatest opportunities throughout her career, and she made sure that the best was made out of those.

Marrying her high school sweetheart was also one of her major life happenings, but due to personal reasons, Robyn and her husband Juan had to part ways. Regardless, she continues to win hearts with her philanthropist self and, of course, her effortless charm.


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