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Sam Taylor Johnson is a British Photographer and a filmmaker. She was born on March 4, 1967. Sam Taylor Johnson is passionate about her profession, which can be portrayed in her work. She received major recognition for her work Nowhere Boy, a movie portraying the childhood of John Lennon, who was one of the members of the renowned Boy Band The Beatles.

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Sam has achieved major success in the mainstream industry and received the Order of the British Empire. Besides being an independent photographer and visual artist, Sam is also a part of the Young British Artists, a group of Visual artists referred to as Brit Artists.


Sam Taylor Johnson started her career as a Fine art Photographer. She started exhibiting her work with Henry Bond and is very much renowned. The Piece is titled October 26 1993. Pastiche-inspired visual Art by Yoko Ono and Lennon.

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Taylor Johnson’s main area of work focuses more on Multi-screen Video work. She had her very first show at East London in 1996. The same year she was nominated for the Turner prize, and in 1997 she won the Cafe Prize for promising young artists.

Sam Taylor’s directorial debut through Nowhere Boy. The Movie was inspired by John Lennon, a Musician and songwriter and a member of one of the most renowned boy bands, The Beatles. For this Movie, Sam was a Nominee for The British Academy of Film and Television Arts in 2010.

We all know Fifty shades of Grey, the first Movie. Sam Taylor Johnson was the director of the Movie, which was a recreation of the novel written by E.L James. She also directed the Movie Rothko Case and the Movie was released in 2021. Sam Taylor Johnson is involved in a new project called Back to Black for upcoming projects.

Net worth

Sam Taylor Johnson, also known as Samantha Louise Taylor-Wood, born in 1967, is a British Filmmaker and Visual Artist. She started her career as a photographer, and her first work was a recreational inspiration from Yoko Ono. After getting nominated for many awards, Samantha’s career started to excel, and she became a part of portrait videos which included recording David Beckham for the National Portrait Gallery.

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Sam debuted as a director through the Movie Nowhere Boy, a Biopic movie based on the childhood of John Lennon. John Lennon is known to be one of the members of the Beatles. As per an estimated amount, Samantha has a Total net worth of 20 million Dollars.


Samantha Louise Taylor-Wood, professionally known as Sam Taylor Johnson, is a photographer and Filmmaker from Britain. She was born in London on March 4, 1967. She studied at the University of London and is very interested in Fine Art.

Her main expertise of work deals with Multi-screen video. Sam Taylor Johnson gained recognition through Nowhere Boy. She also directed other films like Fifty Shades of Grey, the first Movie, the Rohtol Case, and Back to Black. Samantha

Preferred pronouns, if any

The British Photographer and Filmmaker Sam Taylor is a Straight female. Sam has been very private about her personal life. Sam has been married twice. As said earlier about her keeping her personal life low, the only information we know is that she is Straight and uses the Pronouns She/ Her.

Sam has been renowned for her photography work and has worked with many artists and celebrities. She has directed three Music Videos and was nominated by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts.


Born and brought up in London, Croydon, on March 4, 1967. Samantha is the daughter of David Wood and Geraldine Wood, her mother. Their parents have been living in London with her. She completed High school and graduated in London. She has achieved many awards and is the awardee for The order of merit by the British Empire. As of 2022, Sam Taylor is 55 years old.


Being born in London, Sam is a British Photographer and filmmaker renowned for her work Nowhere Boy. Sam has directed many novels.

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One among the many movies directed by Sam, after Nowhere Boy, Sam’s directorial career includes working with E.L James on Fifty shades of Grey, the first film. Talking about the height of Sam Taylor, she is quite tall, five feet nine inches, which is 1.79 meters tall.


Sam Taylor Johnson is a British Resident. She graduated from the London University in Fine Art. Her parents have motivated Sam, and critics have praised her work. Sam was born in London. Her father, David Wood, has been a support system for her. However, not much information about David Wood includes his professional life and how he met his wife.


Sam Taylor Johnson is David Wood’s and Geraldine Wood’s daughter. Not much is known about the actor’s personal life. Samantha is also said to have siblings. Samantha Louise Taylor-Wood, also known as Sam Taylor Johnson, is a fine Art photographer and a Filmmaker.

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She has directed many biopics, and her most known work includes the Movie Nowhere Boy. She is also known for directing the Movie The Fifty Shades of Grey, a recreational movie based on the novel by E.L James.


Sam Taylor Johnson’s personal life is quite private. She has married twice. Not much information is available about her personal life. The director is said to meet her husband, Aaron Johnson, on a movie set.

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She is an inspirational photographer who has her specialization in the field of Multi-screen video record. Sam has significantly contributed to many movies and has played the role of director for movies like Rohtak Case and Back to black.


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No information about Samantha Taylor Johnson’s hobbies and likes and dislikes are available.


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Samantha started her schooling in South London. Later after her parent’s divorce, she moved to Sussex and was enrolled in Beacon Community College. She was then later enrolled at the Goldsmiths University Of London.


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  • Samantha Louise Taylor-Wood is also known as Sam Taylor Johnson.
  • She was born in 1967.
  • She is 55 years old.
  • She graduated in Fine arts from the University of London.
  • Sam has collaborated with many artists and females. Her first work, which was highly praised, was the recreation of Yoko Ono’s work Pistache.
  • She has been a part of Directing music videos.
  • She is in 2011, received the Order Of Merit by the British Empire.
  • Samantha has been diagnosed twice with cancer.


Who is Samantha Louise Taylor-Wood?

Sam, who was born in London, is a British photographer and filmmaker best known for her work Nowhere Boy. Sam has achieved significant success in the mainstream industry and has been awarded the Order of the British Empire.

How old is Samantha Taylor Johnson?

On March 4, 1967, I was born and raised in Croydon, London. Samantha Wood is the daughter of David and Geraldine Wood. Their parents have been living with her in London, but after her parent’s separation, Sam and Her mother shifted to Sussex. Sam Taylor will be 55 years old in 2022.

Samantha Taylor Johnson Education Qualification?

Samantha began her education in South London. She later moved to Sussex after her parents divorced and entered Beacon Community College. She later studied at the Goldsmiths University of London.


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