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Sacha Stacey is a well-known fitness model, and she is married to Martyn Ford. Her husband is a bodybuilder, and they are often seen working out together in the gym. The couple married in 2019. Sacha Stacey is a dedicated mother and a diligent wife. Besides his lucrative career in films, he is also a fitness entrepreneur.

In addition to performing with her husband in the gym, Stacey earns money from her health and fitness following and training meetings. Sacha is also a social media enthusiast and has been known to post photos of her friends and family. In addition, she has shared her wedding with her followers. She attended her hometown high school and the local university.

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Sacha Stacey is a fitness model, wife, and social media personality. She is the mother of three children. She is a British citizen and likely grew up in the United Kingdom. A bodybuilder’s fitness influencer and wife have many opportunities to share her knowledge and give fitness coaching.

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Martyn Ford and Sacha Stacey are married. They have two daughters, Imogen and Wynter-Ivy, and a son, Maddox. She is active on Instagram and has a following of 40 thousand users.

The Fords are a loving and healthy couple and often share pictures of the family on social media. She is usually seen working out with her husband in a gym. He is a personal trainer with nicknames like “Hulk” and “Nightmare.”

Education qualification

Sacha Stacey is the wife of a bodybuilder who is also a fitness influencer. She is known for her well-sculpted muscles. She attended her hometown high school and graduated from a local university. Martyn Ford is a bodybuilder, actor, and health nut, and he also coaches boxers.

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While Sacha is a fitness enthusiast, her husband is an accomplished boxer. She is an active social media user. Her husband is a professional bodybuilder, and often seen together in the gym. She uses her account to promote her husband’s career. Her husband is known for his physique and is often referred to as the ‘world’s scariest man.

Sacha Stacey has an impressive background. She studied at Brandeis University and later traveled throughout Europe, where she taught at a local Jewish Academy. Her husband grew up playing various sports in his home country of England. His education includes a high school diploma in the United Kingdom. Stacey and Ford live a happy life together.

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Although he has many jobs, Martyn Ford has a dazzling lifestyle. He also teaches people to reach their fitness goals. He also owns a sports apparel and nutrition brand. Martyn Ford has always been interested in fitness and exercise. His diet is high in carbohydrates and protein, which help build muscle. He also has a social media account and likes to post pictures of himself in the gym. He also likes to travel.

Net worth

Sacha Stacey is an avid Instagram user with over 40 thousand followers. The actress was born on December 30, 1988, and has been part of many TV series. She is also actively involved in the fitness industry, promoting her husband’s fitness career. Martyn Ford is a bodybuilder, actor, and health-club trainer; he is known by the nicknames Hulk and Nightmare and has an estimated net worth of $6 million.
sacha stacey net worth

She has also guest starred in several films. She has been seen in The Royal, The Street, and Grange Hill. She has also appeared in the movies Shameless, Waterloo Road, and Clay starring Imelda Staunton. Besides, Sacha is active in the fitness world and posts pictures of her family on her Instagram.

Sacha Stacey is a mother-of-three and a fitness enthusiast. Despite being a fitness expert, she also finds time for other activities like giving wellness training to others. She has always wanted to be a fitness expert and is following her dream.

Physical appearance

The model and fitness enthusiast regularly shares wellness recordings and posts on her page. Her husband is also a bodybuilder, and they work out together. Sacha Stacey is an influencer, fitness expert, and mother. She has been publishing pictures of her children on social media. Her husband is a bodybuilder, and she provides wellness training.

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She is five feet nine inches lofty and considered 70 kg. The relationship is said to have been stable and healthy, and she is white and holds British citizenship. Her mate is six feet tall and weighs about 86 kg. He enjoys Mexican food and likes to use his social media accounts to promote his fitness and bodybuilding activities.

Ford wanted to play professional cricket for England and represent his country in international competitions as a child. He eventually went on to excel in multiple sports at the amateur and professional levels. In addition to his bodybuilding career, Martyn Ford is a successful actor and a famous fitness influencer.

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Martyn Ford has appeared in several popular movies and TV shows, and his Instagram account has many million followers. Ford’s diet is high in protein and vegetables, and he avoids parties and other social events. The secret to his victory is dedication and a healthy diet. Ford has many tattoos and Brown eyes, and he keeps his head shaved. He represented England in various training camps. He also played for the Cricket Club.

Career and achievement

Despite her young age, Sacha Stacey is already enjoying success. In addition to their successful YouTube career, she has many million followers and a huge fan base on social media. She loves making videos for social media platforms, including Tiktok. She also has a large Instagram following and regularly posts beautiful images.

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Sacha Stacey married Martyn Ford, a famous boxer and fitness trainer. His career in wrestling and as a bodybuilder has earned him a large following on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. The team has been photographed on numerous occasions with her husband. She is happy with her family.

Martyn Ford has a muscular body and stands six feet tall. Today, he owns a gym in England where he trains others to achieve their fitness goals. He also has his sportswear and nutrition brand. Sacha Stacey’s acting career began when she was only a teenager.

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Sacha Stacey’s fitness career started when she began playing the sport. The wife of an American bodybuilder Sacha Stacey has an active social media following and a significant net worth. She is a fitness enthusiast and a proud mother of three.


Stacey is married to bodybuilder Martyn Ford. They have a son named Maddox and are often photographed at the gym together. She is active on social media, has over 40 thousand followers on Instagram, uses her account to promote her husband’s career, and is also a fitness influencer. The partners are passionate about their families and share a joint commitment to raising their children.

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They may share their commitment to fitness and health and promote healthy lifestyles. As a fitness model, Martyn Ford enjoys working out and eating lots of food. He goes to the gym. He also takes part in MMA training and is very active.

He also eats a lot of vegetables and water; the actor and bodybuilder owns his gym. His workout routine keeps him in perfect condition. He even participates in many martial arts leagues around the world. Ford is one of the world’s largest bodybuilders, nicknamed the ‘World’s Scariest Man.’


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